Remix Roundup /// Vol. 6

Less talk, more rock. You know what to do.

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Handsome Furs are Talking (rocking?) Hotel Arbat Blues


do anything you want but just not here

Handsome Furs – Talking Hotel Arbat Blues

I had always heard of Handsome Furs but never really listened to their music until I saw they were coming to Warsaw a few months back. Their latest LP Face Control hooked me pretty quick and their live show solidified their awesomeness. I never posted anything at the time because it seemed like they were old news to everyone but me. Well just the other day “Talking Hotel Arbat Blues” came on while I was driving and I got so hyped I almost foot-stomped right through the bottom of my casr.

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The Antlers have got a Bear of a song


all the while i’ll know we’re fucked and not getting unfucked soon

The Antlers – Bear

I’ve stumbled across a number of tracks off of The Antlers recent Hospice LP and was left generally underwhelmed. Then “Bear” came along and grabbed my ear. I’m not sure whether it was the song’s quiet-loud beauty or the above awesome lyric that caught me first, but either way they have both grown on me lately and it’s time they grow on you. That is, unless you are already on board with The Antlers. In that case just give me some time. I have a feeling I’m right behind you.

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Floating Action can’t take more than 50 Lashes but I certaily can


traded food for my destiny, then sold the food for my soul

Floating Action – 50 Lashes

If the above album art was for a 60s surf movie then Floating Action would be the perfect soundtrack. As mellowed out vocals and jangly guitars shuffle through “50 Lashes,” I imagine myself sitting around a beach bonfire roasting wieners as my sun soaked skin cools in the night air. Ahhh, summer. Floating Action’s debut self-titled album is out now. [Via Silence Killer]

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Hjaltalín will be rocking me Good By(e) July


we’ll try to hold on tight, if only for the night

Hjaltalín – Goodbye July / Margt Ad Ugga

Iceland’s Hjaltalín don’t have not have the easiest name to pronounce so it’s a good thing their tunes go down smooth. The sprawling “Goodbye July / Margt Ad Ugga” showcases the bands rollicking side as well as their softer and lighter side. They are one of the many fantastic bands playing July’s Open’er Festival in Gdynia, playing a Friday set between The Kooks and Moby. I’m gonna be all up in that fo sho.

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« Pre-Milennial Flashback « Geggy Tah – Whoever You Are


so i drive around all day, coming atmospheric haze

Geggy Tah – Whoever You Are / 1996

As I re-acquaint myself with the streets of Los Angeles I can’t help but be reminded of Geggy Tah’s 1996 driving classic, “Whoever You Are,” an ode to the generous driver. They are few and far between but deserve every ounce of appreciation. So does that dog. He/she is the Geggy Tah mascot and it doesn’t get much better than that mug and those ears. Another interesting note, Geggy Tah is not a complete nonsense name. Bandmembers Greg and Tommy both had younger sisters who couldn’t fully pronounch their names. “Geggy” and “Tah” were their respective attempts. Awesome.

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Lee Fields loves himself some beautiful Ladies


what a man want only you could ever bring

Lee Fields & The Expressions – Ladies

Oh man, this is what I’m talking about. It’s Saturday in the summer and time to get out there and holler at some ladies. Let Lee Fields show you how it’s done in his epic ode to women. How is this guy not huge? His fantastic voice and swagger layered over this fresh production is perfect. His latest LP My World is out now but you can get another track over at Brooklyn Vegan.

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BBU feel like Chi Don’t Dance. Why, Chi, why?


holler at yer boy if you want that beat

BBU – Chi Don’t Dance

Just cause they apparently don’t dance no more in Chi(cago) that doesn’t mean us otherly-located peeps can’t bust a Gumby leg and get down on this Friday night. Especially if BBU is soundtracking it. Although, honestly, this is great driving music. Roll the windows down, suck in that fresh June air, and try not to get too down about the state of dance in The Windy City.

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