Instrumental Mini-Mix with Joe Goddard, Portasound, MarchFourth, and Sensual Harassment

If any of you are studying/working/thinking deep thoughts as much as me then you might want some tunes to keep you company. Here are some instrumental jams I have been listening to lately. Tunes without those pesky lyrics to distract you but not so mellow as to put you to sleep.

Joe Goddard♫ Joe Goddard – Apple Bobbing

Hot Chip’s Joe Goddard just dropped his solo debut, Harvest Festival, and it sounds kinda like half-baked Hot Chip rejects. To be fair, it’s clearly a different project but it just doesn’t have the staying power of his other job. “Apple Bobbing” is my jam on the album. It retains a bit of that Hot Chip flavor as it blends nicely into the background of whatever you are doing. As for the rest of the disc, there a few other worthwhilers but in general it’s not so much offensive or boring, just not a revelation. Joe doesn’t have his own MySpace but you can hear some tracks at the record label’s page.(eMusic)

Portasound♫ Portasound – Press Red For Burt Baccarach

Portasound hail from London and have named themselves after a cheap type of keyboard. The emphasis is definitely on the music here as they rip through 5 minutes of rad music without uttering one word. NME has noticed them and hopefully more will soon. These guys need a record deal and we need an album. They have quite a few more jams over at their MySpace but I don’t have the time to listen to them all so someone fill me in, yeah? (MySpace)


MarchFourth♫ MarchFourth – Crack Haus

The MarchFourth Marching Band are a Portland, Oregan based marching band/performance troupe who have a 2007 live album under their belt and have just released Rise Up, an album I don’t have but desperately need. These guys know how to do instrumental music. “Crack Haus” easily stands alone as an entertaining piece of music but I can imagine that combined with a killer live show and some acrobatics it goes to a whole new level. (MySpace /// eMusic)

Sensual Harassment♫ Sensual Harassment – Daddy Long Legs

Besides having the best band name of the year, Sensual Harassment are killing it with the album art as well. That kind of icing on top of a jam-cake like “Daddy long Legs” is pure sweetness. Yeah, ok, so there are some minimal vocals towards the end of this one but repeating “everybody party” shouldn’t chaff your business too much. The Brooklyn based dudes have two other jams available at eMusic but no proper release yet. Stay tuned. (MySpace /// eMusic)


Lady Of The Sunshine

cause i’m in love with how you feel in my heart

♫ Lady Of The Sunshine – Daisy Chain

Lady of The Sunshine is a dude from Australia and “Daisy Chain” is the second-least listened to song on his MySpace. I heard it on IGIF’s recommendation and it instantly struck a chord with me. I’ve yet to delve too deep into the dudes oeuvre because I am enjoying the purity of “Daisy Chain.” It’s the kind of song that takes whatever your are feeling and just chills it out a few notches. It’s calming, in a good way, like a big meal or wine in a warm room. So don’t think too much about this one, just scope that awesome album art and let the pulsing drums and dancing guitar massage your ears.

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«Flashback« Sponge – Molly / Plowed

Sponge_Rotting Pinata

to see wide open with a head that’s broken

♫ Sponge – Molly (Sixteen Candles) / 1994

I always knew that one of my favorite songs from the 90s was “Molly (Sixteen Candles)” and that it was performed by Sponge. Hence the reason why I tracked this jam down to put up here. In the process of putting this post together I heard mention of their other hit off their ’94 debut Rotting Piñata, “Plowed.” Not remembering what that sounded like I nabbed it too. Holy shit! It’s that song! “Plowed” is for sure another flashback-inducing formative-years jam that I am embarrassed to admit I did not realize was by Sponge as well. Better for you kids, though. Double whammy flashback this week. Both of these jams are super nostalgia inducing for me. I don’t know why exactly but they both bring an instant surge of nondescript emotion. Crazy.

♫ Sponge – Plowed / 1994

Because I love it you, I’ve thrown in Sponge’s cover of the Speed Racer theme. Listen to it on repeat for 2 hours and I guarantee you’ll have ore fun than that Whackowski bros joint.

