Remix Roundup Vol. 16 – 2.5.10

Another collection of recent remixes for your listening pleasure. Some real gems in a here and a few others that are more “interesting” than “awesome.” Read on. Rock om. And if you want more jams by any of these artists use the ‘tags’ links at the bottom of the post!

♫ Vampire Weekend – Cousinz (Toy Selectah Mex-More Remix) / The challenge of the evening is going to have more fun than this remix. It’s as if the song itself is grinning from ear to ear. And jumping up and down.

♫ Boy 8-Bit – Baltic Pine (Run Hide Survive Remix) / Remixing an instrumental track is tricky territory. Without a well known vocal track to lean on how do you make it your own while still maintaining the original’s integrity and awesomeness? Definitely tricky, but good to know it’s not impossible.

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SHE & HIM are IN THE business of laying SUN-infused gems on us

we all feel ashamed sometimes every day

♫ She & Him – In the Sun

Zooey Deschanel and M Ward’s first album as She & Him went criminally under-listened by me and the recent leak new track “In The Sun” is a delightful remind not to let that happen the second time around. Logic would dictate that general goodwill towards these two would have waned considering Zooey’s rising fame and recent marriage to Mr. Gibbard but somehow they remain completely endearing and legitimate. M. Ward’s talent has never been disputed but Zooey continues to impress with both her acting chops and singing skillz. “In The Sun” is the kind of song you want to sing out loud to and in the absence of a lover to sing to I recommend a dog. He/she is probably just as bummed as me that it’s so cold outside and could use a little sweet serenading.

♫ She & Him – Why Do You Let Me Stay Here?

For the uninitiated here is my favorite jam from She & Him’s first album, Volume One, and here is it’s fantastically irreverent video. The comfortingly titled Volume Two is out March 23rd.

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ALOHA use this MOONLESS night to go on a sonic MARCH

everyone’s eyes, they are ready for the light

♫ Aloha – Moonless March

Aloha have apparently been around for years and have a slew of albums under their belt but all that is news to me. All I know is that Stereogum featured “Moonless March” a while back and it’s frenetic energy, breakneck guitar work, and rollicking piano have me hooked. Not nearly as gloomy as the album cover suggests, this jam is more suited for a high speed car chase in a “alternative” cartoon. I can definitely imagine a crazed dude/dog/bank-robber speeding away from inept police as he careens his comically shaped car around animated street corners. The only other jam I have heard from these guys is less spastic, but no less appealing so I’m curious to see how the forthcoming Home Acres LP will sound.

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CARIBOU could turn wintery ODESSA into a MELODY filled DAY of fun

tell me what i have to show for all of my tears

♫ Caribou – Odessa

Caribou is the solo moniker of Ontario, Canada’s Daniel Snaith who recently unleashed “Odessa” on the world as a taste of his forthcoming LP, Swim. The track can barely contain itself and it screeches and stomps through 5 pure minutes of dance-in-the-dark magic. Is that a triangle making that epic clanging noise? “Melody Day” (below) is from Caribou’s last album, “Andorra,” and while still a jam, is quite different from “Odessa.” Andorra is a bit too mellowed-out hippy-dippy for my tastes but if Odessa is an indicator or Caribou’s new direction then I am stoked. I wonder what long-time Caribou fans think of this new sound?

♫ Caribou – Melody Day

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AIRSHIP remind you KIDS that ALGEBRA is not only an important subject, but a great song

when you were so young what did you think about?

♫ Airship – Kids

(Mp3s taken down at label’s request. Stream “Kids” below)

Uh-oh. We’ve got a trifecta on our hands. Airship are sporting a great name, impeccable artwork, and infectious pop rippers. “Kids” is the latest track from these Manchester lads and can be found on a mini-compilation about their fair city. No word on weather it will also be included on their forthcoming debut LP but more of their jams are on their 2008 EP Spirit Of The Beehive.  “Algebra” is the noticeable standout from that 4 song collection and it’s churning guitar guitars and pulsing bass are impossible to resist. The EP also showcases the band’s less overt stylings with a pair of mellower slow-burners that round out their sound very nicely. These guys are definitely one massive helium filled deathtrap that I have no problem’s getting on board. (Thanks IGIF!)

♫ Airship – Algebra
AIRSHIP ‘Kids’ by Love & Disaster

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WAIT. THINK. FAST. both LOOK and sound very ALIVE

could it be that we’ve been this way too long?

♫ Wait.Think. Fast. – Look Alive

Los Angeles kicks out another gem and this time it’s from the dynamic and beautiful Wait. Think. Fast. Besides making appealing music, the band features a husband-wife combo which I always find endearing. With 2 albums under their belt “Look Alive” is the first taste of their next collection. 2008’s Vuelve Al Mar, which frequently sees singer/wife Jacqueline Santillan’s singing in Spanish, has a much darker and mellower energy. It’s good stuff but less my vibe than the more life-affirming and head-held-high “Look Alive.” I’m definitely excited to see what the future holds for this group of clearly talented musicians.

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THE PASS have me grooving through the CROSSWALK as I listen to my portable head-STEREO unit

she’s walkin’ like she hears it

♫ The Pass – Crosswalk Stereo

This is the kind of jam that warms my blood on these wintry days. It’s hard not to bust a move with at least one part of your body when that bass kicks in and those guitars do their noodling. Lately this track has been my secret weapon to getting out of bed in the morning. Just be careful not to “oooohh” along while brushing your teeth cause it can get messy. The Pass may be from Kentucky but luckily for us they rock a decidedly non tradition sound for their locale. Their Colors EP is out now and full length LP should be out soon!

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I BLAME COCO and her jam CAESAR for ROBYN me of my desire to not rock out

we’re gonna knock down the walls

♫ I BlÃ¥me Coco – Caesar feat. Robyn

Ho. Ly. Shit. This is a straight mind stomper! That raspy voice you hear dominating the vocals is that of Eliot Pauline Sumner a 19 year old Lodoner who goes by the stage-name of I Blame Coco. The other voice is Robyn, whose soaring chorus is a striking contrast to the song’s grit and ferocity. I get that Island Records want’s to introduce their new investment to us with the help of an established songstress but I Blame Coco needs no coddling. The fact that she both wrote and played all the music on her debut album herself makes it clear that this lass is firing on a whole different set of cylinders than your average Britney, Gaga, or Ke$ha. Have a listen to an older track of hers to get a sense of the kind of range we are talking about here. With these two jams back-to-back it’s pretty easy to imagine the rest of the album could be equally epic. If only we had a release date to look forward to.

♫ I BlÃ¥me Coco – How Did All Did All These All People Get In My Room?

Oh, and that “dad” she keeps singing about? That would be Sting.

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