YO MAJESTY are a bunch of FREAKS who have just COME OUT with a perfect halloween party track


before we do, can i slap that ass?

♫ Yo Majesty – Freaks Come Out

Yo Majesty kind of scare me but I guess since it’s Halloween that is the point, huh? The Tampa, Florida, based duo are known for being lesbian, Christian, and performing topless so it’s easy to imagine them as some sort of gimmick group. Lucky for us they just released this jam for Halloween and I say it redeems the weirdness. And that album art is pretty fresh too. If you will be anywhere near a Halloween party tonight you should put this one on. Throw on the super weird/scary video for full effect. Play safe kids. There are gonna be some freaks out tonight.

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BIG BOI is about to SHINE. Cock-BLOCKAS can step off.


i’m on my grind shawdy, don’t block my shine shawdy

♫ Big Boi – Shine Blockas [ft. Gucci Mane]

Oh man, I was just beginning to lose hope in getting a fresh hip hop anthem to get amped to. No surprise that it dipped in from Big Boi who comes correct with this mid-tempo anthem for cruising in convertibles everywhere. Everyone knows that my white ass isn’t up on his rap game so no surprise I don’t know shit about Gucci Mane except how to say his name. But whatever, this jam is is a taste of Big Boi’s long awaited solo LP, Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty. The thing has been in the works for years so it’s good to hear this freshness. I am officially stoked.

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THE FEATURES have me heading to THE bar and DRAWING a pint ’cause it’s time to stomp the BOARDs!


every time i think we’ve reached the end we just meet back here and do it again

♫ The Features – The Drawing Board

OK, let’s get something clear. Just because The Features are from Sparta, Tennessee, doesn’t mean that it’s OK I haven’t heard of them until now… 12 years after their first EP! Come on guys, throw a dude a bone. It could have gone like this:

Yo B! Lovin the blog! The remixes are sooo fresh! BTW, I am from Sparta, TN, and we got a band in these parts that has been rockin my socks since they had Spidey on ’em. The Features’ new track “The Drawing Board” is a duo of horns and guitars that is made for foot stomping and beer drinking. We have been partying too it all week! Check it out!

See how easy that would have been? You didn’t even have to mention that the album “The Drawing Board” is on is called Some Kind Of Salvation and that it has fresh album art and is out now. I can mine those knowledge-nuggets myself!

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DEAD MAN’S BONES is music for when MY BODY’S tired, feeling like A ZOMBIE, or FOR YOU to enjoy at Halloween!


i can’t fit in this skin
it’s worn and used and thin

♫ Dead Man’s Bones – My Body’s a Zombie for You

In April I saw this video. It was a new band performing their only song in a cemetery. It was fantastic. Considering that the only mp3 available was a rip off the video (below) I figured I would a wait a bit so I could share a proper recording with you all. Well now their debut LP has finally come out and the damn song isn’t even on it! I don’t think Dead Man’s Bones ever recorded a studio version. I would be pissed, except that what they did record is a fantastic album. The collaboration between Ryan Gosling (yes, the actor) and Zach Shields began as a”theatrical monster ghost love story for the stage” but quickly evolved into an album. Keeping those themes, they learned a bunch of instruments, brought in a children’s choir (brilliant), and recorded the perfect Halloween album. (Read the pretty interesting full story here). Considering it’s origins (monster-theater, Hollywood actor) the album is surprisingly not-corny, and considering it’s themes (ghosts, death, cemeteries) it’s surprisingly not-scary. The music is at times haunting (“Dead Hearts”), dancey (“In The Room Where You Sleep”), and catchy (“Pa Pa Power”), but always solid and has a surprisingly universal appeal for such a niche concept. I know you don’t have your shit together for Halloween so get this album and get to work! Just don’t let the rhythm take control of your pumpkin carving hand or you could end partying with real ghouls! AAHHAahaaa… Oh boy, that may have actually had some weight if the guy in their awesome promo video had said it.

