«Flashback« Third Eye Blind


i’ve never been so alone and i’ve never been so alive

♫ Third Eye Blind – Motorcycle Drive By / 1997

♫ Third Eye Blind – Graduate / 1997

It’s really kind of weird how divided people are over Third Eye Blind. I feel like it can be pretty easily traced back to their 1997 debut album which spawned so many radio singles that it was hard not to feel like the whole album was being jammed down your throat. I can totally get how people were turned off. It’s really too bad though. Those of us that managed to fall in love with that album were not only able to enjoy it’s brilliance (and the hugely underrated “Motorcycle Drive By,” above), but also get down with it’s fantastic 1999 follow up, Blue. While Third Eye Blind was packed with charging guitars and anthemic hooks that got it so much radio attention, Blue flexed it’s offbeat muscle a bit more, venturing into a bit more radio-unfriendly territory. The result was nonetheless fantastic.

ThirdEyeBlind_Blue♫ Third Eye Blind – Anything / 1999

♫ Third Eye Blind – Darwin / 1999

Post-Blue, the band tooe 4 years off and Stephen Jenkins wen’t through a much scrutinized relationship with Charlize Theron. Out of that came 2003’s under-appreciated Out of The Vein. I’ll leave that album alone for now because either 1) You already have it and love it, 2) you hate Third Eye Blind and won’t listen to it any tracks I post anyway, or 3) These four tracks will rekindle an interest in them and you will realize that you may have wrote them off too soon. Either way, this band has been one of the mainstays of my musical upbringing. Third Eye Blind’s debut was the album of my first relationship and it’s troubled themes sound-tracked her insanity perfectly. Blue came along during my first real love and it’s more explicit sex-related tracks were well timed. Anyway, that’s enough from me on the issue. For those of you stoked on Third Eye Blind then stay tuned for my coverage of their latest album, Ursa Major, coming later today…

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[Contest!] 2 tickets to Fanfarlo in Brooklyn, Tuesday 9/22

Being deaf/busy the past few weeks I was forced to take an unfortunate break from TBE. I may have been away from the site, but many of you weren’t. I was pleasantly surprised with the daily traffic, despite a lack of new posts. I imagine that many of you regulars were a bit miffed or confused and it’s for you people that this is for. A bit of a thank you for sticking with me and the music. I guess, it’s really not for all of you though since this contest is only really relevant to residents of the NYC area. Sorry rest of the world, I will work on getting something up your alley soon. But in the meantime!


♫ Fanfarlo – Luna

Fanfarlo (original post) is touring the US and this Tuesday they will be in Brooklyn at the beautiful Bell House (where I saw/interviewed RAA back in May). Their live shows are reputed to be fantastic and I have 2 tickets to the show for you! Just shoot an email over to ihopeiwin@theburningear.com and let me know your favorite song you have found on TBE. I don’t get much feedback around here and I’d like to know what you are digging! I’ll select the winner at random on Sunday night. Don’t forget to include your name and a contact phone number (just in case you don’t check your email that day!).

1. Email ihopeiwin@theburningear.com

2. Your favorite track/artist discovered off TBE. (Other words/stories encouraged but not necessary.)

3. Name & Phone

4. Send before Midnight on Sunday (NYC/Eastern Standard Time)

It’s just that easy! Good luck to you all.

Remix Roundup /// Vol. 9 – Back On Tracks


Now we’re cooking with gas! My hearing is back, I’m a year older, I’m in Canada, my internet connection blows, what better time to get back on the wagon and get these rock-wheels rollin’? This roundup has been in the pipeline for ages now and is a bit outdated by even my standards but it’s still good and/or interesting music so get to listening!

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French Horn Rebellion understand the importance of Beaches. And Friends. And BBQs.

french horn reb

all the girls look good when you swim

♫ French Horn Rebellion vs. Database – Beaches and Friends

I just got back from the beach and am now heading to a BBQ with friends. What song could be more appropriate on this holiday weekend? French Horn Rebellion are two brothers from Wisconsin who relocated to Brooklyn and make fresh indie-electro. I am unsure who Database is and what their involvement on this track is but I like what I have heard so far from FHR. They have 2 EPs over at eMusic and a self titled full length at their website. I would do more research and tel you more about this track but like I said, grilled meats await…

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Blitzen Trapper’s tale of the Black River Killer


i’ve been wandering in the dark about as long as sin
but they say it’s never too late to start again

♫ Blitzen Trapper- Black River Killer

I just realized that my last two posts were a bit electro-dance-club heavy so I’ll slow it down a bit here… for both of our sakes. Blitzen Trapper hail from Portland, Oregon, and have a handful of acclaimed albums under their belt but this is the first track of theirs I have given a solid listen too. “Black River Killer” is the simple tale of a man whose blood-lust has the best of him and it’s probably the catchiest song about a “psycho killer” since the Talking Heads song of that name. Except that what perhaps is more eerie is the straightforward delivery of the lyrics, with no remorse or emotion in the voice. Listening to a few tracks on Blitzen trapper’s MySpace doesn’t draw me further into their sound but I’m absolutely OK with playing “Black River Killer” 10 times in a row and calling it an album.

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DJ Tiësto with Tegan and Sara is a collaboration so odd I can Feel It In My Bones


i take my heart out of my chest, i just don’t need it anymore

♫ DJ Tiësto w Tegan & Sara – Feel It In My Bones

When I started TBE 7 months ago, putting up a track by Tiësto was the last thing I ever thought I would do with it. Well, fuck. So much for that plan. But it’s not my fault! The legendary dutch DJ (and perennial butt of any ‘shitty DJ’ joke) had to go and team up with a roster of respected artists for his new album, Kaleidoscope. “Feel It In My Bones” still reeks of Tiësto and his mega-club sound but it also has my favorite Canadian-lesbian-indie-twins singing on it and maybe that’s enough for me. It’s been a few years since the girls’ last album and I think we are all hankering for some T&S. I wish I could say that this Tiësto post will be my one and only but with his forthcoming Kaleidoscope featuring Nelly Furtado, Emily Haines of Metric, Jónsi of Sigur Rós, Kele Okereke of Bloc Party, and Calvin Harris among others I just can’t promise anything.

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Acid Girls and Frankmusik demand that we Wake Up!

Acid Girls

i look outside my eyes and all i see is rain

♫ Acid Girls w/ Frankmusik – Wake Up

Need a little pep in your Thursday? Yeah me too. Luckily Los Angeles DJ duo Acid Girls teamed up with Frankmusik for this mindless dance jam. If you dig Frankmusik’s fun songs then you will likely appreciate this. Pounding bass and and high pitched vocals to motivate you to either dance or at least get up to turn it off.

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Gotye thinks we need to Learnalilgivinanlovin’. Pardon?


what’s the use of keeping all the good things that you’ve found to yourself?

♫ Gotye – Learnalilgivinanlovin’

If listening to “Learnalilgivinanlovin'” makes you feel like you have traveled back in time then you would be right… except that the time you have traveled to is only 2006, the year Australia’s Gotye (via Belgium) released this track down under. Gotye has became a sort of Aussie sensation, even garnering comparisons to Beck. He is finally getting some love in the rest of the world as 2006’s Like Drawing Blood gets released stateside. Other tracks I have heard off Like Drawing Blood are very different in vibe and energy, but perhaps his various talents are what got the album nominated for an ARIA Award. I look forward to hearing the rest, especially if in accompanied by awesome album art like this! [Thanks PMA]

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