Yes, Giantess’ new track is Tough. N’ other Stuff too…

Yes, Giantess

she got a tongue like a crackin’ whip

♫ Yes Giantess – Tuff n’ Stuff

Yes Giantess’ profile describes them as being the “tequila-fueled love-child of Iglu & Hartly and Hockey, with a raging doubt that Passion Pit might actually be the father [of].” Since all three of those bands are TBE faves (click links!) I would be remiss to no pass along this track. Actually, those reasons have nothing to do with why I am sharing this. I share because it is a good song, regardless of any illegitimate paternity issues. I also share because it is an interesting song. Tuff N’ Stuff starts out clear enough, a love song with a rapping-over-synth combo (that reminds me of Chiddy Bang’s “Truth” for some reason). And then something happens. It’s balls just drop off. The drums cut out and singer Jan Rosenfeld goes all mushy on us with words like “smiling,” beautiful,” “feelings” and the real kicker, “love.” Whoa. But then BAM, the dance party is back on and he is comparing her to a pirate ship! It’s just back and forth, up and down, hot and cold, tough and stu.. Oh. I get it. Awesome.

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Naïve New Beaters need to Get more Love


let’s see what you’ve got apart from what you say

♫ Naïve New Beaters – Get Love

Lately, this thing keeps happening to me where I am sure that a new song I dig is the only good one by the band. Then I go to write about it and discover they have a solid catalog of jams. Damn. There are definitely worse ways to be wrong! Well, it was Dinosaur Pile-Up the other day and now it’s France’s Naïve New Beaters. The Recommender turned me on a few weeks back and “Get Love” has been simmering in my stereo since then. A love anthem for the love-challenged sung in an awesome French accent, It’s big, loud, and full of goofy fun. Straight up my alley. If you like what you hear then definitely head over to RCRD•LBL for 2 more tracks off of their debut LP Wallace (out now). “Can’t Choose” may be the catchiest song I’ve heard all week and “Live Good” has the best video I have seen in a while.

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The Very Best bring us Yalira from The Warm Heart Of Africa


well we all need someone to tell us when to go

♫ The Very Best – Warm Heart Of Africa (Ft. Ezra Koenig)

Since The Very Best have been well blogged about (including their mention here at TBE) I’ll skip the back story and get into the music. The first public taste of their upcoming album, it’s title track “The Warm Heart Of Africa,” has been out and about for a while now but I never fell in love with it so it ever ended up on TBE. Then leaked the other much hyped tracks, “Julia” and “Rain Dance ft. MIA.” Much like anything with MIA I felt they were over-hyped and passed on sharing them. Finally I have got a track off the album I can get behind! The Very Best recently released the “Warm Heart Of Africa” single and included the B-side “Yalira” (and Warm Heart Of Africa album opener) as a free download. I can’t think of a more perfect album opener. The thing is perfectly crafted to get me excited about the album I am about to hear! Hairs raise on my neck and a smile is still on my face every time I hear it. And to be honest, “The Warm Heart Of Africa” has grown on me. I am just not so sure Ezra is much of an expert on the subject. Anyway, if is your first time hearing the amazing Esau Mwamwaya sing then you are in for a treat. The guy sings in a variety of African dialects (a product of having a civil servant father) and kills it with each one, even though you have no idea what he is singing about. I wont say much about the whole album here, it’s still a few weeks away from dropping in September, but I do hope this gets you hyped for it. It’s pretty, prettttty, prettttttty great.

The Very Best – Yalira

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Dinosaur Pile Up warn of an impending Cat Attack. With balls.

Dino PileUp

i try my best to bust a kick but hurt my back

♫ Dinosaur Pile-Up – Cat Attack

Dinosaur Pile-Up sound like the 90s. Or at least they sound like my 90s. Listening to these guys makes me feel like I’m sitting in my old bedroom doing math homework as crunchy guitar sounds escape from my old-school radio. The guitars shred. The drums pound. The vocals are rough and urgent. It’s music you want to see live so you can jump up and down and rub your sweat on your neighbor. Their new EP is out now and I am feeling these jams. “Summer Hit Single” in particular is another epic standout. The Most Powerful EP In The Universe is quite a claim for an EP title but I like the balls. Rock music has been missing balls lately and it’s good to see them. Good to hear them, too. Balls suit rock. My world is right.

