Comet Gain look for Love Without Lies


i am just another dumb movie, can i borrow part of your life?

Comet Gain – Love Without Lies

Now this is a foot-stomper! Crank it up and wake the neighbors! Who are the wild youngsters behind Comet Gain, you ask? Well that’s where things get “a wee bit odd” as they say. Apparently Comet Gain has been around since Bill Clinton’s first year in office. They have 7 albums under their belt and they are still cranking out jams fresher and rawer than most of what comes out of London/Brooklyn/wherever. I haven’t delved into their back catalog yet because 7 albums is kind of intimidating. Even their latest LP, Broken Record Prayers – a collection of B-sides, rarities, and other tracks from the last 10 years – is 20 tracks deep. Does anyone knows these guys and can recommend where to start?

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FTNS says you’ve got the City Lights


have i given you all my secrets?

FTNS – City Lights

Matt Diamond is just a dude from Jersey who makes music and sometimes performs as FTNS. He is clearly focused on the music and not the album art but that’s just fine cause the music is pretty awesome. And you cant listen to album art anyway. Duh. “City Lights” is about as simple as it gets but with just a few spare elements and at the right pace this song will get into your head and make it bounce. Other single “Friends are Friends” over at his MySpace is also recommended. Also, the dude only has 126 friends so maybe keep him some company.

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Major Lazer demand you Hold The Line


damn how you do it? what’s that rhythm you got?

Major Lazer – Hold the Line (feat. Santigold & Mr. Lexx)

In their own words:

Major Lazer is a Jamaican commando who lost his arm in the secret Zombie War of 1984. The US military rescued him and repurposed experimental lazers as prosthetic limbs. Since then Major Lazer has been a hired renegade soldier for a rogue government operating in secrecy underneath the watch of M5 and the CIA. His cover is that of a dancehall night club owner from Trinidad and he enlisted the help of long-time allies and uber-producers, Diplo and Switch, to produce his first LP.

It continues. Anyway, with a bio like this and a their first public track featuring Andy Milokanis rapping about eating brains, it was hard to take this project seriously. Then “Hold The Line” came out and it was all like “Oh, this is much bett…Wait, is that a horse? Pager sound FX? What the fuu…Oh! Santigold is on fire! And I don’t understand a word of this Mr Lexx guy except for something about vibrating Nokias but he is pretty raw too. Alright, I’m sold.” Just like that.

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The Pragmatic challenge you to a Deathmatch


i’m in no position to talk about what is and isn’t mine

The Pragmatic – Deathmatch

The Pragmatic first hit the scene last October with “Circles,” a song that was instantly put on my playlist for that month. This past week saw the release of a full EP (Released for FREE). Five songs that range from the contemplative “Circles” to the frenetic “Deathmatch,” but all thickly coated in crunchy analog synths courtesy of  band member André Allen Anjos (Mr. RAC himself). Don’t let his star status fool you, however. The pragmatic are clearly a collaborative effort and have a very different sound than many of RAC’s remixes. Speaking of, here is RAC member Anndrew Maury’s remix of The Pragmatic’s “Circles.”

The Pragmatic – Circles (RAC Maury mix)

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Discovery rock the Osaka Loop Line


as bullets passed behind your back

Discovery – Osaka Loop Line

Who knows what an “Osaka Loop Line” is but it certainly makes for a great song. It starts slow and glitchy, and ends up fast and glitchier, kinda like riding some 121 year old rail-road or something. I dunno, I’m just not feeling my analogies today. It’s kinda no surprise that the song is so good, Discovery is a collaboration between Vampire Weekend’s Rostam Batmanglij and Ra Ra Riot’s Wes Miles, two bands that rocked my 2008. Here’s to Discovery rocking our 2009.

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Junior Boys like it when you wear just Bits and Pieces

beyonddullcareremember the words, the lighting cues, it’s all up to you

Junior Boys – Bits and Pieces

Junior Boys are back with their follow up to 2006’s So This Is Goodbye. Begone Dull Care is short (8 tracks) and sweet. The Boys have taken their sex music simple and infectious rhythms and let them linger a bit, letting most tracks run past 6 minutes (Take time at the neck!). It’s definitely an album for specific moods or actions. (*Wink!*) Anyway, “Hazel” is the first single from Begone Dull Care (get it free at their MySpace) but “Bits and Pieces” is my favorite. The throbbing (tee hee!) bass-line and breathy vocals are sure to raise your temperature a bit (and piece? ha). If you like what you hear (feel) then I recommend you scoot over to eMusic and pick up the album. Don’t let its bargain of 8 tracks fool you, it still runs 47 minutes. Plenty of time for foreplay (I’m serious about the neck).

Junior Boys – In The Morning (from their first LP So This Is Goodbye)

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Generationals introduce Angry Charlie


if you won’t sing it with me, then i’ll sing by myself

Generationals – Angry Charlie

Generationals are fantastic. I emphasize that right off the bat because it might not be immediately apparent by just one track. Luckily their whole debut album Con Law is streaming for free right here. That’s how I first listened to them and I encourage you to do the same. It’s perfect lo-fi jangly pop that will perfectly soundtrack laundry folding or spring sunning. “Angry Charlie” is a great track but its not even my favorite. That honor goes to “Wildlife Sculpture”… or to “When They Fight, They Fight?” Damn, can’t really choose. Further reason to just go stream the whole shebang. Anyway, these guys are so fresh that mp3 options were limited. (Thanks to Citizen Dick for this one) No word on a release date yet but I’ll be sure to let you know.

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Chester French are finally like C’mon!


you should never try to walk until you learn to crawl

Chester French – C’mon (On My Own)

Spin Magazine hyped Chester French as a band to watch this year and that their debut LP Love The Future would be “Out this spring.” That was in February…of 2008. Yeah, well a third of the way into 2009 and we finally have it. When a band gets that kind of hype and then take that damn long it’s always a dangerous game. Will CF live up to their signed by Pharell, Harvard graduate, Spin heads-up hype? Will the album be as good as “She Loves Everybody” and the other few long-leaked tracks? Will anyone even care anymore? Well, I care, but that’s what I do. I care about you, and I’m touched to say I care about Chester French. Love The Future is not perfect, but it definitely adds a few more excellent tracks to the CF canon. There is a little too much self-indulgent noodling but overall the album is redeemed by standouts like “C’mon,” “Bebe Buell,” “Beneath The Veil,” and “Neal.” And don’t forget the recently posted excellent RAC remix of “She Loves Everybody.”

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