MILLIONYOUNG make me want a HAMMOCK. And a beverage.


what’s there to love as you smile up at me?

♫ MillionYoung – Hammock

MillionYoung is pretty magical. Whether you are into his more spaced-out dreamscapes (“Chlorophyl,” Sundreamn”), or his more beat-heavy dreamscapes (“Weak Ends,” “Hammock” – above) you are gonna get some dreamscapes. What sets these dreamscapes apart from all the other ones that have been making the rounds this year? Well, I like these ones, they work for me. In a big way. And that opinion is why you come here, right? MillionYoung is Mike Diaz who makes music in Florida and has one EP and a few Bsides floating around. Follow through on those links and you just might get all his magic gems for free…

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THE AVETT BROTHERS have tapped into the KICK DRUM of my HEART


there’s nothing like finding gold within the rocks hard and cold

♫ The Avett Brothers – Kick Drum Heart

Ok, so I’m super late to The Avett Brothers. The North Carolina trio (only 2 of which are Avetts) have a million albums out already but I only heard them recently. It was my mother on the phone, she was telling me to find a radio to hear this song about Brooklyn (where I used to live). Needless to say, I wasn’t near a radio at the time turns out it was “I And Love And You,” (below) the first single from the album of the same name. Although beautiful, its a little too melancholy for me and I wasn’t sold right off the bat. After hearing it’s praises sung elsewhere, I eventually picked up the album and was pleasantly surprised to hear that these guys can jam when they want to. “Kick Drum Heart” (above) is one of the albums energetic highlights as it thumps out it’s tale of dizzy love and frigid weather. The album has a weight that can feel alternately sad and joyous, and is definitely growing on me. The vocals are beautiful and the instruments all play perfectly together. I just wish that album art wasn’t such a downer.

♫ The Avett Brothers – I And Love And You

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♫ Do Make Say Think – Do

A 10 minute and 40 second song? Are you kidding me? That’s half an episode of The Simpsons! 8 viewings of this hilarious laughing baby clip! Few songs over 5 minutes can keep my interest, let alone double that and without lyrics! Well, leave it up to the Canadians to figure out a way. Toronto’s Do Make Say Think have been fiddling with experimental rock since 1995 and although I’ve heard their name thrown around I didn’t know their tunes. “Do” is the perfect sonic adventure for letting your mind wander. Let it soundtrack your thoughts as you get lost in the moods and movements. Their recent album, Other Truths, contains 3 other appropriately titled jams. “Make,” “Say,” and “Think” are just as sprawling but not nearly as infectious but at 4 tracks long the album is a super-bargain from eMusic or iTunes.

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it’s been so long since you said ‘well i know what i want and what i want’s right here with you’

♫ Tegan & Sara – The Ocean

It’s been 2 weeks since I dropped “Hell” on you to celebrate the release of Tegan & Sara’s Sainthood. That day I started listening to the album and it’s been on steady rotation since. The sisters have definitely stepped up their game on this one and have brought a faster, tighter, more in-your-face album with over 6o% of the tracks clocking in under 3 minutes. “Northshore” is the most punk, all ripping guitars and punched up vocals, while still retaining a very T&S sound. “Alligator” (below) and it’s sauntering beat might be the most traditional track and “The Ocean” (above) might be my favorite, but that’s a super tough choice. I wish I had some zippy remarks to make here but this is just going to be a boring endorsement of a great album. Every track is a jam and if you have ever appreciated Tegan and Sara you just can’t go wrong with Sainthood.

♫ Tegan & Sara – Alligator

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GET BUSY COMMITTEE make MY LITTLE brain struggle to work in a RAZORBLADE reference

Get Busy Committee

kids idolize us, mothers all despise us

♫ Get Busy Committee – My Little Razorblade

Yeah, we’ve all heard The Knife’s “Heartbeats” a million times but Get Busy Committee have just earned your ears by throwing their fresh hip-hop flavor up in it. “My Little Razorblade” is both cocaine anthem and cautionary tale, mixing stories as effortlessly as that koala handles his weapon. Their LP, Uzi Does It, is out now in various formats, including on an uzi-shaped USB thumb drive. I don’t know what’s doper than that. Buddyhead has a great 13 questions with Ryu here. Ooooh, listening to “I Don’t Care About You” on their MySpace and this a jam. I haven’t heard the whole album yet but I’m feeling them so far.

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Drummer Feel Good

i tried and fell, only time will tell

♫ Drummer – Feel Good Together

Yes, Drummer is a dumb name for a band, but when you learn that the five dudes in Drummer are all in fact drummers, then it is kind of OK. When you hear the music they make, then it is more than OK. Naturally they aren’t all drumming here, but all five were behind the kit in other bands before The Black Keys‘ Patrick Carney brought them together this spring. It wasn’t enough that he was already in a pretty successful band but faced with some free time as the other Black Key toured for his solo effort, Carney decided to call up locally based drummer buddies and have them all (but one) take a stab at other duties for this project. No surprise then that “Feel Good Together,” the LP’s title track, is propulsive in every aspect as it hurtles you along with rolling drums, churning guitars, and and that awesome synth line that pops up in the middle. I haven’t got my hands on the full album yet but if we are taking Pitchfork’s word (we aren’t) then it is a damn fine effort (probably is).

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NINELIVES THE CAT is CRASHing around my speakers like some TESTy little KITTEN

NineLives The Cat

you know that three is a crowd but two is an act

♫ NineLives The Cat – Crash Test Kitten (feat. Kitten)

I kinda dig the album art but it makes it seem like the music is going to be super lo-fi and unlisteable which really couldn’t be farther from the truth. Australian-bred NineLives The Cat covers a whole gamut of vibes on his debut LP Are We Dead Yet? Crash Test Kitten is all super-bleepy synths and a perfect head bobbing rhythm that you can’t hep but grooving with. It was all I needed to track down the rest of the album which is filled a handful of other gems. “Sick” has an infectiously smooth beat, over which NineLives lays his distorted wail, giving the track a fantastic complexity that I can’t stop listening to. “Twirl My Hair” is almost bubbly pop, if it wasn’t for the growly voice and naughty words.

♫ NineLives The Cat – What’s My Name?

“What’s My Name” has a reggae bounce and hip hop flavor that would be perfect for a cruise-up-the-coastline montage. Are We Dead Yet?‘s last third falls off a bit as the tracks loose their pop, but there is plenty else to keep me coming back to this album for sure.

On a side note, NineLives The Cat is also in the Baltimore based The Death Set, who play a much harder brand of rock. They recently lost one of their founding members, Beau Velasco, so I am sure NineLives is going through hard times these days. Our hearts go out to you and yours. Thank you for the great music.

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DRINK UP BUTTERCUP don’t EVEN THINK about slowing down

Drink Up

you touch yourself however and you watch what you want anyway

♫ Drink Up Buttercup – Even Think

This song is like a demented carnival ride that is shaking with so much energy it could unhinge at any moment. At first you know it’s a little off but then that become the magic. Its dirty and fun and makes you want to yell along. Drink Up Buttercup are the second band on TBE in as many days and I’m stoked to see Philly stepping up it’s game. These guys have some earlier less-listenable jams, but it’s “Even Think” that sounds like a milestone is evolving awesomeness. My ears are perked!

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