THE TINS are THE GREEN band in the ROOM

the light puts on a show and then it’s gone away, i know

♫ The Tins – The Green Room

Because Sunday is a good day for a sprawling 7 minute indie opus from an unknown band from Buffalo, New York. Get lost in those swirling synths, twangy guitars, and soothing vocals. I wish I had more music from these guys.

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DAS RACIST are a RAINBOW IN THE DARKness of today’s hip hop

the best rapper is b real. jokes, it’s us. come on, be real.

♫ Das Racist – Rainbow in the Dark

”Interesting” is one of those words that is usually used to describe music that is not worthy of any higher praise but in the case of Das Racist that isn’t the case… and sometimes it is. I always preferred the Wallpaper remix over the original of last year’s blog-storming ”Combination Pizza Hut And Taco Bell” but now these Brooklyn dudes are back with their first official release, the Shut Up Dude mixtape and it’s got some serious flavor. The best thing about Das Racist is their absolute lack of swagger. These guys are all the fresher because you will never find them posturing or acting ‘hard’ like so many hip-hop stars. The video below for ”Rainbow In The Dark” is such a refreshingly lo-fi affair and illustrates my point well. The song itself is the kind of jam I like crank loud at night and let the beats shake my hooptie as I rap along feeling way cooler than I am. Then there is ”You Oughta Know” which packs a sick beat, delivery that gets me laughing every time, and rapping that is like a game of free association that goes oh so right. The rest of the mixtape is hit and miss but almost always ‘interesting,’ especially on ”Fake Patois” where Victor and Himanshu rap in a fake patois accent about people who use  ridiculous fake patois accents. Their approach to the medium of rap is always a great listen (as well as read) as their  lyrics are always even-handedly praising and satirizing. Anyway, just listen for yourself. The mixtape is FREE.

♫ Das Racist – You Oughta Know

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NEVER MIND THE STARS inspire a vocabulary HOLIDAY

if you hold my attention, it is the root of my affection

♫ Never Mind The Stars – Holiday

The sickest bass-line of the year is a dude going “BAHW BAHW BAHW!” in a really low voice! Yes! You know, I was just listening to The Jam when I jammed my finger in the door jamb and as I was looking for ice I realized that I’m all out of strawberry jam so I tried to call a friend who works for Def Jam but the phone lines were jammed and my other friend was in a traffic jam and it was then then I decided that all I want to do tonight is jam myself into a crowd on a dance floor and let loose! If only I had a very very good song to dance too… (Or a better vocabulary :) Never Mind The Stars are from The Netherlands and “Holiday” is the soundtrack to your weekend. Their debut album, Aeroplane, is out in their homeland now but we’ll have to wait a bit for more of their infectious electro fun.

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MARMADUKE DUKE advise a RUBBER for your LOVER and remember KIDs, no GLOVES, no loves.

you’ve got a whole lot of mystery, baby’s got a bad bad history

♫ Marmaduke Duke – Rubber Lover

After falling hard for Biffy Clyro’s last album I stumbled upon their lead singer’s other band, Marmaduke Duke. Their second album, Duke Pandemonium, came out last may and is filled with the kind of weirdo beats and vocals that could only be the work of a dude who is already making his cash elsewhere. Sometimes that pays off, as on “Rubber Lover” where in under 2 minutes we are taken on a hip shakin’, finger snappin’, funk ride. They change things up on “Kid Gloves” which brings their off-beat sound in a darker direction and fleshes itself out into a full song. Other great tracks on the album include “Heartburn,” “Everybody Dance,” and “Silhouettes” but there are a few mis-fires as well. Anyway, enjoy these for now!

