HOT CLUB DE PARIS have a FREE jam about THE time they saw a PTERODACTYL at the zoo and the 3 of them tried to free it

these blue eyes grow ageless, the sky feels contagious

♫ Hot Club de Paris – Free The Pterodactyl 3

Ok UK readers, time to educate your boy Brandon. Apparently Hot Club de Paris have been around for a minute now and have a bunch of singles and an LP to show for it. People love them but I’ve never heard of them! How do these things happen? “Free The Pterodactyl 3” is hands down the best song about trying to free a plastic dinosaur from a fun-fair that I have every heard. It’s like country music for us indie kids! I love that guitar twang and percussion clatter bouncing around under the harmony. It’s soothing. Their new EP The Rise And Inevitable Fall Of The High School Suicide Cluster Band is out tomorrow.

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THE JOY FORMIDABLE drop colorful rock gems on our AUSTERE lives

i’d rescue you now but i know that you’ll drown

♫ The Joy Formidable – Austere

So I already mentioned what a jam The Joy Formidable’s “Whirring” is and since then you’ve had a fantastic Brahms remix and some time to ruminate on it all. Well I’ve been staying busy by acquiring – and then rocking out to – the rest of the bands awesome EP, A Balloon Called Moaning. It was not easy business to pick which great track I wanted to share here. “Austere” is obviously a rocker with it’s shredding guitars and “ooh ohh oooh oh”s that together could probably deliver enough energy to power the amp needed to blast them. “Cradle” is also epic. “While The Flies” grinds like a middle school dance floor. I could go on, but you get the picture.

Previously: ♫ The Joy Formidable – Whirring

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RAC scores a film? HOLY hell yeah! He only deals in rockers and ROLLERS!

If you have been reading TBE for longer that 4 minutes than you know I love myself some RAC and now my man Andre has upped his game by scoring a film. A film score? Yeah, apparently not as snooze inducing as you might imagine. The movie is Holy Rollers and features up and comer Jesse Eisenberg (Adventureland, Zombieland, and other films that don’t have land in the title) as a naive young hasidic Jew who finds himself involved in all sorts of stuff that doesn’t fit within his faith. Andre’s job was to make all the music that represents that “outside culture.” I’m gonna refer to it as the “Sex, drugs, and rock n roll” elements and as you listen you’ll hear that he captured it pretty brilliantly. Anyway, RAC’s contributions to the film are now available to purchase and if you have never bought a soundtrack or score before than this is the moment to start. I have been playing these jams non-stop since I shelled out my dollars a few days ago. All of these tracks are more than strong enough to stand on their own. Just hit play on “Dark Side” below and prepare for a journey. This is bright lights big city, baby!

RAC x HOLY ROLLERS by Remix Artist Collective

The whole album only costs $7 but Andre has been nice enough to hook up TBE readers with a little promo of %20 off! Just enter the code “theburningear” at checkout and get the whole album for $5.60! Or get the remix EP of the gorgeously ethereal “If You Forget Me” single for $3.20! Paying for music has rarely been this worth it!

Buy the music HERE, and see the movie HERE.

RAC Website

THE PHOENIX FOUNDATION have a big furry BUFFALO of a jam for us

the moon is a lantern, i follow it’s pattern

♫ The Phoenix Foundation – Buffalo

The Phoenix Foundation have nothing to do with our favorite Frenchies and have even been around longer. They have been cranking out delicate indie tunes and scoring critically acclaimed films in their native New Zealand since 1997 but have yet to garner any real attention beyond the islands. It may be time to change that. “Buffalo” is the title track to their latest album and I can’t listen to it without imagining wide open prairies and and the wind at my back. The dancing guitar rides atop galloping the drums as we rock off into the sunset. It’s the best jam about being a buffalo ever written (probably). The rest of the album is more mellow but all very nice summer breeze music. I’m too intimidated by their back catalog to delve any deeper but perhaps an old-school fan can educate us?  [via]

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GERMANY GERMANY is my HOME base on this RADIOWAVE of dance madness

one day i need you to believe that i am still so far from free

♫ Germany Germany – Home

First of all, Germany Germany’s second EP Electrolove is fucking brilliant and I hope you all paid attention when I mentioned it earlier. Seriously, that guitar soloing in “Home” is unreal! That it’s layered over such gorgeous vocals and that perfect beat makes it impossible to believe that this Canadian based sound factory has only been around for 6 months. But speaking of unbelievable, here is Germany Germany’s latest track also featuring the always excellent Jessica Morgan. “Radiowave” is a massive banger that is fresh from the oven and hot as hell.

