Wave Machines just want to Keep The Lights On


say your name, tell yourself that everything is ok

Wave Machines – Keep The Lights On

Wave Machines first caught my ear a year ago with their track “I Go I Go I Go,” (below) a great summer fun jam that received a lot of sing-a-longs. Fast forward to now and they have a super fresh video up in TBE TV and the fantastic “Keep The Lights On” bouncing around my May playlist. Three great tracks all showcasing a different side of a band who clearly means business. Their fantastically titled debut LP Wave If You’re Really There drops June 15th and is available for pre-ordering now.

Wave Machines – I Go I Go I Go

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TBE Exclusive! DJ be and the Slow Burn Summer mix

Big moves are being made over at TBE HQ and one of them is this, The Slow Burn Summer mix, our first DJ mix by local favorite “DJ be” who was kind enough to blend up a fresh-to-death 60 minutes of straight fire. Put in on your iPod, cell phone, CDR, or whatever and then slip on your shimmy-shoes.

The mix is a single file because this thing is too fresh to be skipping tracks. I have, however, embedded a timecoded track-list in the lyrics section of the ID3 tag so you can at least know where you are at (or jump to your favorite part, if necessary). Let me know what you think of this method.

Download DJ be’s Slow Burn Summer Mix

Track list after the jump…

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Milke says to Love: “Get Out Of My Way!”


clinging to your fever, wash me down

Milke – Love Get Out Of My Way

With cover art like that and opening lyrics of just “ooh ooh ooooh” is there anything else to say? Well OK, Milke is a UK partnership between the electro/club trained Andrew Friendly and the classical/voice trained Ra. They describe their collaboration as “two worlds colliding,” I describe it as “awesome,” and you may describe it as “sweet ass” or even “nifty.” However you call it, I’m into it and looking forward to more from these two (the band, not the two in the photo, they are starting to weird me out a bit). Grab a million remixes over at eMusic and listen to some other great tracks at MySpace.

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« Pre-Milennial Flashback « Homie – American Girls


you got the look in your eye, you smack my butt

Homie – American Girls / 1998

As I gear up to head state-side I am reminded of this classic track by Rivers Cuomo’s one-off side project Homie for the Meet The Deedles soundtrack. I never saw the movie but this song sure got a lot of play back in the day and it makes perfect packing music today. There not much else to say so just kick back, enjoy, and begin the debate over the lyrics’ merits. Hit up Wikipedia if you really want the nitty gritty on the “band.”

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Green Go will eat your Brains For Breakfast


wake up your body, wake up your head

Green Go – Brains For Breakfast

Green Go hail from Ontario, Canada and play jump-up-and-down rock music like only people cooped up indoors all winter can. If Summer is taking it’s sweet ass time to arrive where you are then put on your pajamas, crank up “Brains For Breakfast,” and jump on your bed (or parents, if available). Just remember, it’s all fun and games until somebody accidentally unplugs the stereo.

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The Dance Party rock so hard that Sasha Don’t Sleep


when you’re hungry and pretty the city ‘aint enough

The Dance Party – Sasha Don’t Sleep

The Dance Party hail from Washington D.C. and, as their name implies, rock hard enough to loosen even the tightest political sphincters. They play refreshing straight-up rock with none of the electro/synth/keytar/remix business that drenches today’s sound scape. “Sasha Don’t Sleep” is the kind of music that instantly gets you jumping around the room and singing along to lyrics you don’t yet know. With one EP in the bag and their Tigers EP on it’s way I have nothing but high hopes for more rock-n-roll freight-train from these guys. And who is this Sasha chick? I want to party with her.

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Remix Roundup ∞ Vol. 3 / Now with covers!

stand up and get your extraball

Oh boy, it’s straight raining magic over at TBE headquarters. I’ve thrown in a couple sweet covers to balance out the remix madness. Good luck…

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Just Jack is my new Doctor, Doctor


paranoid, delusional, lovesick, lonely, lust, nasty, jealous, insecure, at least that’s how i’m coming across

Just Jack – Doctor Doctor

I first discovered Just Jack when I stumbled across his new video for “Doctor Doctor” and was immediately smitten by both the song and his gap-toothed charisma. Setting fourth to uncover more gems by this 34 year old Brit I bought his 2006 album Overtones and was slapped in the face by the brilliance of “Starz In Their Eyes” (not to mention the rest of the album). Damn Jack, why you so fresh? And can you hurry the F up on your new album, All Night Cinema, cause, like, I don’t have “all night” here. Whether I knew it or not, I have been waiting too long.

Just Jack – Starz In Their Eyes

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