and sure we look loathsome from afar

♫ Paranthetical Girls – Evelyn McHale

This jam has been bouncing around my headphones for a while now but since Pitchfork reviewed it today and included a pretty concise history of the band as well as the real Evelyn McHale, it seems like a perfect time to finally get it up on TBE. As for the band’s Privelege EP project, they do a pretty good job of explaining that one themselves. I guess there is nothing left for to do but voice my enthusiasm for this swaying and jangly jam.

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HIGH PLACES are ON the money with GIVING us a great jam worth turning UP

tonight is going to be the night

♫ High Places – On Giving Up

I don’t know much about High Places except that they are a boy/girl duo from LA/NYC and I have been digging this new jam of theirs. “On Giving Up” would be the perfect soundtrack for that stressful ride to a bank heist, if only bank’s were open on nights… with a full moon… and if I robbed banks. Instead I kill the lights, get a good head bobbing groove going, and chant along as I imagine I am the leader of some sort of cult of people who follow all my latest musical interests.

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we got enough money to buy some g&ts for the girls

♫ Let’s Wrestle – We Are The Men You’ll Grow To Love Soon

Let’s Wrestle popped up on my radar a couple times last year but nothing stuck until I heard “We Are The Men.” I just finished watching the fantastic Adventureland and it seems like a perfect moment to finally post this jam. Let’s Wrestle have accepted that they aren’t chick magnets but they have enough faith in their winking charm and ramshackle rock that they know they will be alright in the end. Oh whatever, intellectualizing it is bullshit, it’s just great song with enough “bah bah bah”s, handclaps, and dirty bass guitar to start a one-man dance party. Speaking of which…

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BRAHMS move TOWARD greatness as they summon THAT GHOST of sweet jams yet to come

it’s true, he knew the ends would be alright

♫ Brahms – Toward The Ghost (Demo)

Ok, hold on, this gets complicated. Recently I covered “Moonless March” by Aloha, a band that has been putting out albums for a decade now but I just discovered. Well Aloha has dude in it named Cale Parks who handles percussion, piano, and vibraphone duties. Besides knowing what a vibraphone is, Cale has also put out two solo records. He recently got two other dudes together to be his “live band” but they ended up starting another band entirely and decided to name themselves after the German composer. Debuting merely 47 days ago, Brahms have already dropped two demos that have been way easier on the mind than their back-story. If Cale Parks manages not to multi-task himself to death then we have a lot of fresh jams to look forward to from these Brooklynites. Grab one more track over at RCRD•LBL and then do your best to forget everything you have just read as you get down with your bad self to this fantastic track.
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MAGIC MAN is clearly not a DAUGHTER but still play great music

turn up the static now, weather’s getting hotter

♫ Magic Man – Daughter

Magic Man says it best on their MySpace:

Magic Man is a Boston-based duo that grew out of spare moments and idle hours during a summer spent volunteering on organic farms in the French countryside. Songs written and recorded in the land of wine and cheese were brought back home, where final adjustments, tweaks, and edits were made.

It’s an odd history for music with so many electronic elements and real moments of danceability, but in many ways it fits the album perfectly. Magic Man’s debut LP, Real Life Color, is filled with mostly relaxing grooves that sooth the ears and delicately soundtrack your activities without being too distracting. “Daughter,” however, lives up to it’s namesake and demands a bit more attention. It’s hard not to perk up as all those instruments bounce along in harmony and slightly fuzzed vocals wash right over the top. As if this jam wasn’t pleasing enough, Magic Man are currently giving away the whole 10-track album of Real Life Color away for FREE here. Sweetness.

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FIRST RATE PEOPLE know the importance of a GIRLS’ NIGHT out

everybody that you look like should send you a letter to tell you they’re sorry they couldn’t change

♫ First Rate People – Girls’ Night

First Rate People are a unique group. Not only are they named after a very rare commodity, but they are fun and silly and so far pretty universally liked. How did they transcend the ever-present backlash against happiness? How about by laying dueling boy/girl vocals over a deceptively simple pop bounce that at 150 seconds is very (as my mom would say) ‘more-ish.’ “Girls’ Night” appears to come from a 7 track EP titled It’s Never Not Happening that I suspect may be the perfect cure to these winter blues that are bringing us all down. The only other song I’ve heard is a little dance gem named after the brilliant screenwriter Charlie Kaufman and that is just further proof that these Toronto natives are doing their city proud. Not to mention that the lyric above is one of the most romantic lines I’ve heard in a while.

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SPOON is a band WHO MAKES good music, I’m just not sure if YOUR MONEY hasn’t GOT NUFFIN better to buy

some try to get there with no place to go

♫ Spoon – Who Makes Your Money

My passion for Spoon has never been particularly strong but it definitely peaked with Gimmie Fiction and “The Two Sides Of Monsieur Valentine.” Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga seemed solid enough but never demanded repeated listens. Then I caught them perform between MGMT and Beck at the Hollywood Bowl and they put on a show that made me really want to like them. However, now we’ve finally got Transference, I’m still kinda struggling. “Who Makes Your Money” nails it as a spaced out drum-creep jam and I have no problem grooving along. “Got Nuffin” is my rocker off the album, it’s tight drums and conversational guitar-work the perfect vehicle for Brit Daniels’ unique voice. In general though, I feel a bit like the dude in the photo when I listen to this album. Neither moved enough to perk up nor enough to turn it off. It’s not offensive, just not my favorite. Knowing my history with the band that may mean little to you. I’d be curious to hear from you Spoon fans out there on your thoughts on Transference. In the meantime I’ll be enjoying the few tracks I am on board with.

♫ Spoon – Got Nuffin

♫ Spoon – Written in Reverse // UPDATE: Web Sheriff wasn’t happy with any tracks up except lead single, “Written In Reverse.” So here it is. You can still stream the album at Spoon’s website.

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«Flashback« Blur – Girls And Boys

always should be someone you really love

♫ Blur – Girls And Boys / 1994

It may be a day late but Blur’s 1994 classic “Girls And Boys” is the perfect Valentines jam. If anything, the last 16 years has only made love more “paranoid” and sexual identity lines more blurred, leaving Damon Albarn a sort of romantic prophet. Or maybe he is just a pop star with a knack for it. Whatever. The musical back-bone of The Gorillaz reunited Blur last year and apparently Brits are head over heels for the whole thing. Growing up Stateside I never got into Blur but am vaguely aware of their enormity across the pond as well as some feud with Oasis, if I remember correctly. I wouldn’t mind a schooling in the comments, but if not there is always Wikipedia. But that can wait, I’m too busy enjoying this sweet jam at the moment.

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