Cosmo Jarvis sings Mel’s Song for all of us


before we started we were already over, because i can’t talk to girls when i’m sober

Cosmo Jarvis – Mel’s Song

The maturity of Cosmo Jarvis’ lyrics are on par with the above artwork but don’t hold that against him. Just because most guys don’t sing about their balls or body odor doesn’t make Mel’s Song any less sharp, witty, catchy, or generally rocking. This is one where you are going to want to listen to the lyrics because it is a hilarious and “potentially touching” (ha!) story about meeting a beautiful woman on a park bench: something every guy can probably relate to… and for better or worse, probably every girl too.

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Nickodemus has love for all the Sun Children


when you forward move you can reach the moon

Nickodemus – Sun Children ft. The Real Live Show

As I sit in my old bedroom looking out at the California sky I can’t help but feel like it’s the perfect time to drop a little “Sun Children” on you. Nickodemus is actually based out of Brooklyn (where I was this morning) but this song, with the awesome The Real Live Show on vocals, has already become my soundtrack for getting hyped about L.A. A staple of the NYC party scene for 15+ years Nickodemus released his debut LP in 2005 and June 16th sees the release of his follow up, Sun People. Packed with collaborations and fresh world beats the album isn’t all as banging as “Sun Children” but if you dig world music and/or fun then you will probably dig it. Or just stream the whole thing at his website. Can’t shake a stick at that. But you could shake something else…

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« Pre-Milennial Flashback « The Presidents Of The United States Of America – Lump


lump slipped on a kiss and tumbled into love

The Presidents Of The United States Of America – Lump / 1995

The Presidents Of The United States Of America exploded onto the scene in 1995 with “Lump,” the endlessly catchy thump-fest that grabbed me by the face and dragged me to my local record store. Anyone else smart enough to pick up their self-titled debut was treated to one of the most solid rock albums of the 90s. “Lump” was followed by “Kitty,” “Peaches,” and “Dune Buggy,” for all I’m concerned, the whole album could have been singles. Surprisingly, POTUSA are still around and recently released their 5th album. I haven’t heard anything since 1996’s disappointing II and I don’t think I will. Unless someone tells me to… Anyway, if you don’t already have it then you should pick their debut from Amazon. It’s going used for a penny. How’s that treatin’ you? Still got an excuse? Yeah, thought so.

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Valery Gore and her Shoes Of Glass


it’s a thirst so dire, water for the heart, to put out the fire

Valery Gore – Shoes Of Glass

In continuing with the tradition of great music coming out of Ontario we have Valery Gore. Her sophomore album, Avalanche To Wandering Bear, came out last year but it’s single “Shoes Of Glass” just found me recently. As more and more underwhelming new Regina Spektor tracks leak, it’s refreshing to hear some really fantastic female piano-based folk-pop. I’m gonna go ahead and attribute it to Valery’s bear-skin helmet. Usually works for me.

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Remix Roundup /// Vol. 5

It’s raining in Brooklyn. And when it rains, it pooouuurs… remixes! Ahhhhh! A dozen of the hottest, freshest, gooeyest (sp?), finger-lickinest good remixes to hit my inbox in the past week.

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Plastic Little get all up in La La Land


and if it’s hot, i’m gon wet it down

Plastic Little – La La Land

Did somebody say it was Friday? Yeah, I thought so. Plastic Little are a Philadelphia 5-piece who rip it up on this Herve produced track. According to their MySpace they have been making music for nearly a decade but this is the first I have heard. Don’t think too hard on what “dig out the onion” means, just hit the dancefloor and shake that “Ooh la la la.” I’m definitely feeling the down and dirty bassline and ridiculous lyrics. Perfect for forgetting about your work week and easing into the weekend. While you wait until September 29th for their album Welcome To The Jang House to drop I suggest you head over to their MySpace for some more jams and some crazy awesome music videos (Especially “Rap O’Clock” and “Dopeness“)

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[JustBurnIt!] TBE Presents: I’m A Bulldog – A mix for NYC

60 Seconds in Times Square - 8/21/2006

A native New Yorker said to me yesterday, upon returning from a long absence from his city, “Damn, this city is unstoppable. It never dies.” True. True. While I did not grow up in NYC, I began spending chunks of time here at 3 and always had an affinity for this New York. Although I always said I could never live in such an intense place I ended up living here for two very formative post-college years. On the occasion of my visit to such a seminal city I don’t have pithy words, but I do have a mix tape. A mix tape for NYC. A love letter, a complaint letter, a letter from one man to his former home. Well ok, so maybe it’s not really a letter at all. It’s just a damn mix-tape, a collection of my favorite songs about NYC. Burn it for your subway commute or for your next visit to The Big Apple. Or just download it because you like good music. What are your favorite songs about NYC?

Download “I’m A Bulldog – A Mix For NYC”

The title is taken from Kyle Andrews’ “Naked In NYC” and reflects the quoted sentiments of the New Yorker above.

Tracklist after the jump…

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Cancel The Astronauts are The President Of Your Fanclub. As Am I.


i wanted you, i hoped that you wanted me too

Cancel The Astronauts – I Am The President Of Your Fanclub (And Last Night I Followed You Home)

This jam landed in my inbox a few weeks ago and it’s been charming me ever since. Cancel The Astronauts are a band from Edinburgh, Scotland who play rollicking jangly rock with a hint of Talking Heads. While “Fanclub” is not as overtly sinister as the Talking Heads “Psycho Killer,” it is still a song about stalking and premeditated murder. Or is it a song about love. Or is there really a difference? I’ll tell what there is, an great 5 song EP that is out now and available through eMusic.

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