Shazam invites you to his Pool Party 2009


Shazam – Pool Party 2009

It’s the weekend, baby! Time to kick off your shoes and straight chill for a minute. What better way to celebrate the warming weather than with a pooooool party! Get that pasty ass outside and throw some sun on it. Throw this track on while you are at it. Australia’s Shazam has crafted the perfect peace of sunny day disco-pop for eating grilled wieners and pushing people in the pool. He also left out any lyrics so as to not make you think too hard. Thanks bro! Hey, last one in the pool has to clean the grill!

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Bike For Three say All There Is To Say About Love(ing this song)


the home we chose versus the one that we imagine

Bike For Three – All There Is To Say About Love

This track takes a full minute to get anywhere but when it starts, oh it starts. Bike For Three! is a collaboration between Canadian rapper Richard Terfry (Buck 65) and Belgian electro-babe Greetings From Tuskan (Joëlle Phuong Minh Lê). The two do their business Postal Service style with trans-atlantic delivery acting as the bands third member. Joëlle crafts the tunes and sends them to Richard who writes his rhymes to fit. Throw on the fact that they have never actually met and you have got one of those odd backstories that makes you hope these guys blow up just so you can drop some knowledge on your indie friends at the next summer BBQ. Bike For Three! have only laid one track on the world but this makes me stoked for more. Hopefully we wont have to wait until the May release date of their LP More Heart Than Brains.

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La Roux is looking more and more Bulletproof


been there done that messed around

i’m having fun don’t put me down

La Roux – Bulletproof

The red haired vixen above is one half of English synth-duo La Roux, who you may remember them from the Heads Up ’09 mix. Since then they dropped the fantastic “In For The Kill” and now they have got two more out in the etherwebs. I am really digging “Bulletproof,” not only for its bouncy synth magic, but it feels like Elly is having a lot more fun than on previous tracks. She’s flame-haired, self empowered and ready to take world by storm. Thats hot. So is this.

La Roux – I’m Not Your Toy

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Chiddy Bang’s quality is like Day n’ Nite

Chiddy Bang – Day and Night

Ok, so I am having a dilemma here. I came home tonight to find this new Chiddy Bang track in my inbox and you know I got love for these guys but after their last track I am wary. I want nothing more than to sing these guys’ praises and site their MGMT sample as a lapse in judgement but I feel like this is an even further step backwards. Besides the fact that the tune is kind of a snoozer, it cops the original’s title (again). It’s like Chiddy Bang read all the praise for their killer Radiohead sampling track “Because” and decided to exclusively sample blog-hause faves. What happened to the originality that melted my mind on “Fresh Like Us” and “Sooner or Later”? Guys, you’re killin me. Please let me wake up tomorrow and not find PMA creaming over this track like they do over so much overblown blog filler. What happened to standards? I’m just worried we’re not staying authentic.

Daniel Merriweather supports Change


don’t wish for some change like a church worker

Daniel Merriweather – Change ft. Wale

Daniel Merriweather is an Australian bloke who has collaborated with Mark Ronson (Samantha’s bro) and Wiley (Dizzee Rascal’s mentor) as well as opened for Justin Timberlake and Kanye. This track off his upcoming LP Love & War sees him bringing Wale on board for a fantastic combination of soul and swagger. The two other tracks I have heard didn’t leave a big impression but this one makes me want to buy a convertible. Love & War comes out May 25th but in the meantime wrap your senses around this great guest spot on Wiley’s “Cash In My Pocket.” Don’t miss the fantastic video.

Wiley – Cash In My Pocket ft. Daniel Merriweather

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Metric want you to have Fantasies about Gold, Guns, Girls


all the gold and the guns in the world couldn’t get you off

Metric – Gold Guns Girls

Yesterday saw the release of Metric’s latest album, Fantasies, and I have been spinning it all day. I never got into Metric’s last two albums, instead just listening to Live It Out‘s “Poster of a Girl” and pretending Canada’s favorite export was as good as I wanted them to be. Well Fantasies sees Haines & co. teaching me a thing or two. Sort of. Two is probably exactly accurate. While album opener (and first single) “Help I’m Alive” takes 5 minutes to go exactly nowhere, track 5 arrives with “Gold Guns Girls” opening like its trying to catch up with the High Speed Chase mix. I’m on board and struggling to hang on as the track speeds along with chugging guitars and thinly veiled sexual metaphors. It’s hard to ignore this song as the album’s 350 pound linebacker. The other players just aren’t as intimidating and some sound s bit too much like old Metric. Then there is “Stadium Love.”

Metric – Stadium Love

With it’s heavy crunch and soaring “ooh oohooh” (key to my heart, btw) “Stadium Love” reminds me a lot of old Metric while still feeling fresh and filled with rock. While I can’t fully endorse this album to someone who was never on board with Metric, I feel like fans out there it will love it.

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Your love for James Yuill’s tunes should come as No Surprise


and it’s no surprise that your eyes are crying my name

James Yuill – No Surprise

James Yuill may be a London bloke who looks like Britt Danielsas-your-biology-teacher, but he makes some rather beautiful mellowed-out electr0-folk. “No Surprise” is from his sophomore album, Turning Down Water For Air, which came out in 2007 but is just now getting North American support. The “No Surprise” single came out recently and has a few different versions and a couple great remixes. I am really loving this guy’s vibe and will definitely be picking up his albums from eMusic to dig deeper.

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Bombay Bicycle Club have me hoping it’s Always Like This


you know what i am so you know how i live

Bombay Bicycle Club – Always Like This

Woah-ly shit! This song just barreled me over the first time I heard it! This is what I’m talkin’ about, baby! I guess Bombay Bicycle Club have a couple EPs and a single release under their belt and “Always Like This” is the first single from their upcoming debut LP, I Had the Blues But I Shook Them Loose. They get a lot of Arctic Monkeys comparisons but I think thats just cause they are still teenagers (what!?) like the Arctics were when they blew up.  Anyway, the “Always Like This” single comes tomorrow with remixes by Tim Goldsworthy (LCD Soundsystem), and others. Going back into Bombay Bicycle Club’s brief song-ography it’s clear that they have come a long way since their initial, NME-backed, hype storm in 2007. “Always Like This” sees them adding layers of deph to their jangly/jaunty vibe. Want another gem to tie you over until the full LP? Ok, fine, but I warn you that these are not as powerful as “Always Like This” although they do illustrate their rapidly evolving talent. “Open House” is a rawer, churning rocker from their first EP The Boy I Used To Be (above).

Bombay Bicycle Club – Open House

Their single Evening/Morning garnered some attention last year but it’s widely available to the google-savvy and I personally prefer it’s mellower, more intimate, b-side.

Bombay Bicycle Club – You Already Know

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