BLOODGROUP are MY band for getting your ARMS moving… a little.


baby, it’s the only way to make a flame come from the sparks

♫ Bloodgroup – My Arms

I love how this song starts so calmly, letting you think you are in for an bit of ambient relaxation, then, beat by beat, the momentum picks up until you suddenly find yourself in the midst of a sea of sounds. You can feel the care put into crafting each moment layer by layer. If I had deeper things to ponder than baking holiday cookies and getting more sleep then this would be the soundtrack to those moments. Bloodgroup hail from Iceland and have been drawing a lot of comparisons to The Knife but you shouldn’t listen to that baloney. Listen to the music instead.

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THE SHOES are PEOPLE who have been MOVIN and shakin

The Shoes People Movin

so take the best and make it good for you

♫ The Shoes – People Movin Ft. Primary 1

France’s The Shoes have been whipping up fresh remixes for a while now, but they are finally dropping some of their own tunes on us. Not ones to jump straight to the deep end they are letting up-n-coming UK rapper Primary 1 be their pool buddy. Aquatic analogies are no coincidence here. This is music for straight lounging poolside and watching the freakshow parade by. Their People Movin EP is out now so get on that, as well as the jams below. That Mystery Jets remix is one of my faves from 2008 and their collabo with 80 Kidz was slated for a TBE post a few months back but just never made it I guess. Busy times.

♫ Mystery Jets – Young Love (Shoes Mix)

♫ 80 Kidz – Frankie (feat. The Shoes)

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LAWRENCE ARABIA sings about THE BEAUTIFUL and the YOUNG, which may or may not inlude your CREW

Lawrence Arabia

we’re afraid of each other because we want to screw each other

♫ Lawrence Arabia – The Beautiful Young Crew

Hailing not from Arabia (surprise!), Lawrence Arabia does New Zealand proud with “The Beautiful Young Crew.” Twangy guitars, do-do-do-dos for miles, and a trumpet solo clinch this jam as one I will be tapping my toes too for a while. While you bounce along with me, ponder the brilliance in these lyrics. The dude has pretty much boiled down relationships to their essence. Or he is singing about a sexaholics anonymous meeting? Either way, I’m down. Although, video-wise, I would go with the second option. And don’t forget, full frontal is all the rage these days!

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A Burning Ear Christmas – Part 2: Classics Covered

xmas kittyOK, so Christmas is quickly approaching and although you have been thinking a lot about shopping as you have been listening to TBE X-Mas Part 1, you haven’t been doing much about it. Now that shopping days are countable on our hands it’s time to kick the spirit into high gear. I’ve done all I can to help by cobbling together this mix of Christmas classics covered by our contemporaries. You don’t even need to celebrate Christmas to enjoy these jams! So weather you are as behind on your holiday business as I am or not, throw this bad boy on a blank CD, stop staring at that cute kitten, and get movin’ pronto!

A Burning Ear Christmas Part 1 – Original Jams

Zip file at the above link.

Tracklist and individual MP3s after the jump…

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ACTIVE CHILD ponders what will happen WHEN YOUR LOVE IS SAFE in his heart

active child

somewhere between making love and being friends

♫ Active Child – When Your Love Is Safe

There are great songs about falling in love and there are great songs about breaking up. This is a song about that disturbing middle ground. And it’s great. Props to Active Child for repping Los Angeles with quality jams like this. “When Your Love Is Safe” has been haunting me for days now and I just can’t stop singing (moaning?) along. I really wish I could write more on it but I am typing this outside in -4 C temperature and my fingers apparently don’t love you all as much I my heart does. Alright, enough sentimentality, this is a song about heartbreak! Get in!

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«Flashback« Nerf Herder – Sorry / I’ve Got A Boner For Christmas

Nerf Herder

what can i do, i am a loser

♫ Nerf Herder – Sorry / 1996

There are so many great jams on this album I have really been struggling to decide which tracks to include. “Sorry” is the obvious first choice, but considering this debut album from Nerf Herder was criminally underheard, I figured I would throw in another jam to whet your whistle for the band that can best be described as the challenged bastard child of early era Weezer and Blink 182. “Van Halen” was their famous hit, hit, big single, most well known song, but I’ve always been more partial to “Down On Haley” and it’s subtle-as-bricks double entendre. However, I just remember that it’s the holiday season so their original gem, “I’ve Got A Boner For Christmas,” (below) is the perfect choice! (duh) I still recommend picking up a copy of their debut album for mere pennies from Amazon. Other fun facts about Nerf Herder are that they wrote the theme song for the geek-boner magnet Buffy The Vampire Slayer TV show, as well as once sporting Marko 72 (the dude from Sugarcult) on bass. I followed them through their 3rd album, 2002’s American Cheese, but nothing ever lived up this debut. Haven’t heard their 2008 reunion album, Nerf Herder’s IV, but I have a feeling that’s ok with the world.

♫ Nerf Herder – I’ve Got A Boner For Christmas (2000)

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MUCHUU are gonna be SOMEBODY. Try and TELL ME they’re not.


no more complicate, give me surprise

♫ Muchuu – Somebody Tell Me

Remember when you were young and fresh-faced and still hadn’t done much with your life because you were to busy being cute and idolizing celebrities? Yeah, well the brother/sister combo of Muchuu will never have those memories because their are younger and fresher-faced then you ever were and have already kicked out some infectious girl-fronted synth jams that promise big things from the wee duo. And umm, yeah, auto-tune is involved, and somehow it’s not awful. It’s actually pretty magical. Magical, yeah, that’s a good word to describe “Somebody Tell Me.”

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LATIN BITMAN can HELP you and ME warm ourselves up

latin bitman

everyone want to feel alive, help me to find out how, when, or why

♫ Latin Bitman – Help Me

I know absolutely nothing about Latin Bitman except that I stumbled across this jam on eMusic last week and it’s been my ticket to summer hula parties in my mind ever since. I am also pretty sure (but not positive) that the voice we are hearing is not coming from the face we are seeing. But hey, I’ve seen crazier shit. Anyway, if wherever you are is as cold and gloomy as where I am then you need this jam like you need those socks your mom tried to give you last time you were home but you were all like “Naw, it’s cool. I got socks, mom! Besides, my feet itch in wool.” Yeah, don’t make that mistake twice. Dip those frosty extremities in this jam and warm them right up.

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