SHOUT OUT LOUDS have been doing solid WORK

SOL Work

to get to know yourself you’ve gotta run away

♫ Shout Out Louds – Walls

Hells yeah. Shout Out Louds debut, Our Ill Wills, was one of my favorites of 2007 and now we are getting a follow-up in 2010. After hearing that Phil Ek was producing (the guy who turned the Dodos latest album into a bore), that there wouldn’t be any more strings or bells, and being initially disappointed with “Walls”, I was pretty skeptical about the whole affair. Then I listened. And listened. And watched. And listened. And now I am pretty damn into it. “Walls” is definitely a step in a different direction for the band, but at the same time it’s still a huge anthemic fist pumper that has their stamp all over it. February 23rd is when we get to hear Work and I emphasize hear because I think they could have stepped up their game with the album art. Our Ill Wills was so on point and now this makes them look like a bunch of sad-sacks instead of one of the most sincerely fun bands around.

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«Flashback« Edwyn Collins – A Girl Like You


you give me just a taste so i want more and more

♫ Edwyn Collins – A Girl Like You / 1994

This is a total mid-90s classic that always seemed pretty timeless. The album art, however, hasn’t fared as well and definitely looks its age. I never had this album (or heard much of Edwyn’s stuff) but it’s kind of weird that before today I swear I had never even seen that album cover. Anyway, BORING…. Perhaps more interesting is that percussion on the album was played by The Sex Pistols’ Paul Cook? Perhaps even more interesting is that, despite being a bit worse for wear health-wise, Edwyn is still kicking out jams? Well, his 2007 album, Home Again, (which I have also not heard) contained this song that would be downright idiotic not to share with you today.

♫ Edwyn Collins – You’ll Never Know (My Love)

Listening to these 2 tracks together makes me think I need to seriously consider getting some full albums from this guy. Talk about sexy music. Just leave the album art off in iTunes.

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THE FUTUREHEADS have STRUCK gold again, you would be DUMB to ignore this jam

Futureheads struck dumb

start living in the clouds, go and make your mother proud

♫ The Futureheads – Struck Dumb

The Futureheads are back and are ripping it up as usual. “Struck Dumb” is not breaking any new ground for the Brits but that is just fine with me. If you dig this jam and haven’t acquainted yourself with their previous work, then I highly suggest you do so. (Their 2004 s/t debut and last year’s This Is Not The World, especially.) Their fourth LP is in the works and it’s definitely one of the albums I’m most looking forward to in 2010.

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Systems officer

you’ve gotta make a move, the decision is up to you

♫ Systems Officer – Shape Shifter

Systems Officer a solo project from Pinback’s Zach Smith and if you ever dug Pinback then you will be down with this. Systems Officer put out an EP in 2004 but it wasn’t until this year that we got a full length. I have always had a soft spot for Pinback and this stuff is no different. Perhaps even more palatable as some of spastic energy of Pinback in pared down. I haven’t got my mitts on the full album but as soon as someone hooks me up I will let you know how it’s treating me, but I have a feeling it’s gonna be solid business. In the meantime, use this jam as your headphone-soundtrack for lurking in the night. It just has that feeling, right?

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MARINA & THE DIAMONDS are no longer THE OUTSIDER band coming down MOWGLI’S ROAD

Marina & The Diamonds

don’t get on my bad side
i can work a gun

♫ Marina & The Diamonds – The Outsider

Marina & The Diamonds have been all up in the blogosphere’s grill for most of 2009 but despite having a handful of great jams and a few fantastic videos, we still don’t have a proper album. Well, if you have forgotten about her since her June debut on TBE then here are 2 tasty treats to keep you up to speed. I am a bit worried that her album is going to contain so many songs we already know that it wont sound fresh or interesting. It’s a bit like seeing too many trailers to a movie. Only worse, really. Well whatever, I am still looking forward to what she is cooking up for us.

♫ Marina & The Diamonds – Mowgli’s Road

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} TBE Digest 3 • 12/03/09

sad spoonThe music this week is not so much “craptastic” as it is “disappointing” or “uninteresting.” Anyway, enough “quotation marks,” let’s get on to the “music.”

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KingOf rocksprings

i’ll bring the wine you’ll bring the chocolate

♫ The King of Rocksprings – The Perfect Guy

Holy crap, the dude behind The King Of Rocksprings has quite a story. Scott Sosbee started his musical career 14 years ago in Athens, GA (and then in Ohio) as he played in various bands. He also did design work for bands like Of Montreal, Now It’s Overhead, and Azure Ray (with whom he had earlier drummed for). Anyway, as a gay dude in the south he wasn’t exactly overwhelmed with potential suitors so hi hightailed it to NYC and began chronicling his adventures in the big city. A crazy trapeze accident and a subsequent revelation to re-focus on music led to the 5 track EP, The Milkman & The Postman Problem. Apparently this think is about as fresh as the daily milk (or post/mail?) because The King Of Rocksprings has all of 8 friends on MySpace (TBE included) and “The Perfect Guy” has been listened to 34 times. Do not sleep, people. Scott might not have the most elegant vocal stylings but he slays it with his energy and honesty. “The Perfect Guy” is reminiscent of early Less Than Jake with it’s head bobbing tempo, amped up horns, and fun attitude. “Kicking Dogs / Throwing Phones” is a beautiful piano ballad in the vein of Jack’s Mannequin at his most heartfelt. The girls from Azure Ray (as well as a few others) guest on the EP and their vocals add the perfect balance to Scott’s rough delivery. I highly recommend these jams and would post more tracks but I don’t want to give the damn thing away. I just hope we get a full LP soon.

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REAL ONES play music for EVERYone whose DOG HAS HIS spot on the sunDAY porch

Real Ones

for some people it takes no effort as if luck runs in their veins

♫ Real Ones – Every Dog Has His Day

Twangy and tangy, this is exactly how I likes my folk jams. Real Ones may be from Norway but they seem to have captured jug-booze drinking, front-porch-sitting, knee slapping country jams just perfectly. They even threw on a bit of violin to add some depth of flavor. I just wish I could say that the rest of their album, All For The Neighborhood, was this rousing or inspired. If you are into some mellower twang then it might be your thang but it kinda left me hang…ing. Ok, that was rough, sorry. Just enjoy the music.

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