Little Boots is Meddling with my ears


cause she’s a mixed up girl in a mixed up world

Little Boots – Meddle

So I sat down to post the Watch Out ’09 mix and I was suddenly paralyzed by a fear that my beloved Little Boots would be lost in the shuffle and go under appreciated. That’s why I have decided to hold off on the mix until tomorrow. Until Then…

Bask in the diminutive glory that is Little Boots! If you haven’t heard of this wee synth powerhouse yet then you clearly haven’t been eavesdropping on my iPod (or reading any music blog with a pulse). Besides sweeping awards all over the damn place she has a fantastic YouTube page where she takes viewer requests for songs to cover and then does so with a variety of bleepy-blippy-flashy instruments. I highly reccomend you sink your aural teeth deep into this one. And if Meddle doesn’t put a little swagger in your scroll then let this remix drop on your dome.

Little Boots – Meddle (Designer Drugs 80s Coke Jam Remix)

Get your downloading fingers flexed and an iTunes playlist ready cause tomorrow you are getting a muy caliente mix.

Little Boots on MySpace

Wallpaper. Do It with RAC


i could be your sweatpants right underneath you

Wallpaper. – Evrytm We Do It (RAC Maury remix)

Wallpaper. (punctuation included) are two dudes making funky-glam-dance-rock out of Oakland CA. Their tracks are rivaled only by their fashion sense.

RAC (Remix Artists Collective) are four globally dispersed DJs who have actually never met. They take turns remixing everyone you have ever loved (and then some). You will be hearing a lot of their jams in the future.

Wallpaper. on MySpace
RAC frontman/founder Andre on Fairtilizer (go get a taste)

Sin Fang Bous is here for you

Sin Fang Bous

to hide myself and let you and no one else in

Sin Fang Bous – Advent In Ives Garden

eMusic calls Sin Fang Bous “Iceland’s Sufjan Stevens” which I find to be a bit preposterous because Sufjan’s tunes are never this cacophonous and rarely this propulsive. This guy is one to watch in ’09.

Speaking of 2009 this Friday will feature the latest MixTape from TBE “Look Out ’09: Where the music promises to be better than the title.” Thats right, my picks of some artists that we will (should) be hearing much more of in ’09.

Sin Fang Bous on MySpace

Why is Norm MacDonald the King Midas of Comedy?

I am loving this big ups to Norm MacDonald. Tell me again why Conan has a talk show and Norm doesn’t?

Friska Viljor takes us on a Tour De Hearts

Friska Viljor - Tour De Hearts (2008)

take me back to when i was a child

Friska Viljor – The Street Sounds Like

I’ll tell you what the street sounds like, it sounds like a sliknky riding a bicycle and drinking sunshine in a can. Yeah, like that. The two guys in Friska Viljor show us (once again) that Sweden has the rest of the world by its collective musical balls. P.S. I had a lot of trouble picking which track I wanted to put up here. They are all different and they are all great.

Friska Viljor on MySpace

What Up '08 (Part 2)

At long last…

What Up ’08 (Part 2)

In case you forgot, the forumla goes like this.

Part 1 + Part 2 / CDR = Grooviness

Track notes after the jump.

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What Up ’08 (Part 2)

At long last…

What Up ’08 (Part 2)

In case you forgot, the forumla goes like this.

Part 1 + Part 2 / CDR = Grooviness

Track notes after the jump.

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Beautiful Small Machines & Robots In Love


when push comes to shove we were only robots in love

I figure you cats might need an extra beat to digest Part 1 of  What Up ’08? so I’m gonna hold off on Part 2 until Monday. Grab it then, put the 2 parts on 1 CD and let it rock your week until the wheels fall off.

Until then…there is Valentines Day! You know the drill, either you are disgustingly happy or disgustingly sad. EIther way, get over yourself and your need to be validated by others and grab this head-bobber by Beautiful Small Machine. Upon first listen I was hooked by the sweet vocals and bouncy drums (and photos of the mega-hot singer Bree on their MySpace) but with further listens I discovered this to be the most poignant love song I’ve heard in a long time. Take a moment to really listen and I think you will find it descirbes a relationship around you (If not ALL of them around me). If you dont recogize who its about then its probably you. Happy Valentines Day!

Beautiful Small Machines – Robots In Love (Big ups to Silence-Killer for this one)

On a side note, I helped produce a Valentines Day CD that is available in stores here in Poland. Its a co-production between TVN Lingua (my work), Universal records, and a Polish internet dating service. The 2-disc set has a mellow/dance split that reads better when you replace “dance” with “euro-spazz-trance.” Either way, check out the track list and some samples afer the jump.

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