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«Flashback« CAKE – The Distance

Fashion Nugget

bowel-shaking earthquakes of doubt and remorse

♫ Cake – The Distance / 1996

One of the best lyrics ever. Hands down. And in one of the best songs of the 90s. Or ever, as far as I am concerned. “The Distance” is one of those songs that will never get old. I don’t listen to it enough these days, but I should. I should really listen to more CAKE in general. Fashion Nugget is such a fantastic and solid album, a definite recommendation for those who never dug deeper that “The Distance.” CAKE kept it up too, releasing 3 more albums since, and still touring today. Shit! In fact, they will be in Los Angeles on Wednesday. I gotta investigate…

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Cassettes Won’t Listen about my sonic adventure Into The Hillside on a Paper Float


crack a smile and let each other know

♫ Cassettes Won’t Listen – Into The Hillside

“Into The Hillside” clocks in at under 3 minutes, which may seem strange for such an adventurous song that goes so many places as it churns along but I think there is something brilliant in the brevity, leaving me wanting more, another taste, another trip. I have had this one one repeat all week and I have big plans for it tonight. Talk about kicking a skateboard trip into overdrive! Cassettes Won’t Listen is the musical moniker of Jason Drake, formerly based out of Brooklyn but recently relocated to Los Angeles, the city that inspired the instrumental Into The Hillside LP. His previous work has played with trip-hop, hip-hop, indie electronic, and remixes for various other artists. 2008’s Small-Time Machine EP contains the more haunting and brooding Paper Float which I was digging about this time last year. The sound is a million miles away from “Into The Hillside” but it’s that kind of sonic evolution that I appreciate in an artist.

♫ Cassettes Won’t Listen – Paper Float

I haven’t had a chance to pick up the rest of Into The Hillside or Small-Time Machine, but now that I have two fantastic jams from Cassettes Won’t Listen I will definitely be investigating further. Any Cassettes fans want to chime in?

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Woolfy is taking us on a sensual Odyssey


don’t you ever say stop, if it takes us all night…

♫ Woolfy – Odyssey

Listening to this song has been proven to put swagger in your step and hair on your chest, or for the ladies, put a hairy chest on your… chest. Oh whatever, you get it. This is Saturday night sex music. Act/listen accordingly. Woolfy has been on the music scene since before I knew what “libido” meant and he definitely knows how to heat up a track. The guy is also on DFA records (run by LCD Soundsystem’s James Murphy and home to Hot Chip & Hercules and Love Affair, etc.) so you know he has been pre-approved for your (her?) pleasure.

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Memory Tapes ride a magic Bicycle


let’s take off, no one would know that we’ve gone

♫ Memory Tapes – Bicycle

Tracks by Weird Tapes and Memory Cassette have both been bouncing around my iTunes for a bit now, but neither ever grabbed me by the collar and slapped me with their sound. So then it’s no surprise that neither did the new tune by Memory Tapes (the appropriately named melding of Weird Tapes and Memory Cassette). “Bicycle” hit the blogosphere running (rolling?) about 2 months ago and and I was non-plussed. The surprise comes when after periodically returning to it for whatever reason, it began making sense. What was once a too-long mess of sounds and beats became clearly defined moments in a very textured song. The various layers separated and the song became an adventure. To truly appreciate “Bicycle I think you really need to give it your undivided attention. Put on headphones, turn it up, and let it all sink in. A lot happens in the 5 and half minutes and it’s no good if you missed it because you were reading an email or taking a piss. You will be wanting to pay special attention around 1:20 when the thing blows up big before sending you off into floaty space heaven a few seconds later. Ok, you get it. Just listen! And if you really have to do something while you listen then learn this: Dayve Hawk is a stay-at-home dad who lives in New Jersey and has been releasing various tunes under two monikers, Weird Tapes and Memory Cassette. I prefer Weird Tapes and here are my two favorites, perfect unobtrusive instrumental jams for a little aural spice around house.

♫ Weird Tapes – Home

♫ Weird Tapes – Nightstalking

Dayve recently decided to combine the two projects into Memory Tapes (see how he did that?) for a proper full length. Read more about Dayve and his analog-ocity in his enlightening interview with Pitchfork. Or just know that that the debut LP, Seek Magic, comes out in limited release next week and the full release in September. Anyway, I’m just glad I gave this song a couple more chances to grow on me because it has sloooowly turned into a real favorite. More great things in one track then are in most of the albums I trudge through these days.

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