THE BRAVERY are making it hard to work HATEFUCK into a title without offending my mom. It would be like SLOW POISON for her.

if I put my fingers in your mouth would you bite them?

♫ The Bravery – Hatefuck

I just think the lyric above is pretty funny when taken out of context. What kind of question is that? Anyway, as far as comeback-singles go, “Slow Poison” (below) is poised for a TBE Digest but unnfortunately I had to go and listen to the album and got into the unfortunately named “Hatefuck” (above). Speaking of unfortunately, Sam Endicott is still singing in that constipated voice of his and most of the album is pretty grating but somehow “Hatefuck” overcomes it’s many adversities and rocks my business. Get on it. Or not. The Bravery aren’t for everyone.

♫ The Bravery – Slow Poison

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«Flashback« Soundgarden – Spoonman / Black Hole Sun

tired friend, times are gone for honest men

♫ Soundgarden – Spoonman / 1994

As you may have heard, Soundgarden are reuniting. What is crazy about the whole thing is how little I have thought of (or listened to) them in the 12 (!?) years since they broke up. And I guess I never realized that they only had one album after their 1994 breakthrough Superunknown. Anyway, enough about the shit I didn’t know. What I do know is that “Spoonman” is still as much of a jam as it was 15 years ago and that the opening chords of “Black Hole Sun” instantly transport me back to middle school. I was never a huge Soundgarden fan but always got down with “Spoonman” on the radio and the weird ass “Black Hole Sun” video on MTV. It is weird to think that before today I had never actually chosen to listen to either of these songs yet I know them so well that I can rock along with them no problem. They were so ingrained in me during my adolescence that I will probably die having heard these songs more times then my favorite song of 2009. That era of radio just doesn’t exist anymore and it’s crazy to think about since KROQ was pretty much my best friend growing up. Yes, we now have the power to choose our own niche musical identity but there is really something beautiful in knowing that you are listening to the same jam at the same moment as thousands of other people. Anyway, some food for thought as we enter this new decade and The 90s officially becomes the Flashback era of today.

♫ Soundgarden – Black Hole Sun / 1994

Also crazy that these guys broke up so long ago that they don’t have a MySpace (that I could find). Not even a bullshit placeholder one. Just fan sites. Crazy.

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Remix Roundup Vol. 15 – 1.4.10

World's Smallest Snowman

This roundup was supposed to drop New Years Eve but a surprise spate of internet loss has it coming out today. Thanks web gods! Anyway, let’s wrap up 2009 with this batch of sweet, sweet remixes. And look out for TBE’s Best Remixes of ’09 list, coming soon!

Tracks after the jump and zip. file at the bottom.

And as always, if you want more sweet jams by these artists then use the Tag links at the bottom of the post.

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TAPETHERADIO’s jam will STAY INSIDE your head

you shake the dust from my eyes

♫ TAPETHERADIO – Stay Inside

London’s Tapetheradio just dropped “Stay Inside” as their second single on Rough Trade and on the surface it is quite the appropriate jam for these wintery days. It’s also a beautiful love song, a plea to a lover to stay inside and stay warm together. And it has “oooh ooh oooohs” ( I never know how to spell those) and that is the key to my heart.

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DIOS are PUTTIN IT DOWN, it’s as simple as that.

i’ll be better at kissin’ when my teeth are all missin’

♫ Dios – Puttin It Down

Dios, who for legal reasons go by Dios Malos, just dropped two free songs on Buddyhead’s record label and I have been digging “Puttin It Down.” Dios are one of those bands I have always heard about but never heard their music but this is pretty fresh. Lo-fi, catchy, and great lyrics that somehow seem appropriate for this new year. Their third LP is coming soon on Buddyhead and although I have yet to figure out if they are a band for me I will definitely be rocking this jam for a while.

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RITON & PRIMARY 1 have a jam that RADIATES good times so much that it doesn’t matter WHO’S THERE to dance with

see you when the world falls

♫ Riton & Primary 1 – Radiates

We heard Primary 1 team up with The Shoes a few weeks ago but his main collaborator of late has been Riton. They dropped “Who’s There” this summer (as TBE TV followers will know) and “Radiates” just recently came on the scene. I don’t know too much about the men behind these bangers but I do know that these are two beats I would like to hear dropped tonight. I just dig the way Riton does his thang, all those unique sounds and everything a bit elastic and bouncy. And who doesn’t want to belt out “AhhhOOOOOO’s there?” every time it comes up!?

♫ Riton & Primary 1 – Who’s There?

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BULLET & SNOWFOX call for an end to BAD DAYS

do do do do do, set it on fire

♫ Bullet & Snowfox – Bad Days

Because what better occasion is there to indulge in some sugar saturated electro pop than New Years Eve. Especially when it’s a song about being done with bad days and moving on. A perfect soundtrack for getting plastered and making fake New Years resolutions! Bullet & Snowfox are from L.A. and are new on the electro blah blah blah…. you don’t have time to reading this! It’s New Years Eve! Just slap it on your playlist and if tomorrow you even remember dancing to it then you can hit up their MySpace. Or just drunk-comment me at some point in the night. I’m down with that.

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GAMBLE & BURKE want you to be ISOLATED WITH your lover and doing YOU know what

outstanding, understand me, it’s exactly where i really want to be

♫ Gamble & Burke -Isolated (With You)

I get a crap load of dudes trying to weasel their electro-turds onto TBE with a polite email and a claim to be “a big fan of your blog!” Well, Kaz Gamble came double-correct when he introduced his Boston based Gamble & Burke to me a few weeks ago. His two sentence email was short and to the point but most memorably it opened with a greeting in Polish (TBE is based in Poland). The dude did his research and added that little but of extra care. Oh, and he also attached the fantastic “Isolated” which certainly helped. If you are wondering why Gamble & Burke have slapped their names over a photo of Eddie Murphy and Rick James then you are not listening to the song, and you definitely aren’t watching the video. Do both. And then play this for your special someone.

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