«Flashback« Spin Doctors – Two Princes

Spin Doctors

‘aint got no future or a family tree but i know what a prince and lover ought to be

♫ Spin Docotors – Two Princes / 1991

As if it wasn’t enough that I was eating a delicious breakfast this morning, this jam came on the TV-radio and it was just sublime. Yes, sublime, that’s what I said now. Doing a little wikipeding (wikipediaing?) on the Spin Doctors I discovered that John Popper, of Blues Traveler fame, was in an early incarnation of the band. I guess that makes sense. Also turns out that the Spin Doctors are still active. That makes less sense.

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CÉU wants you to grab her BUBUIA


♫ CéU – Bubuia

As if you didn’t already know that Brazilian girls are all kinds of seductive, let me present CéU. The first 1o seconds of “Bubuia” always make me envision a dimly lit room with beaded curtain parting to reveal CéU. As the song continues it totally feels like she is mesmerizing me like Sir Hiss in Robin Hood. The song has that kind of feel, right? Anyway, CéU (pronounced sew) apparently means “sky” and “heaven” in Portuguese and is in fact one of her middle names. Her sophomore album Vagarosa is out now and while I haven’t found any tracks on it to rival “Bubuia,” it is certainly a pleasant disc to chill out with, especially if Portuguese-singing seductresses are your thing.

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CASSETTES WON’T LISTEN is QUICKLY APPROACHING my top albums of the year list


♫ Cassettes Won’t Listen – Quickly Approaching

Yes, you have seen that album art before. It was attached to my ramblings on the title track. Since getting the full album it has basically been on all the time which is really weird because it’s instrumental. Definitely not my usual steez. I figure it was fitting to quickly revisit it (and bait you into getting it with one more track) since the album is inspired by Jason Drake’s move to Los Angeles, a city I will be departing today. Yup, back to Warsaw to continue the adventure. Good thing I have this collection of jams to keep me company on the plane and there are no lyrics to tempt me to sing along! The dude sitting next to me won’t even know how lucky he is. Seriously though, this album is great. I had a really hard time picking the song for this post. So many good ones. And that cover!

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JULIAN CASABLANCAS is pissed he got 11TH in the dance-off, blaming the DIMENSION of the dacefloor

julian 11th

so when’s it coming, this life’s new great movement that i can join?

♫ Julian Casablancas – 11th Dimension

This is the lead single off the upcoming album from The Strokes’ frontman. That right there is enough to be curious, and the fact that I am putting it up here is enough to know that I like it. There isn’t much more to say on it really. It’s more synthy and glittery then your typical Strokes fare but not such a departure that I wouldn’t believe it was the same band, just updated to current trends. It’s nice to see Julian take his solo stuff down Fun St. cause so many solo side-acts head to Downertown or Mellowville. Those places don’t even have a decent discotheque. Yawn. I’m definitely curious to hear new Strokes but Casablancas’ album (akwardly titled Phrazes For The Young) looks like it might tie me over just fine.

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LITTLE RED like COCA COLA. I like Little Red.

Little Red

i’m gonna savor the taste on your lips, i never waste a kiss

♫ Little Red – Coca Cola

Little Red are from Australia and have made this super-bouncy/jangly/wooo-oooo filled jam that I like a lot better than it’s namesake. Sit back in your chair, pop open a Pepsi, and enjoy. Their Coca Cola 7″ is out now and includes “It’s Alright” which is the decidedly less sugar-infused but still has great vocal harmonies and wooo-oooos. (I am a sucker for wooo-ooos.) I like the loose energy in these guys and am hoping for big things.

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«Flashback« Cowboy Mouth – Jenny Says

Cowboy Mouth

there ain’t no looking for an answer when the question’s come and gone

♫ Cowboy Mouth – Love Of My Life / 1996

Cowboy Mouth never really blew and it’s too bad cause this is a great track. I was lucky enough to discover the New Orleans based quartet on a trip to the ’96 Olympics in Atlanta. (How’s that for a one-two punch of awesomeness?) Anyway, “Love Of My Life” jumped out from the radio pretty strongly and “Jenny Says” soon became another favorite. Listening to the album now I think its more nostalgia than anything, although there are definitely some gems, and that guys voice is so unique and great. I have heard that their live shows are epic so I would definitely check that out. They are even still alive and jamming out records, although I haven’t a note off anything but this album. Anyone know if I am missing out?

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MARIACHI EL BRONX surprise every CELL in the body. Right, MATES?


your kind of face could save a soul, it keeps me cryin’ all night to you

♫ Mariachi El Bronx – Cell Mates

Now I know that of all the reasons you guys visit TBE, my meticulous coverage of Mariachi music is only, like, number 6, but stay with me. In addition to one of the best album covers of the year (sorry PETA), Los Angeles’ Mariachi el Bronx have crafted better mariachi than at that overpriced Oaxacan restaurant in Hollywood. Lead single, and album opener, “Cell Mates” [fun video] is a horn-infused hip-shaker that hooked me from left field the first time I heard it. The rest of the album follows suit, with jangly guitars, fantastic horns, and clearly crooned lyrics. It’s probably the album I am most excited about playing today at my BBQ. I recommend you fire up the grill and do likewise.

OK, now with all that said and done, let me drop a little knowledge on you. Although this is their first album with the Mariachi el Bronx moniker, the band has been playing hardcore/punk as The Bronx since 2002. Yes. Hardcore. I saw them at Sunset Junction 2 years ago and my little brother demanded that we leave. Growing up in Los Angeles the band had always been inspired by Mexican culture, mariachi music included, and after 3 self titled albums as The Bronx, they decided to do a little side project of straight up mariachi. Strange but true. I love it. For comparison, here is the only Bronx song I ever really got into.

♫ The Bronx – Around The Horn (from 2006’s The Bronx)

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CHROMEO is best enjoyed at NIGHT and BY only a NIGHTlight


come on girl, don’t make a fuss, let’s have a conversation that’s not about us

♫ Chromeo – Night By Night

I am sorry to say that no, this is not the theme song to a new disco-cop procedural on Fox, hold on for a few more seconds and you will hear Dave 1’s signature vocal croon. Although wait a bit longer and you will hear the epic guitar solo that would perfectly soundtrack a synchronized-dance drug bust. Oh well, at least it’s Chromeo we are dealing with and they have predictably delivered a solid funk-fest that although perfect for dancing, still drips with sex. Perfect. “Night By Night” is offered to us by Green label Sound as a “sneak peak” at their forthcoming album. So far so good! [Thanks to Pasta Primavera]

Oh, and check out the public service work Chromeo have been doing. Good dudes all around.

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