What Up ’08? (part 1)

2008 was a great year for music, blah blah blah. In fact it was a fucking santoGOLDEN year for music but you probably read some “Best Of 2008” lists like Forever Ago in some other Day & Age. In fact, you probably still remember when we got our Sex set On Fire, someone Lykked our Li, Hercules had a Love Affair, and it all happened over one big Circus of a Vampire Weekend. Well there were at least A Million crazy good songs/albums but I dont want to just Feed The Animals and Cut and Copy what some other blog said. You dont need that kind of Heartbreak on your new favorite music blog. As the Management of this here music blog I want to talk about my favorites, the ones that you may not have heard too much about but that certainly called out to me and said “Dear Science…” oh wait, I mean “DearBrandon, love us like you love chips!” And I did. Hard.

WHAT UP ’08? (part 1) <— Click to go to download page!

Notes on each track after the jump. (Mom, that’s the “continued…” below)

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Hong Kong alley

photo: Hong Kong alley

Bright Eyes – The First Day Of My Life

Y’all probably heard this tune before and are like “Yeah, its great, but its like wicked old. I hope all the music you put up here isn’t gonna be from like 2004.” Well no, this one is just super pertinent! Its the first post on this blog! And if you are in Poland the video is in this months episode of Cafe Muza. Check it!