LATIN BITMAN can HELP you and ME warm ourselves up

latin bitman

everyone want to feel alive, help me to find out how, when, or why

♫ Latin Bitman – Help Me

I know absolutely nothing about Latin Bitman except that I stumbled across this jam on eMusic last week and it’s been my ticket to summer hula parties in my mind ever since. I am also pretty sure (but not positive) that the voice we are hearing is not coming from the face we are seeing. But hey, I’ve seen crazier shit. Anyway, if wherever you are is as cold and gloomy as where I am then you need this jam like you need those socks your mom tried to give you last time you were home but you were all like “Naw, it’s cool. I got socks, mom! Besides, my feet itch in wool.” Yeah, don’t make that mistake twice. Dip those frosty extremities in this jam and warm them right up.

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Remix Roundup Vol. 14 – 12.10.09

Disco X Mas

It’s the holiday season and we all know that you are behind on your schoolwork/shopping/lovemaking/etc so let’s skip the niceties and get down to business.

Oh, and I cant be bothered to include those “[Original Post]” links that I am sure nobody actually used so for more on an artist just click on their tag link at the bottom of the post. Cool beans?*

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MONARCHY like BLACK, THE COLOUR OF their rad album art. MY HEART likes Monarchy.


the heart it is a beast

♫ Monarchy – Black The Colour of My Heart (Demo)

Ooooooo, yeah. And this is only a demo? And it sounds so good? And they have sweet ass album art, too? And they have another track titled “Gold In The Fire” that is equally awesome but in a different way? So you are saying that these Londoners aren’t just another electro-gimmick group? And that “Gold In The Fire” jam is getting released by Neon Gold, the label behind singles from TBE faves like Passion Pit, Marina & The Diamonds, Gotye, Yes Giantess, Little Red, Ellie Goulding, and Penquin Prison? So we are stoked, right? Yes, you are correct.

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GOODNIGHT OWL seem to have used both MAPS AND COMPASSES to get to my heart

Goodnight Owl

we used our nose to find the winding road

♫ Goodnight Owl – Maps And Compasses

Quick, before you realize that another band with Owl in the name could draw comparisons to The Postal Service, close your eyes and let this one wash over you. Australia’s Goodnight Owl are nailing this infectious stutter-bloop jams pretty well. “Maps And Compasses” is their most addictive, but “She Kept A Secret” and “Verandah” show that these guys didn’t just stumble upon the magic. This just feels like romance music. Put this on a X-Mas mix for your lady and you’ll up your holiday “gift giving” quota for sure. Their self-titled EP is available now from iTunes and other outlets so track that down and extend the loving a few minutes…

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SURFER BLOOD is a sight to make you SWIM like hell but at that point you might as well TAKE IT EASY

Surfer Blood

i wish i could do whatever it takes to get along

♫ Surfer Blood – Swim (To Reach The End)

Does your upcoming film about struggling suburban surf rockers with a penchant for big guitar and minimal fidelity need a song for the montage of them coming up in their local scene as they high-five each other after sweat soaked sets? Well then look no further. Surfer Blood have gone beyond creating a kick ass piece of album art, and a made a kick ass song to go with it. Funny how that works. Like me, you might not be sold on this jam right away but let it it marinate with some headphones and a sprint to the bus and it will click. Or just ride that guitar solo at the one minute mark. Oooh yeah. Their debut, Astro Coast, drops next month but is available for pre-order now and it’s not a bad idea. “Floating Vibes” is my other jam of theirs and sounds just like you think it would, only with more awesome guitars. And then there is “Take It Easy,” (below) a fantastic track that has just tripled my excitement for this album. No surprise that these guys are on tour with Florida neighbors The Drums. I guar-an-tee that will be an epic show. Get on it.

♫ Surfer Blood – Take It Easy

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CITADELS know that we are all ANIMALS

Citadels - Animals

it’s not love getting in our way tonight

♫ Citadels – Animals

Citadels have basically nailed it with this jam. “Animals” is the kind of song that can be dangerous to listen to while walking about town since there is a pretty strong urge to tilt your head to the sky and sing loudly along. A song this catchy and anthemic is right up my alley, the kind of jam I lose my shit to in a live setting. Listening to these guys tear it up on “Animals” I get the feeling that they would kill it live. No word on a proper release from these Londoners but I’m officially stoked.

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A Burning Ear Christmas – Part 1: Original Jams

gimpy tree

It’s crazy to think about it but Christmas is right around the corner! However, while most blogs are geeking out over their best of the year/decade lists (umm… it’s not over yet, dudes) I’ve been working to collect a couple X-mas mixes for the holiday season. If you are anything like me you can’t handle getting too deep into Christmas music until the date looms a bit closer, so I figured I would start slow. Today I’ve got a mix of pretty snazzy original Christmas songs by some great artists. Start easing yourself into the holiday spirit and next week we will get into holiday standards covered by great bands. Do I need to mention that this mix fits nicely on a CD or in an iTunes playlist? No, you got that already? Good, good.

A Burning Ear Christmas Part 1 – Original Jams

Zip file at the above link. Tracklist and individual MP3s after the jump…

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FRED sound like pop SKYSCAPERS, DAMN YOU, dancing choreographed HOLLYWOOD numbers all over the place!

Fred Go God Go

i’m enthralled by your staggering genius and marvel at your humming
when you don’t know the tune

♫ FRED – Skyscrapers

Fred released their impeccably titled third album, Go God Go, in Ireland 18 months ago and it is just now landing in my ears (thanks to PMA). 18 months is a looong time for music this good to be hiding out. But then again, Fred is neither the most exciting nor memorable band name. Their tunes, however, tell a different tale! “Damn You Hollywood” (below) was first to catch my ear and then I saw the video for “Skyscrapers” (above) and became a Fred convert. After getting the album, “Far” is quickly growing on me. As they romp through their 12 tracks I am reminded of disco, 80’s pop, Arcade Fire, and how much I like a good horn section. Good times.

♫ FRED – Damn You Hollywood

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