BONUS: ♫ Sponge – Go Speed Racer Go (cover)

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KIT sound like a bunch of sexy ANIMALS

Kit Animals

your less will be my more

♫ KIT – Animals

Remember when you got yearbooks in middle/high-school and everyone would sign it with some bullshit comment about blah blah and then sign off with “K.I.T.!” Yeah, well the Paris based band of the same name is way more fun than that. “Animals” is the perfect cocktail of sultry Parisian vocals and bouncing electro fun. It’s kind of luck foreplay on a ferris wheel, only with more lazer effects. If you aren’t turned on during the first go-round then hold on until 3:25 when the synth solo comes in and just murders it. Damn, the more I’m listening to this song the better it gets. Seriously, headphone this one and crank it up! No album yet, but a few more jams at their MySpace. Tough to beat “Animals,” though.(Thanks to The Recommender for the tip!)

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CHEW LIPS serve some SLICK slices of sonicaly succulent synth

Chew Lips

dappled and blue like a midnight moon, never knew what we got into

♫ Chew Lips – Slick

Despite having a kinda gross band name, Chew Lips make some quite pretty electro-pop. “Solo” , “Seven” and “Salt Air” have been out for a bit, the first having been featured on the Kitsune 7 compilation. All three are solid chick-vocal synth jams, but it’s recent single “Slick” that really grabbed me. Part pop fun and part haunted emotions make for synth-pop with a little more depth to it. No word on an album from these Londoners but let’s hope they are on top of things and maybe even considering track titles that don’t start with S. I hear there are like 25 other options or something.

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SIA has taken a song YOU’VE heard before and CHANGED it. For the better.


making waves was your hobby and i asked you to move me

♫ Sia – You’ve Changed

About a year ago Sia did a guest spot on a track for Lauren Flax called “You’ve Changed.” It was blogged about. People enjoyed it. Life moved on. BUT! Apparently Sia enjoyed it A LOT, cause she jacked the song for her forthcoming LP We Are Born, kicked the jam up 8 notches, and then leaked it for the world to enjoy. That’s how you do it, girl! This thing is dance beast that will get you hyped for sure. That guitar riff is epic and the delivery of “for the be-teh-errr” is on point. Kinda hard to believe this is the same Sia that had everyone crying during the season finale of Six Feet Under. Anyway, I’m stoked on her newfound energy and am looking too see what else she has cooked up for us.

♫ Sia – Buttons (CSS Remix)

In the meantime here get your rocks off to this awesome treatment CSS gave “Buttons.” One of my favorite remixes.

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TIM & JEAN may be on the prowl but they will COME AROUND

Tim and Jean

hey! no! look what you’ve done now!

♫ Tim & Jean – Come Around

First Ted & Francis and now these guys? I guess there are just better things to do in Australia than name your band something awesome. Well, when that band makes music like this I’m ok with it. What a catchy mofo huh? Take one of these every morning and call me when you are awesome. The crazy thing about Tim and Jean is that they are only 15 and 18 years old! I am going to interpret their dearth of jams to mean that they are busy being fresh dudes and getting their wee swagger on all over High School. Get some, dudes! But when you come back, spend less time covering granola-pop hits and more time kicking out your own jams. I know you got the chops.

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TWO DOOR CINEMA CLUB are a band I CAN jam to and TALK about at the same time


a longer sentence brings no more than one that i had said before

♫ Two Door Cinema Club – I Can Talk

Two Door Cinema Club don’t have a debut album yet but I certainly hope they get one out soon because by the sounds of it these guys are gonna be hot shit in 2010. “Something Good Can Work” (below) was my jam back in March but somehow never made it on TBE. Then the other day I hear “I Can Talk” (above) and woah boy. That’s what I’m talking about. Good to see these Irish lads aren’t stuck on one speed either. Keep it interesting and keep it coming. We’re waiting. The video for “I Can Talk” is over at their MySpace and is pretty fresh.

♫ Two Door Cinema Club – Something Good Can Work

The video for “I Can Talk” is over at their MySpace and is pretty fresh.

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