THEO and WAKEY! WAKEY! could make TWENTY versions of this jam the TWO of them have rocked so well

you said it was over but it started again, you said it was easy but you still never win

♫ Theo – Twenty Two (ft. Wakey! Wakey!)

I normally make a point to save any remixes (or mixtape versions) for the roundups but in this case it was the remix that I fell in love with and eventually turned me onto the original so I am gonna throw both in together. Michael Grubbs performs as Wakey! Wakey! and his big jam is Twenty-Two. Theo Martins is an an up and coming rapper from Rhode Island who included his take on the original in a recent mixtape. The fact that both versions are so excellent is a testament to the greatness of that hook. And the whistling! I love good whistling. Take each version and play them according to our preference or mood. Theo has some free mixtapes out if you want more of his flavor.

♫ Wakey!Wakey! – Twenty-Two (Original Version)

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MARVELOUS DARLINGS are a band I’LL easily STAND listening to more jams BY, whether HER face is on the cover or not.

days! weeks! years! months!

♫ Marvelous Darlings – I’ll Stand By Her

Start your week off right with this sharp bit of blistering rock n roll! Toronto’s Marvelous Darlings is the side project of Fucked Up’s guitarist Ben Cook but thankfully it’s a whole lot poppier and fun then his other band. (Sorry, just never got into FU). So far I’ve only heard this one Marvelous Darlings song but it’s already bringing me swiftly back to my teenage heyday listening to $5 punk comps and discovering all sorts of mosh worthy jams. These guitars are just perfect! And that solo!

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SKYLIT SUMMER /// A Summer Mix, Vol 3

In true summer fashion this 3rd installment is coming a week later than promised but it’s all good cause you been chilling so hard that nobody noticed. Well get out of the pool, dry your hands, and get downloading cause the sun will be setting soon and you’ll want this sun-mellowed summer mix to close out your day. Throw your arm around your summer fling, settle into a chilled beverage, and let the sunset burn into your retinas. Don’t forget volumes 1 & 2!

1. ♫ Jay-Z – 99 Problems (Prince Ballard Royal Edit feat. The Dap Kings)

2. ♫ Miike Snow – Animal (Mark Ronson Remix/Cover)

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HURRAY FOR THE RIFF RAFF on a SLOW summer day or a WALK through the park

now i ‘aint as bright as the sun when it shines

♫ Hurray For The Riff Raff – Slow Walk

“Slow Walk” is a fitting song for Hurray For The Riff Raff’s hometown of New Orleans. Strings, strumming, and soul abound on this on this heavy bit of front porch goodness that reminds us of the difficulty of recovery. Weighty subject matter aside, sometimes a little humidity soaked twang music is just the right thing on a hot summer day. Their LP Young Blood Blues is out now and eMusic highly recommends it, although I’ve only heard this one great track.

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RADIO FREQ! are WHERE YOU want to be so you can eventually have BEEN there

asking questions cause you don’t want to know

♫ Radio FreQ! – Where You Been?

Los Angeles’ Radio FreQ! may have some questionable capitalization/punctuation issues going on but they also have some pretty snazzy hip-swinging, finger-snappin, head-bobbin jams up their sleeve. “Where You Been?” is the standout track off their 4 track EP Alive and is all propulsive percussion and shredding guitars with just enough synth-y goodness to get the party started.

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i wanna rock you all night long, feel the rain

♫ Sander Kleinenberg – R.Y.A.N.L.

Because sometimes you are out on a Saturday night in a crazy Italian port town and you know you will be busting moves to some pounding club music. And because other times you just want to imagine you are. Fist pumps, anyone?

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RED WIRE BLACK WIRE are BREATHING some life into this FIRE

you can leave but i’m just starting off, cause we’re still young you know

♫ Red Wire Black Wire – Breathing Fire

Another tip from Audiomuffin has got me pretty pumped and looking to get the full album from this Brooklyn quintet. “Breathing Fire is a brisk little rock number that leaves me wanting more of this groovy stuff. Good thing last years Robots & Roses is out now! Anyone else know these guys?

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YEARS AROUND THE SUN aren’t FAILING AT delivering their ART rock

and we been on the road all day, and we’re still on the road tonight

♫ Years Around The Sun – Failing At Art

San Diego’s Years Around The Sun put this fantastic jam out in 2008 on their Inva De Siva album but I’m only covering it now because Audiomuffin just turned me on to it. (There is one more track over there!) I’ve only heard a total of 2 of their songs but I am positive that these guys should be bigger than they are. The obvious comparison in Pinback and it’s a good one but I can’t really say how deep it applies. I guess I’ll have to get the rest of this album! They also have a few tracks on the soundtrack of new surf movie Castles In The Sky which seems worth checking out.

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