Plugs are my new Imaginary Friend


even though i’m supposed to grieve

there’s plenty more fish in the sea

Plugs – Imaginary Friend

Alright, so I know I usually only post a band’s latest jams here but I just couldn’t wait. I first stumbled across Plugs when I heard their remix of their new single “All Them Witches.” The original is fantastic and as we wait for an mp3 to surface we can enjoy Plug’s collection of EPs (from which I pulled “Imaginary Friend”). Frontman Morgan Quaintance recently left his other band (TBE faves of ’08, Does It Offend You, Yeah?) to focus on Plugs. As much as I love DIOYY and their spastic genre hopping, I feel Morgan on this one because Plugs feel like they have a depth and staying power that gets me psyched for a full LP. Until that happens hit up eMusic for their EPs, especially my other favorite track “That Number.”

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« « « « « Pre-Milennial Flashback « « « « « Local H – Bound For The Floor


born to be down, i’ve learned all my lessons before now

Local H – Bound for the Floor / 1996

What a great track. The simple lyrics and crunching guitars just never get old, and I’ll always remember where I learned the word “copacetic.” Local H has released 4 more studio albums since 1996’s As Good As Dead, a solid album with other standouts like “Hi-Fiving MF,” “Eddie Vedder,” and the propulsive head-banger “Back in the Day.” Unlike a lot of other 90s flash-in-the-pan bands they are surprisingly relevant, even being named 2008’s Chicago Tribune Band Of The Year. I haven’t heard much of their stuff since then but the track up on their MySpace are good, especially the anti California-song “California Songs.”

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Magistrates want to Make This Work


if you wanna free your mind maybe we should make the time

Magistrates – Make This Work

I guess Magistrates released this single last August but it’s new to me and I imagine it slipped under more than just my radar. “Make This Work” is a soulful jazzy number that evokes smokey bars, lost loves, and drinking alone. They have described themselves as having a “master plan to infect the world with a dirty groove like some out of control STD” and, medical ramifications aside, I would say that is pretty awesome. Now if they would just sex up their album art a bit.

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Phoenix are giving me Lisztomania


oh… this is show time

Phoenix – Lisztomania

I, along with the rest of the blogosphere, have been sitting on the new Phoenix album for a while now but considering it’s release date isn’t until May 25th I figured it prudent to wait until May to drop my thoughts on it. Well May is here kids, and I couldn’t be more excited to hype this album! I have been a long time fan of certain phoenix songs (“If I Ever Feel Better,” “Long Distance Call”) but I never really got into any of their albums as a whole. That all changed when I got my paws on Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix. When the single “1901” hit the web back in February (get my favorite remix here) I had a feeling this album would be a real step up for the French quartet and boy was I right. You can tell by glancing at my stats that I haven’t been able to stop listening to this album. Clocking in at 9 tracks (10 if you count the 8 minute ambient filler of “Love Like a Sunset” being split into 2 parts. I don’t.) and 37 minutes it is short, but oh so sweet. The aforementioned “Love Like a Sunset” aside every track here is solid gold. Short, infectious, and tightly wound, Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix is like Phoenix’s version of Danny DeVito on It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia: I never really had much faith in their early work but with this I’m sold. And so should you be. May 25th, people. This one’s worth your cash.

Phoenix – Long Distance Call (From 2006’s It’s Never Been like That)

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Patrick Wolf pulls us through Hard Times


show me some revolution this battle will be won

Patrick Wolf – Hard Times

Ok, after yesterday’s 17 years late discovery of Comet Gain, I am feeling a little behind the curve admitting I had never heard of Patrick Wolf until recently. The dude has over 12 million listens on and three 8.2+ Pitchfork rated albums. Holy Jeezo. The 25 year Londoner plays like every instrument under the sun and as far as I’ve heard, plays them well. “Hard Times” is the perfect “We can do it!” rallying cry for our era of economic shit-storms and pig disease. Blast it tonight as your pre-game anthem! His new album The Bachelor comes out June 1 and if you like what you her you can even invest in his future releases. Probably a smarter investment than pork futures.

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Comet Gain look for Love Without Lies


i am just another dumb movie, can i borrow part of your life?

Comet Gain – Love Without Lies

Now this is a foot-stomper! Crank it up and wake the neighbors! Who are the wild youngsters behind Comet Gain, you ask? Well that’s where things get “a wee bit odd” as they say. Apparently Comet Gain has been around since Bill Clinton’s first year in office. They have 7 albums under their belt and they are still cranking out jams fresher and rawer than most of what comes out of London/Brooklyn/wherever. I haven’t delved into their back catalog yet because 7 albums is kind of intimidating. Even their latest LP, Broken Record Prayers – a collection of B-sides, rarities, and other tracks from the last 10 years – is 20 tracks deep. Does anyone knows these guys and can recommend where to start?

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FTNS says you’ve got the City Lights


have i given you all my secrets?

FTNS – City Lights

Matt Diamond is just a dude from Jersey who makes music and sometimes performs as FTNS. He is clearly focused on the music and not the album art but that’s just fine cause the music is pretty awesome. And you cant listen to album art anyway. Duh. “City Lights” is about as simple as it gets but with just a few spare elements and at the right pace this song will get into your head and make it bounce. Other single “Friends are Friends” over at his MySpace is also recommended. Also, the dude only has 126 friends so maybe keep him some company.

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Major Lazer demand you Hold The Line


damn how you do it? what’s that rhythm you got?

Major Lazer – Hold the Line (feat. Santigold & Mr. Lexx)

In their own words:

Major Lazer is a Jamaican commando who lost his arm in the secret Zombie War of 1984. The US military rescued him and repurposed experimental lazers as prosthetic limbs. Since then Major Lazer has been a hired renegade soldier for a rogue government operating in secrecy underneath the watch of M5 and the CIA. His cover is that of a dancehall night club owner from Trinidad and he enlisted the help of long-time allies and uber-producers, Diplo and Switch, to produce his first LP.

It continues. Anyway, with a bio like this and a their first public track featuring Andy Milokanis rapping about eating brains, it was hard to take this project seriously. Then “Hold The Line” came out and it was all like “Oh, this is much bett…Wait, is that a horse? Pager sound FX? What the fuu…Oh! Santigold is on fire! And I don’t understand a word of this Mr Lexx guy except for something about vibrating Nokias but he is pretty raw too. Alright, I’m sold.” Just like that.

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