MAGIC WANDS can either make good magic or BLACK MAGIC… or killer jams!

Magic Wands Black Magic

it is the person’s eyes that have the answers

♫ Magic Wands – Black Magic

Magic Wands are lovers making music and we know that lovers can make some damn good music. They are from Los Angeles, via Nashville (or something), and their Magic, Love & Dreams EP is out now. “Black Magic” is the EP’s standout jam and is itself like a successful relationship. Imagine Scuzzy Guitaro met Dancey Popp and these are the sounds made on their 12th date. Props to Travis at Buddyhead for reminding me about these guys. Head his way for their recent Daytrotter session and more on Magic Wands.

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WILLIAM FITZSIMMONS knows that I DON’T FEEL like crying but IT is just not an option ANYMORE


i want back the years that you took when i was young

♫ William Fitzsimmons – I Don’t Feel It Anymore (Song of the Sparrow) I don’t know much about William Fitzsimmons but I do know that he is marvelous. He has a marvelous voice, a marvelous beard, and a marvelous back story. How does someone looking so gruff sound like silk tissues filling with beautiful emotions? Try being raised by two blind parents in a house where musical instruments replaced visual stimuli. Yup, and in rural Pennsylvania, too. I don’t think any of us can even imagine the kind of alternate childhood that would be like, in so many ways. I can, however, imagine waking up to William singing “Good Morning” (below) to me at the foot of my bed. His beard bobbing softly against his chest as the smell of waffles fill my nose and magic fills my heart. 2008’s The Sparrow And The Crow is William’s third album and I have a feeling I need to track them all down. Seems perfect for the long winter of studying and self reflection ahead…

♫ William Fitzsimmons – Good Morning (Live at Downtown Studios)

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JINDER was little in her YOUTH, but now sports lust for (and lips of) BLOOD

jinder youth blood

i can’t stop to do what i really should not when it feels so good

♫ Jinder – Youth Blood

Jinder used to go by ‘Little Jinder’ but has dropped the diminutive for her new single “Youth Blood.” It’s kinda weird ’cause there is a dude in the UK who goes by Jinder but I guess a name is like youth; use it or lose it dude. So yeah, the song is by “a chick with synths” in a year of “chicks with synths” and it’s about a vampire in a year of vampires but I wouldn’t write Jinder off just yet. First, she is from Sweden, which is basically a freezing-cold awesome factory. Second, she already has a solid EP under her belt. Last year’s Polyhedron EP introduced her great twinkle-in-the-shadows style (as well as her “Little” prefix) with it’s songs about the problems of love, the appeal of sex, and well, more problems with love. “I Like It Casual” confirms her quality as a songstress, but “We” and “The Love Song” are equally solid. However you want to cut it I have a feeling that Jinder is not just the next flash in the synth-babe pan.

♫ Little Jinder – I Like It Casual

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PENGUIN PRISON is A pretty FUNNY THING to name your music

penguin prison

now i’m in love, the problem’s solved

♫ Penguin Prison – A Funny Thing

You may remember Penguin Prison from his simmering remix of “I Am Not A Robot” from a while back.  The New York based dude is finally on the scene with a quality jam of his own. He dropped “Animal Animal” a bit ago but despite a Mike Tyson reference the song is pretty spineless. (And naming it twice doesn’t make it half as good as the one named once.) I was kinda disappointed in Penguin Prison until I heard “A Funny Thing.” He really brings it on this one, bouncing you along his lamentations of love and loneliness with a bit of back-alley-hobo flair. Let’s hope he gets his business straight and keeps the quality jams coming. Some album art would be good too.

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THE COOL KIDS X HEY CHAMP = something we WE ARE digging. CHAMPIONS of remixing can do that to us.


both heels clickin’ like they runnin’ in the same race

♫ The Cool Kids x Hey Champ – (We Are) Champions

The Cool Kids make hip-hop, and they exist in the world. I’m fine with that. I’m just not that into their stuff. Bring Hey Champ into the mix and now you have my attention. Apparently “Champions” is a track by The Cool Kids that I have never heard before and I’m guessing Hey Champ found it while Googling themselves and decided to make it awesome. It worked. They are champions. Woo. This jam won’t blow you out of your seat but it will make you sink into it a littler cooler and a little sexier. As long as you resist that urge to pop your collar.

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SILVER COLUMNS may have raised my BROW, but they haven’t yet BEATEN the hype.

silver columnsyou could be singing, singing, singing

♫ Silver Columns – Brow Beaten

Look, nobody knows who Silver Columns are but that’s completely irrelevant when we know what their music sounds like! And even less relevant when their music sounds like this. I don’t care if my asshole I makes noises this awesome, I will still dance to them. So let’s move beyond, people, and focus on what we do know. “Brow Beaten” is propulsive, beautiful, and epic. (Easily the best song by a band with “silver” in their name since yesterday.) Silver Columns haven’t released any other jams to the world (or their 34 day old MySpace) yet, but I have a feeling that excellence is the name of their game and we are about to get played. Hard. And rhythmically.

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GOLDEN SILVERS messed up my game by titling this jam TRUE NO.9 BLUES.


make time to get lucky and find favour with the freaks

♫ Golden Silvers – True No. 9 Blues (True Romance)

Golden Silvers released True Romance earlier this year but it’s infectious finger-snappers are just now making it to me. Better late than never! “True No. 9 Blues” is instantly lovable and ups the game of the life-lesson jam. (The lyrics are recommended reading.)  Another album highlight is “Arrows Of Eros,” which the band recently re-recorded with Chicago’s Hypnotic Brass Ensemble, making it even better. True Romance was spinning consistently this weekend and although the album is not perfect, it definitely has it’s share of great tunes. “Magic Touch” are “Please Venus” also favorites but some of the mid-album tracks get a bit too somber. I think these guys could really kill it if the keep the energy high and harmonies big.

♫ Golden Silvers – Arrows Of Eros (with Hypnotic Brass Ensemble)

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«Flashback« Wyclef Jean – Gone Till November


i had to flip nuttin’ and turn it into somethin’

♫ Wyclef Jean – Gone Till November / 1997

Yeah, I know it’s a cheap move to feature this on in November but just deal with it. It’s pertinent. Wyclef’s solo debut, The Carnival, was my jam back in the day. I haven’t heard it in years and perusing the tracklist I can barely remember it. I stayed with ‘Clef through his follow-up, The Ecleftic, but lost him after that. Apparently he has a new album that dropped last week. Anyone heard it? Quality?

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