The Knocks are so good you just Can’t Shake Your Love for ’em

The Knocks

your love is taking me over

The Knocks – Can’t Shake Your Love

Andrew W.K. recently released a mixtape called DAMN! and when I heard a preview of it I was not into it and moved on. Then I stumbled across this track from The Knocks and was like “DAMN!” which is appropriate because apparently it is on DAMN! although I would have never guessed. If the rest of the mixtape has jams like this perhaps I should get it. Anyone? The Knocks are a production duo out of NY and although I don’t see any evidence of an album they have a handful of pretty sweet remixes at their MySpace. I might have to do some digging for the next Remix Roundup

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Fanfarlo are cheaper/better than a Luna bar, can also be enjoyed by men


and if we’re kicking up a fuss, it’s only cause we must

Fanfarlo – Luna

Don’t look at the album cover (or think of Luna Bars) when you start listening to “Luna” because your expectations will explode. This is not music for downer teens in 1800s, nor music I would describe as “sepia tinted.” Not really sure what Fanfarlo were thinking with this album cover but then again who really cares ’cause it’s the music what we are here for. And that, my friends, requires no wondering, just wonderment (If that is a word). So Fanfarlo is one of those bands that has been all up in my inbox for months now and I somehow managed to avoid falling in love with them. Luckily, I kept being reminded of them and kept revisiting their tunes until then started to grow on me more. Then, BAM, one day I find out they are selling their debut Reservoir for $1! After briefly wondering why the London based outfit was dealing in weak-ass dollars I just bought the damn thing and that’s when we really clicked, Fanfarlo and I. Don’t worry, I’m not a jealous lover. You can get in on the love too. Its still only $1 until July 4th (again with the USA stuff?)

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« Flashback « Bush – Glycerine / Bubbles

Sixteen Stone

our old friend fear and you and me

Bush – Glycerine

Long ago, in a time before Gwen Stefani and “Hollaback Girl,” hell even before Gwen was “Just A Girl,” there was Bush. Fronted by future Mr. Stefani, Gavin Rossdale, they were Britain’s answer to the grunge exploding across The States. Cobain had died just months earlier and although I wont say he filled Kurt’s shoes, Gavin and Sixteen Stone personally rocked me more than the Nirvana albums. Bush’s debut was filled with growling rock jams that blasted out of my radio for all of 1995 as Sixteen Stone produced 5 awesome singles. I still remember belting out “Comedown” and “Machinehead” with all the angst my 12 year old self could summon (not much I bet) but at the end of the day it was Glycrine that stopped me cold for a somber sing-along every time. It still does. The rest of the album is great and will always transport me back to 1995 but “Glycerine” transports me somewhere else entirely. Somewhere I can’t name or place, but I like it.

BONUS: Bush – Bubbles (from the Mallrats Soundtrack)

Ok, I trust you love the movie (just nod) but I don’t know if anyone else ever listened to this Soundtrack. Quite a few jams, this one included. “You dumb bastard. It’s not a schooner… it’s a sailboat.” Oh magic eye, where did you go? One more talent I can no longer uselessly show-off…

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DatA is a songwriter, Skywriter… bowler?


i’ve been searching so high that i burned my wings

DatA – Skywriter

DatA is a dude from Paris whose dreamy and glitched-out “Skywriter” has been rocking my socks for a few weeks now. It’s not the kind of hands-in-the-air party tune I like to drop on Fridays but it should do the trick to get you loose for a night out at the clubs/bar/disco/roller-derby or whatever it is kids are doing these days. Does anyone bowl anymore? This kind of feels like perfect bowling music. Groovy enough for good times but not so hyped up to distract your muscles. Not sure if they bowl in France, though. They just don’t seem that into lifting heavy things. I hope I didn’t just offend DatA. Or France. Damn.

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Solid Gold has got a real (Bible) Thumper

Solid Gold

when will i ever learn? it aint my time, i gotta wait my turn

Solid Gold – Bible Thumper

As I have been driving up the Pacific Coast Highway I have been seeing a lot of beautiful sun-dappled water just as above and as I head into San Francisco it’s only appropriate that today’s band has “Gold” in their name. Oh, and I should mention that “Bible Thumper” is a awesomely propulsive jam perfect for driving. Although hailing from Minneapolis, Minnesota, Solid Gold makes music that I can get down with anywhere. Their debut Bodies Of Water is out now.

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Santigold and Terry Urban are pretty sure You’ll Find A Way, Player


i am no island, peninsula maybe

Santigold – You’ll Find A Way Player (Ft. Andre 3000 & Bun B)

If you have never seen Santigold before, don’t worry, that’s not her. That is my main goblin Lil’ Wayne lookin as sexy/blazed as ever. Santigold, however, was at the Hollywood Bowl on Sunday night and not-coincidentally, so was I. Was her set awesome? Well, let’s just say she opened with her part from Major Lazer’s “Hold The Line” and it was fire and heat from there. Good thing Terry Urban made this Santi-basd mixtape to make a  segue into something relevant… Terry Urban is no noob to the mixtape game and it shows in this seamless mashup of Santi’s debut and Terry’s favorite rappers from the dirty-dirty. There has been some controversy about the mix but who cares about that? Download the full mixtape below or sample here. Andre 3000 is apparently always genius and Rick Ross is apparenty always hustin’ so start there for some raw nasty.

Santigold – Hustlin’ With The Lights Out (Ft. Rick Ross)

Download the full Southerngold mixtape

BONUS: Basement Jaxx – Saga (ft. Santigold)

You know we love Basement Jaxx, now hear Santigold rip her shizzle on this new ska-tinged Basement Jamm from their upcoming Scars. This is not better than “Raindrops,” “Hold The Line” or even “Gifted” but it’s still fun.

Slow Club know that It Doesn’t Have To Be Beautiful, but it certainly helps when it is


if you came back as the deep sea i would come back as the salt

Slow Club – It Doesn’t Have To Be Beautiful

The first time I heard Slow Club I listened. The second time, I heard. Then, seeing them all up in the blogosphere, I payed attention. Boy am I glad I did, their sound grows on me more and more with each listen. I have been digging “It Doesn’t Have To Be Beautiful” for the past week or two and have been meaning to post it but this vacation of mine has been slowing my roll. When I saw it on Silence-Killer yesterday I knew it was time, dammit (Thanks to Neil for the kick in the ass). Their new LP Yeah So comes out July 7th. In the meantime I picked up their Let’s Fall Back In Love EP which is a bit more subdued than what I have heard from Yeah So but is no less charming and awesome. I’m looking forward to more from this Sheffield, England duo.

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[JBI!] TBE Presents: Fever For The Flavor – A Mix for L.A.

fever Flavor cover

Los Angeles, the city of a million legends and a million disappointed tourists. Its too big to take in by foot and too confusing and traffic-packed to really see by car. It really isn’t a city at all, but more of a collection of cities that all happen to touch each other and give the illusion of being unified. However, while the city/ies may be sprawling and disjointed, they share a role as muse for great music. As I have simmered here this past two weeks I have been compiling my list of great L.A. songs. Some tribute, some complaint, but all about L.A. The mix’s title comes from Bran Van 3000’s “Drinking in L.A.” whose lyrics seemed strikingly poignant during this 26th year of my life. Oh, and it also reminds me of all the good eatin’ I miss when I’m away from L.A. Mmmmm, tacos…..

What is your favorite L.A. song/story/riot/natural disaster/celebrity sighting?

Download “Fever For The Flavor – A Mix for L.A.”

Tracklist and individual downloads after the jump.

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