THE MELIGROVE BAND don’t use HAL on their rock FLIGHT

found you in the dark with the fierceness of a fire

♫ The Meligrove Band – Halflight

Right off the bat “Halflight” sounds the way that cover art looks: big, bright, kinda familiar, and rapidly hurtling through space. Luckily for us that feeling pounds its way through 3 and a half minutes of adrenaline-fueled hard-pop. Toronto’s Meligrove Band  have a few albums under their belt but I have a feeling that their current tour with Born Ruffians and their upcoming September LP, Shimmering Lights, will launch them into the proper attention-osphere. I know I definitely want to hear more of this!

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SUMMER ROLLS ON /// A Summer Mix, Vol 2

The summer continues! This mix is a bit mellower while stil maintaining some upbeat summer vibes. Kinda the perfect soundtrack for a long summer bike ride in speedos and a pedo ‘stache with a bike basket full of brews and your tank top. Enjoy and don’t forget about Volume 1.

1. ♫ Javelin – Vibrationz

2. ♫ Sean Bones – Easy Street

3. ♫ Annuals – Eyes in the Darkness

4. ♫ Lee Fields – Ladies

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KARL X JOHAN fan some synthy FLAMES

don’t lay it on me baby, don’t lay it on me now

♫ Karl X Johan – Flames

Karl X Johan is the collaborate project of two guys in Stockholm who have teamed up for some truly epic music. “Flames” layers slowly churning synths under emotion filled vocals to create a track that is moving in both senses of the word. Close your eyes as you listen and you’ll see it’s the kind of song that can transport your mind.

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ELSINORE have a great jam. YES? YES. YES!

it really gets you down, how could that get you down?

♫ Elsinore – Yes Yes Yes

It’s tough to be bummed out when you are yelling “yes, yes yes!” along with jamming guitars and pumping horns. Champaign, Illinois’ Elsinore have used this fact to much success on this jam, getting me hyped and ready to tackle these beautiful summer days with all my might.

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SCOUNDRELS JUST CAN’T SEE a reason to stop rocking IT straight THROUGH my speakers

i don’t care what the vicar man said, time to settle down, time to be safe

♫ Scoundrels – Just Can’t See It Through

London’s Scoundrels live up their name with their take on gritty, soulful, rock n roll that makes you want raise your beer high and shout along. (Air guitar optional but recommended.) And what better song to drunkenly sing along to then the story of the disapproving mother! Awesome! We’ve all be there. If not, then you will. Just keep this jam in mind when you are drowning your sorrows afterwards. They have already toured with TBE alums Murder By Death, their new single, “Hangman’s Lament” is out now and a full album is coming later this year.

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JAPANDROIDS are YOUNG, follow their HEARTS, and SPARK up jams of FIRE!

i don’t wanna worry about dying, i just wanna worry about sunshine girls

♫ Japandroids – Young Hearts Spark Fire

Japandroids first landed in my iTunes almost exactly a year ago, about the same time the rest of the world was loving their raw two-man rock. Somehow their rough and loose jams didn’t grab me then but after a year of periodically coming back to these singles, and eventually picking up the rest of their debut LP, Post-Nothing, I’m sold on their style. Not all 8 tracks are as thrash worthy as these two but their energy and passion is undeniable. Their take on the life of a late twenty-something (me) is also spot on as they tear through verses about getting older and losing touch with the bliss of youth. However, at the same time they are clearly two guys who make their own fun in life. I recommend you let them make a little fun in yours. A collection of B-sides and early material, No Singles, came out this year and while I haven’t dowse into that yet, I’ve heard a few jams that keep up with their speaker-busting tradition.

♫ Japandroids – Heart Sweats

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CUT COPY is WHERE I’M going to be dreaming i’m at as i’m GOING elsewhere tomorrow

all you need is a dream and a lover, take my hand cause i know what you’re going through

♫ Cut Copy – Where I’m Going

If you kw me then you know how frustrating it is that bands never come to Poland on tour. All the way to Berlin and then they just stop 5 hours from tons of ready and willing fans! Perhaps the only thing worse than that is when a band finally does come to town and I wont be here for it! Cut Copy will be in Warsaw on Sunday with awesome supporting act French Horn Rebellion and if all that wasn’t painful enough, they’ve dropped a taste of their forthcoming album on us. “Where I’m Going” is is a blissed out electric anthem built for “ooh”-ing and “yeah”-ing along to. It’s the sunset reflected on the water and a cold beer in your hand. It’s eyes-closed swirling through a mid-day buzz. But most importantly, it’s a welcome return from these Aussies.

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BITERS make me want to HANG on the corner and skate AROUND town

we’re gonna waste this town, burn it to the ground

♫ Biters – Hang Around

Calling someone “a biter” can have two distinct meanings but taking a good look at this Atlanta foursome and I get the feeling that they took both into account when picking their rather appropriate band name. The music – like good sex – is loose, dirty, fun, and reeking of it’s predecessors. “Hang Around” wears it’s retro rock on it’s sleeve and couldn’t be bothered caring whether you like it or not because it’s having too much fun. Ditto for me. Biters 5-track self-titled EP is out now and quite solid. 14 minutes of sneering lyrics, sharp guitars and bouncing drums to keep your naughty side nurtured. Biters may not save rock and roll but they’ll certainly give us some good times on the way down.

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