Holy Ghost! make music that ensure I Will Come Back for more

Holy Ghost

we go perfectly, at least that’s what i’ve been told

Holy Ghost – I Will Come Back

Judging by the title and that awesome synth it’s like this song was written by the 80s and put in a time capsule until now. Surprisingly, that’s not the case. Holy Ghost! are a DJ duo from Brooklyn who are known for their remixing skills but thank goodness they took a break from that noise and decided to blow all our minds with this jam. Can we a get a full album of this stuff? Please?

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Jamie T is about to rock us with Sticks N’ Stones


its the only place where oh i feel like relaxed enough to crap

Jamie T – Sticks ‘N’ Stones (clean edit)

I’ve been excited about this new Jamie T track ever since wit was a wee “in progress” in my download cue earlier today. With the track on repeat, that excitement has only grown as I read the awesome lyrics and watched the rowdy video. “Sticks N Stones” is exactly what I want from my rock: a bouncy drum beat, ripping guitars, some “ahhhh ahhhhs” in the background, only mildly intelligible vocals, and a chorus that makes me want to sing along as I jump on my bed. Perfect. I will always remember the first time I heard Jamie T, I was sitting on the my couch in Shanghai watching Philippine MTV (no way China has their own MTV) and on came a video with monkeys playing house. It was great. It was “Sheila.” (The first version, not the awesome second one with Bob Hoskins.) I was hooked. Picking up the album, Jamie’s debut Panic Prevention, I was then treated to a few more fantastic jams.

Jamie T – Salvador

Jamie T – Operation

Panic Prevention had some great highlights but was pretty uneven, a few tracks even feeling like unfinished demos. Listening to “Sticks N’ Stones” gives me quite a bit a faith in Jamie’s next LP, Kings and Queens, which drops in September.

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«Flashback« Eagle Eye Cherry – Save Tonight

eagle eye

take this wine and drink with me, let’s delay our misery

Eagle Eye Cherry – Save Tonight / 1998

Eagle Eye Cherry is son of jazz great Don Cherry, half-sister of singer Neneh Cherry, and the artist behind 1998’s epic “Save Tonight.” Weather it was the theme song to your second adolescent relationship or not you surely know this jam. Eagle Eye (Real name. Awesome.) has since released two more LPs but I haven’t heard peep off of them.

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The Drums made the perfect summer song. Let’s celebrate and Go Surfing.


wake up, it’s a beautiful morning

The Drums – Let’s Go Surfing

Ahhhh! I love this song! The Drums pull a perfect Beach Boys meets The Ramones on “Let’s Go Surfing” and taken full control of soundtracking my epic Saturday. The fact that I don’t even know how to surf hasn’t stopped me from yelling the refrain out my car window as I drove around L.A. today. (At first I thought he was telling “Obama” that he wanted to go surfing, which was perfectly awesome to me.) Despite looking like perfect 80s Cali kids and making the best surf song I know, The Drums hail from Brooklyn and just played their first live show 6 weeks ago. I have a heard a few oher tracks that came nowhere near “Surfing” but let’s hope they use that hot New York summer to keep the energy up and the sunny rock jams flowing.

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My Awesome Mixtape is rocking you and Me & The Washing Machine


let the sunshine coming in, let the sunshine kiss your lips

My Awesome Mixtape – Me & The Washing Machine

My Awesome Mixtape first entered my radar when they posted a message on Couchsurfing that they were coming to Warsaw for a show. I checked out their MySpace, learned that they were from Italy, noted their unfortunate band name, and besides that was left unimpressed. Fast forward to January and I run across “The Saint Valentines Day Massacre” (below) and am instantly wondering how I missed the fact that were actually good. Then, last week, just as I am finally coming to grips with my mistake I discover “Me & The Washing Machine.” Damn it! What have I done!? This song is amazing! Italy is my new favorite country! I start using “awesome” even more than usual! Do me a favor, if you ever hear of these guys coming to your town don’t be a bonehead like me. Go see their show! Oh, and check if they are real Italians. I think the the singer’s English is too good…

My Awesome Mixtape – The Saint Valentines Day Massacre

Oh, another thing, you can get the Other Houses EP for free here. If you don’t speak Italian the download link is just below the second video. If you do speak Italian then tell me what the hell they are saying about my favorite Italian dudes since Crookers.

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Bloc Party ask that we give them One More Chance


this time things will be different and you’re gonna see

Bloc Party – One More Chance

“One More Chance” huh? Well after A Weekend In The City and then Intimacy one chance is about all Bloc Party gets. Looking to the lyric above it’s almost like Kele is singing to the listener, except it’s our love he should be hoping for. This track is too much of a departure for it to be redemption but I hope they can take this dancey new look and make it last an album. Let’s just hope BP know what they are doing here…

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Remix Roundup /// Vol. 7 – The Beast

Holy shit. I just finished putting together this Roundup and it’s a beast! Fantastic remixes of Miike Snow, La Roux, Lykke Li, Phoenix, MSTRKRFT, Daniel Merriweather, and oh so many more. I won’t waste much time here cause you people have work to do after the jump. Oh, and regular readers will notice a few new features. I hope they make your Roundup experience just that much more buttery smooth.

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Modernaire demand that you Faites Vos Jeux, OK?


apparently murder is out of fashion so i got put away for a crime of passion

Modernaire – Faites Vos Jeux

Quick! What does this artwork make you think about Modernaire?

  1. “Modernaire?” That’s what it says?
  2. They are a post-electro noise-core punk duo who used to be really into Crystal castles.
  3. They have never met in person and create music via snail mail/internet like Postal Service or Bike For Three!
  4. The chick is dumb. (Doesn’t know the difference between a bandanna and a very small rug)
  5. They are about to rob the shit out of you.

If you guessed 5 then you are the most right! “Faites Vos Jeux” (French for “make your games”) starts out all Alice’s Restaurant and then breaks out into a full on song about heartbreak and aggravated robbery. “Bang bang baby, hand over the cash. Speed it up sugar, come on I’m in a rush now” demands either Cruella de Mill or Chesty La Rue (who can tell, right?) as the perfect electro hook rolls beneath. How hot is that? Modernaire sound electro but I guess they fancy themselves a traditional pop band and perform as such. Sweet. “Faites Vos Jeux” is their new single and lets just hope that it will be followed by more awesomeness on a full LP. Oh, and their are 4 peeps in the group. Where are the other two? Probably rifling through your mom’s jewelry box, dummy! I warned you!

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