YEASAYER have me rAMBLING with pALPable excitement!

Yeasayer - Ambling Alp

raise your hand and wear your wounds with pride

♫ Yeasayer – Ambling Alp

“Bam! What’s up now, dummies?” That’s basically what Yeasayer are saying with their new single. Some never fell in love with their 2007 debut (me), and some wondered if Chris Keating’s vocals would up their game after their tour de force on “Audacity Of Huge.” (Me again.) “Ambling Alp” speaks for the band again: “We don’t give a shit about your doubts and wonderings, we came to kickstart your day with a sonic roundhouse and leave you with an ego inflated enough to float you to the stars.” Amen, brothers. Their sophomore album, Odd Blood, drops in February but that’s like a million blog-years away so you know I’ll have them back up in your grill around then.

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Due Diligence – Vol I {11/5/09} /// DEBUT!!


We live in a world with a lot of musical debate and discourse. Too much, even. My aim with TBE is to be like good pair of Bose headphones and filter out that static, bringing you only the best sounds. With that said, I come across a lot of tracks that are highly anticipated, or getting hyped out the ass, but in the end are just not very good? You should know they exists but probably don’t want them diluting the fountain of magical regular posts, right? What am I supposed to do? Well, like any good maniacal despot, I take off my pants, crack a few brews, and get to scheming. My result may be less intimidating than Kim Jong Il’s inner thigh, but I think you will find it more palatable. Welcome to a feature that until seconds ago was titled “Duty VS. Doodie” (I’m not ruling it out) and will periodically recap recent hype-nuggets, for whatever they are worth. Like Kim Jong* said after standing up and grabbing a fresh sixer, “Let’s do this bitch!”

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Emanuel And The Fear

lover, you’re gonna make me feel again

♫ Emanuel And The Fear – The Rain Becomes The Clouds

This song is no joke, it kicks down the screen door and bolts outside to jump in puddles and kiss crushes. Emanuel doesn’t even fuck around with a chorus as he goes on about love, life, and body issues. The Fear don’t fuck around either, running 10 deep in support of E-man and his epic afro. The whole gang played a rather epic set in NYC back in september and you can check out the thing here. Their self titled EP is out now and “Jimmie’s Song” is workin it for me right now. The EP also has 2 single-instrument tracks, which makes me wonder what The Fear do onstage. Well, at least you can see what they look like when they just stand there in the band photo at their MySpace.

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CHASING KINGS is music for coming out of the DARK and into SUNGLASSES weather

Chasing Kings

look at me now, i’m the king of this town

♫ Chasing Kings – Dark Sunglasses

Whatever happened to the piano in rock music? It’s like once synths took off we forgot about the roots! Chasing Kings are getting all kinds of radical on those roots in “Dark Sunglasses” and I am feeling it fo sho. There is something so satisfying about this track, especially since you can sing along by the second minute. Chasing Kings are from Los Angeles and their debut EP, The Current State Of Our Future, is out now on iTunes. It’s other tracks aren’t as raucous but are still pretty fresh. It’s too bad the band didn’t send it over so I can give it a proper review… (ahem!)

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BODEGA GIRLS AIN’T music to sit to so grab THAT COLD one and join the party

Bodega Girls

you took what’s mine and made it yours, and that ain’t alright

♫ Bodega Girls – Ain’t That Cold

This song is a party. Like a whole party. A really good party. All in one song. You know how I feel about this: I feel awesome! Boston’s Bodega Girls previously gave us a remix of Port O’Brien that didn’t leave me expecting this level of fun from their original material. “Ain’t That Cold” is a back-and-forth breakup throwdown between jilted lovers that finishes the fighting by 2:55. The next 2 instrumental minutes of party I are surely for the sweet dance-off. (Winner gets the cat.) I love how they tae their time with the track and clocking at over 6 minutes it still ends too soon. Bodega Girls’ straight up guitar and drums party are definitely being slept on right now. They have barely 1300 listens on despite a second stellar track “She’s Into Black Guys.” Grab that one over at RCRD•LBL and if you are really feeling them then bust over to their fundraising site where they are offering some wild package deals to raise funds for recording.

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TRUMAN PEYOTE has a NEW WIFE, a NEW LIFE, and a new kick ass jam!

Truman Peyote

this used to be fun for me

♫ Truman Peyote – New Wife, New Life

I like this. Oh yeah. And not just the great band name, but the song, man, the song! That little guitar diddling at the beginning gets itself rolling as this jam picks up some serious momentum. And the wail that starts at 2:10? Hell yeah! If I was a runner this would be my music for running. Keep a look out for more to come from this Massachusetts two-some whose full length LP, Light-Lightening, is getting a proper release soon. Maybe it’ll have lyrics in the liner notes, cause I’m having trouble catching everything. Maybe I should stop jumping on the couch.

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«Flashback« Remy Zero – Prophecy

Remy Zero

you want this world so you can own it

♫ Remy Zero – Prophecy / 1998

Remy Zero was my jam back in the day. First this track ripped through the radio and then I got into the full album. I seem to remember their 2001 follow up, The Golden Hum, to be a disappointment but this album was solid. Or at least it was last time I listened… 10 years ago. Anyway, “Prophecy” still gets a few replays around TBE HQ. Remy Zero disbanded in 2003 but there were always some interesting tidbits behind the band. 1) They were discovered when Radiohead heard their demos and brought them on their The Bends tour. 2) The singer, Cinjin Tate, was married to and divorced from Alyssa Milano the year after this album came out. 3) Villa Elaine was named after the Hollywood apartment building the band lived in while recording it. 4) Former Remy Zero member, Cedric Lemoyne, is now in O + S, a band I am not into. There. Bored yet? Yeah, me too. Sorry.

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THINK ABOUT LIFE have an apt name and song for JOHANNA

Think About Life - Family

get your mind right out of the gutter, let the birds fly under your feathers

♫ Think About Life – Johanna

For those of you not into the gloom of Halloween here is an upbeat jam for your weekend. Think About Life are from Montreal and their sophomore album, Family, has been out in Canada but just recently made it’s way to The States, and to my ears. I can’t get over this horn filled pep-talk of a jam. It’s just the song I have needed this past week. Even Pitchfork is feeling these guys, giving another Family standout, “Havin’ My Baby,” a “best new music” honor. The whole album is a solid collection of fun, upbeat, and sometimes silly jams that definitely deserve a listen. I haven’t fallen in love with it yet but it is certainly drawing me in. If you are feeling this business then head over to Stereogum for a “Havin’ My Baby” mp3 and two trippy videos for other Family tracks. Then put on the album tomorrow morning and cleaning up your Halloween party mess will be a breeze.

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