♫ Germany Germany – Radiowave

I have a feeling that if this guy’s jams keep improving at this pace they’ll end up saving mankind. Seriously though, hold on to your panties, people. This jam gave me chills the first time I heard it. It’s an out-of-the-gate sprinter but then somehow manages to keep intensifying until around the 1:14 mark when it blows up so big that I usually faint. Truthfully, I haven’t even heard the whole track (not truthful). I am gonna need you all to crank this as loud as you can and do your best at blowing out your windows in hail of glass and giddy smiles. I expect photos. So really, Germany Germany has two full EPs out for your listening pleasure and they cost a big fat stack of nothing so get over there and start downloading cause Saturday night isn’t going to party itself away!

“Radiowave” is also featured on the also-oven-fresh Poule d’or Compilation Vol. 3 that my man Henny just dropped. Get on that business!

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BOY 8-BIT has a jam that is RESTRICTED to those without at least 18 different dance moves

♫ Boy 8-Bit – Restricted 18 (Part 1)

Welcome to seven minutes of thumping, grinding, swirling, pulsing, and blissed out heaven. My man Boy 8-Bit dropped one of 2009’s best tracks and he’s just released a new jam that while not immediately as epic as “Baltic Pine,” it packs a whole lotta punch and delivers is all sorts of satisfying ways. Throw this on during your pre-Saturday night shower and you’ll instantly have your own aqua-rave dance party! And when you are too blitzed to speak you don’t even need to worry cause there are no lyrics involved in enjoying this electric masterpiece. (No word yet on a second part.)

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WOLF PARADE summon that GHOST of peer PRESSURE… to dance!

said your heart was a swarm of bees and they don’t and they will never leave

♫ Wolf Parade – Ghost Pressure

Wolf Parade are one of those bands that have been criminally ignored by my ears which is silly for two reasons: First, I dig Dan Boeckner’s other band Handsome Furs, and second, I am a big fan of this random track of theirs that I have, “Call It A Ritual.” (below) I’ll never know whey I never dug deeper but at least I know why I am going to start now! “Ghost Pressure,” baby! The song above is a straight jam and shakes me in all the right ways as I get pumped for Friday night! I’m imagining a werewolf dance party in an abandoned synth factory. Their new album Expo 86 is out soon and although Tsururadio has already voiced his disappointment with it I’m hoping my lack of context will leave me in a better state to rock out!

♫ Wolf Parade – Call It A Ritual

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NAS AND DAMIAN MARLEY flow like hot lava AS WE ENTER their musical world

who want it? tuck your chain, we’re due coming, renegades that’ll peel you back like new hundreds

♫ Nas and Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley – As We Enter

I don’t really listen to hip hop and I don’t really listen to reggae so you can imagine that I’ve never really listened to Nas nor Damian Marley aside from tracks encountered passively. Well, passivity ends right here. The two heavyweights of their respective genres have teamed up for the collaborative album Distant Relatives that showcases the best of both worlds and I’ll be damned if this isn’t some hot shit. Press play on album opener “As We Enter” (above) and tell me that the pistol-quick lyrical sparring and elastic beat doesn’t immediately put a little swagger in your step. The freshness on this track just doesn’t stop! I gotta be honest, this is the best track on the album but definitely not the only one worth getting pumped for. As Pitchfork griped in their review, the album is a bit glossy and seems aimed at some Grammy action but for me over-produced just means accessible and I’ll take it. Sure the album is freshest when these two masters are spitting fire from the heart (“As We Enter,” “Nah Mean” & and the head turning close of “Strong Will Continue.”) but the more calculated moments still work for me. “Tribal War” is straightforward rallying cry for universal education but it’s strings, tribal drums, and gutteral “UUHH”s are hugely powerful and get me moving for sure.

♫ Nas and Damian Marley – Tribal War Ft. K’naan

Even the album’s most blatant radio bait “My Generation” is still grooveable and I would definitely turn it up if it came on my car radio. So seriously people, even if you are not fans of the genres, get on these tracks and give this album a listen. I am really curious to hear what you all think of these jams! Holler in the comments!

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