♫ Dead Man’s Bones – Name In Stone (Live Version)

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TEGAN AND SARA have one HELL of a lead single here

TS Hell

when you get up and over it and over them

♫ Tegan and Sara – Hell

1998 was a big year for twins. Ahhnuld and DeVito taught us about the fraternal kind, and Tegan and Sara started their musical legacy in Calgary, Alberta (that’s in Canada). I’m gonna go with Tegan and Sara for the “Ongoing Relevance Award” on this one. Doubly so, since their new album, Sainthood, drops today and lead single, “Hell,” is better than anything Arnold has done this decade. This jam shows a bit of hardening for the Quin sisters. Their tradition of melodic indie-pop is stomped on with “Hell”s crunching guitars and bouncing lyrics that are perfect for the mosh pit. You might already know I’m a big Tegan & Sara fan, you may not know this is their sixth (!) album AND is being co-released with their photo-book triptych IN/ON/AT. The books document their last American tour (ON), recording in New Orleans (IN), and general band photos/journals/etc (AT). Watch The sisters introduce it here. Anyway, Tegan and Sara are such a band that I just don’t see “Hell” being a fluke-jam on Sainthood. The album is gonna rock for real. Anyway, Sainthood is out today so I won’t have to wait too long to find out, and I bet you wont have to wait too long to get another positive post on it. Don’t wait for it, though. Just get the album. And get So Jealous and The Con if you don’t have them. Your ears (and Canada) will thank you. (Canada most likely in person. They’re cool like that.)

BONUS: Just came out of a cave/coma and don’t know Tegan and Sara? Here is a recap.

♫ Tegan and Sara – Where Does The Good Go? (So Jealous)

♫ Tegan and Sara – Back In Your Head (The Con)

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STRICKEN CITY PULL my hips as I leave THE HOUSE and head DOWN the street


get yourself up, pull the house down that surrounds you

♫ Stricken City – Pull The House Down

Feel that bassline! Hell yeah. This song is sidewalk swagger for the indie set. Stricken City hail from London and “Pull The House Down” is from their debut LP, Songs About People I Know. The album is out now as a combo CD/DVD, packaged with experimental films the band shot on VHS/Super 8. The album art, however, is not an archival photo of Native Americans from an alternate universe but is, in fact, lead singer Rebekah Raa. Yes, that mobile hair party is owned by the band. If it shows up at their live gigs then they have got themselves a show.

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«Flashback« NOFX – Whatever Didi Wants

nofx_heavy_petting_zootell me what you need, i’ll try not to forget it

♫ NOFX – Whatever Didi Wants / 1996

This song will never cease to be epic. Although I discovered this jam on the same Punk-O-Rama 2 compilation that turned me on to Millencolin I just never got into NOFX at the time. Years later I got this album, and a few others, but NOFX just never lived up to my love for “Didi” (brilliant lyrics here). It is a pretty fantastic album cover and the alternately titled vinyl version is not to be ignored either. Yikes. In other news, NOFX’s frontman, Fat Mike, runs the label Fat Wreck Chords, who just promised that all their albums will sell for under $10, and most under $8. NOFX’s 2009 LP, Coaster, was the first under the very cool and smart new pricing policy (which you can read more about here).

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KINGS OF CONVENIENCE make music for a quiet BOAT ride. I can get BEHIND that.


through the air there’s a fluffy cloud falling down as rain

♫ Kings of Convenience – Boat Behind

Kings Of Convenience’s new album, Declaration Of Dependence, is the perfect album for chilly Sundays. It’s light, tender, and intimate; perfect for nursing your body back to reality after a Saturday’s worth of BAC-alteration. I first fell in love with Kings’ 2002 groovy remix album, Versus, which set me up for some disappointment when I discovered how sparse and mellow their music really is. Except for “I’d Rather Dance With You,” I never got into 2004’s Riot On An Empty Street, and sort of wrote Kings off as too downer for my tastes. In recent years I have fallen much harder for Erlend Øye’s dancey, full-band, side project, The Whitest Boy Alive, and that pleased me just fine. Then I heard the Declaration and got down with it. Sure, it was the bouncy “Boat Behind” (above) that sucked me in, but the rest of the super sparse (two voices, two guitars, and the occasional string instrument) album has found a home in my ears. Pitchfork has some more to say on the album’s themes and genesis, etc, but if you are like me you just want to sit back with some hot tea and soak in the music.

♫ Kings of Convenience – Peacetime Resistance

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