♫ Marmaduke Duke – Kid Gloves

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500th Post! TBE is a solid HUNDREDAIRE! Let’s Spread The Love (and Hey Willpower!)

i’m comin’ in and out of style, oh baby please don’t change the dial

♫ Hey Willpower – Hundredaire

500 posts sounds like a lot and I guess it is but time really does fly. I’ve really loved growing along with the site and watching more and more of you join the TBE community. In the past 14 months tons of people have streamed through TBE looking for a great new band or song and more and more of you have decided to stick around. It’s an honor to have you and all your great comments, I only hope that you will spread the love! Weather you are a regular reader or have just found TBE it would be great if you could take a second and recommend the site to a friend. We all know someone who loves music, or at least someone who should be listening to more of it! Pass the word along through Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, email, or even good ol’ fashioned conversation! Is there a dreamy guy or girl that you have your eye on but are not sure how to break the ice? Tell em you know of a great music website you really think they will love! (That actually is a pretty good idea…) Spread the sweet sweet jams and let’s all get down together! Thanks for your support and I look forward to the next 500! Stay awesome!

– Brandon

GERMANY GERMANY have at least named themselves with SYMMETRY

keep your eyes on me

♫ Germany Germany – Symmetry feat. Jessica Morgan

And the worst band name award goes to what may be the most interesting new band. Germany Germany hail from the west coast of Canada, produce simple yet super-effective indie synth magic that sometimes features female vocals, have tw0 8 track EPS out (for free), and have been around since December. Yeah, like 4 months ago December. I was turned on to “Symmetry” by the same Poule d’Or Compilation that featured that great Museum Of Bellas Artes track. It’s somber guitars, glitchy production, and earnest vocals weave a sonic fabric that has been cradling my happy ears for a few weeks now. I finally did some digging and found that “Symmetry” comes from Distorted Disco, Germany Germany’s first free EP. It’s a solid collection of tunes at any price but their second EP, Electrolove, just came out and has upped the ante like whoa.

♫ Germany Germany – Lena

It was not easy to pick my favorite but “Lena” and it’s high danceability is a perfect example of the kind of musical chops we are dealing with here. I’m not sure if that’s Jessica Morgan again or even if there is one or two dudes in Germany Germany. These guys are pretty fresh on the scene. I would say that I expect big things but frankly, I’ve already got them.

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TOKYO POLICE CLUB infect my ears with typical BREAKNECK SPEED

it’s good to be back/bad, super fun at the movies, drunk and young

♫ Tokyo Police Club – Breakneck Speed

Tokyo Police Club burst onto the scene in 2006 with the A Lesson In Crime EP. The seven song collection kicked the door open with “Cheer It On,” a jam that starts with the lyric “Operator, get me The President of The World/ This is an emergency” and goes on to name check themselves. Now that is how you start your career in rock music, people. A Lesson In Crime was such raw and powerful rock that a lot of people started a downer-parade over their admittedly less shredding but pretty damn great 2008 debut LP, Elephant Shell. I never like parades and to me, Tokyo Police Club have rarely slowed or released anything that I don’t still get an ear-boner listening to now. This is prime time rock n’ roll and from Canada no less. Eat it 48! Anyway, now that I have got that out of my system, it’s time to talk about how excited I am for Tokyo Police Club’s second LP, Champ, which comes out June 1 on Saddle Creek and features that beautiful new jam up top, “Breakneck Speed.” It;s got their characteristically sparse use of synths, rolling drums, and guitars, guitars, guitars! Catch up on some of my favorite TPC jams below! And see them live if they are anywhere near you! A great show! Read more

EARL GREYHOUND could raise a GHOST AND THE event would surely have a WITNESS

i’m not meant to know when she comes to accept my attention

♫ Earl Greyhound – Ghost And The Witness

Suspicious Package is more than a funny name for an album by a band that sounds like it comes from a time when dudes wore pants even tighter than today… but I digress. Earl Greyhound are a pretty fresh looking Brooklyn “blues-rock” band whose “Ghost And The Witness” has been giving me more than my daily dose of guitar wizardry and epic drumming. The intro of whispered vocals and that weird reverb thing quickly gives way to a big sound and dead-raising wailing that stamps it’s soul/sole all up in your grill. If I ever return to Air Guitar competition then that late-song solo would be a top contender for round 1 (Get on it). Suspicious Package, the band’s second album, is out April 13th but is streaming in full here.

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