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it seemed like yesterday when the world was looking dark

Unwritten Law – Cailin / 1998

“Cailin” has always been one of my favorite love songs. No matter that is coincided with my first personal love or that the song was written for the singer’s daughter, its simple sentiments are beautiful and universal. Guilt, hate, fear, loneliness, confidence; these emotions find their way into every true human relationship. Loving is never easy but having great music and honest lyrics makes it all more palatable. And when you are sick of the sentiment, the 11 other tracks on this album are perfect for rocking out.

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Dinosaur Bones make it through NYE


if i told you the sky was falling would you try to start a fight?

Dinosaur Bones – NYE

Its Saturday. I don’t feel like writing and you don’t feel like reading. Enjoy Dinosaur Bones, just like you did when you were a kid.

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[Just Burn It!] Moms are the Best! mix-tape


This Sunday is Mother’s Day in many parts of the world. If you are in those parts, or you just love your mother, then this is the mix for you (and your mother!). Just download it, burn it, and give it to your mother. Don’t listen to it or even read the track names. That way it will be more fun for everyone!

Track-list after the jump. (no peeking!)

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NewVillager stomp on Rich Doors


you got the right sound, rich enough to take ’em down

NewVillager – Rich Doors

TBE recipe for summer success: Handclaps and stomping bass. Throw them both in at a songs intro and you’ve got pure gold. “Rich Doors” only gets better from there as the song stomps along, plundering your room’s acoustics and making you wish you could sing in that high pitched voice and still be cool. (He can. You can’t.)

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Givers bounce on a Ceiling of Plankton


you make me feel, you make me blush

Givers – Ceiling of plankton

After yesterday’s rainy gloom we finally got the sun today in Warsaw. What better soundtrack to a sunny day than Givers’ bouncy, “whoo!” infused “Ceiling of Plankton.” Givers are a very young-looking Louisiana five-piece who only have a couple songs on their MySpace but will hopefully continue to rock jams like these. [via Silence-Killer]

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The Sounds thrash the Dorchester Hotel


a promise of love brings back the old gun

The Sounds – Dorchester Hotel

I guess I always underrated The Sounds because as I now listen to their 2006 album, Dying To Say This To You, I am fully rocking out. It’s like I just latched onto “Tony The Beat” (below) and gave up on the rest of the disc. What a dummy. Well, don’t pull a me and do the same because these Swedes are back with a new album and judging by the epic “Dorchester Hotel” it will be a powerhouse. Crossing the Rubicon comes out June 2nd but in the meantime peep their MySpace for a few other new tracks.

The Sounds – Tony the Beat

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Man Like Me represent London Town


now turn to the crowd and sing your song

Man Like Me – London Town

I haven’t been to London since I was a tiny bloke and years of hearing about the weather and expense of living hasn’t made me eager to return. Until now. With “London Town” Man Like Me sing about the city like it was Miami or Cancun. I imagine sun soaked bodies and booze soaked beach parties. Break out the ghettoblaster and a grip of D batteries cause its time to cruise the streets with this jam turned to 11. eMusic has a few other singles and a bunch of remixes and their MySpace has some treats if you poke around. No word on an LP yet but hopefully we’ll get it before the days start getting shorter. [via Silence-Killer]

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Lisa Mitchell and her Coin Laundry


see now i’m here sitting on the edge throwing these stones to their long lost friends

Lisa Mitchell – Coin Laundry

Oh Lisa Mitchell, what the heck are you doing with your life? As an Australian Idol finalist at the wee age of 16 you were supposed to fade into obscurity and enjoy the rest of your teens only mildly scarred by your 3.2 minutes of fame. Instead, you craft a hauntingly beautiful EP and release it before your seventeenth birthday. Your next year, 2008, sees you release another EP which contained one of my favorite songs of that summer (below). Now, barely 19, you have your debut LP Attic Space coming out this summer and the stellar single “Coin Laundry” on repeat on my iTunes. What are you doing girl? Seriously, you’re making us all look bad.

Lisa Mitchell – Neopolitan Dreams

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