SIA has taken a song YOU’VE heard before and CHANGED it. For the better.


making waves was your hobby and i asked you to move me

♫ Sia – You’ve Changed

About a year ago Sia did a guest spot on a track for Lauren Flax called “You’ve Changed.” It was blogged about. People enjoyed it. Life moved on. BUT! Apparently Sia enjoyed it A LOT, cause she jacked the song for her forthcoming LP We Are Born, kicked the jam up 8 notches, and then leaked it for the world to enjoy. That’s how you do it, girl! This thing is dance beast that will get you hyped for sure. That guitar riff is epic and the delivery of “for the be-teh-errr” is on point. Kinda hard to believe this is the same Sia that had everyone crying during the season finale of Six Feet Under. Anyway, I’m stoked on her newfound energy and am looking too see what else she has cooked up for us.

♫ Sia – Buttons (CSS Remix)

In the meantime here get your rocks off to this awesome treatment CSS gave “Buttons.” One of my favorite remixes.

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TIM & JEAN may be on the prowl but they will COME AROUND

Tim and Jean

hey! no! look what you’ve done now!

♫ Tim & Jean – Come Around

First Ted & Francis and now these guys? I guess there are just better things to do in Australia than name your band something awesome. Well, when that band makes music like this I’m ok with it. What a catchy mofo huh? Take one of these every morning and call me when you are awesome. The crazy thing about Tim and Jean is that they are only 15 and 18 years old! I am going to interpret their dearth of jams to mean that they are busy being fresh dudes and getting their wee swagger on all over High School. Get some, dudes! But when you come back, spend less time covering granola-pop hits and more time kicking out your own jams. I know you got the chops.

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TWO DOOR CINEMA CLUB are a band I CAN jam to and TALK about at the same time


a longer sentence brings no more than one that i had said before

♫ Two Door Cinema Club – I Can Talk

Two Door Cinema Club don’t have a debut album yet but I certainly hope they get one out soon because by the sounds of it these guys are gonna be hot shit in 2010. “Something Good Can Work” (below) was my jam back in March but somehow never made it on TBE. Then the other day I hear “I Can Talk” (above) and woah boy. That’s what I’m talking about. Good to see these Irish lads aren’t stuck on one speed either. Keep it interesting and keep it coming. We’re waiting. The video for “I Can Talk” is over at their MySpace and is pretty fresh.

♫ Two Door Cinema Club – Something Good Can Work

The video for “I Can Talk” is over at their MySpace and is pretty fresh.

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FYFE DANGERFIELD wonders WHEN YOU gonna WALK him cause he’s been IN THE same damn ROOM all day


in this moment no one is pulling me down into the ground

♫ Fyfe Dangerfield – When You Walk In The Room

Fyfe Dangerfield might not be his real name but that’s just fine because he is kicking out the jam with this one. Fyfe is also the singer for the Mercury Nominated band Guillemots, but early next year will see the release of his solo debut, Fly Yellow Moon. “When You Walk In The Room” is the first leak off that disc and so far so good. “When You Walk” is one of those love songs for parading down the sidewalk, pumping your fists in the air and kissing babies. Put it on the next mix-tape for your lady and you can bank on some extra lovin.

♫ Guillemots – Last Kiss

Here is a Guillemots jam that I always liked, although it is quite different than Fyfe. I’m not familiar with Guillemots’ 2006 debut, Through The Windowpane, but I have heard great things.

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THE SWEET SERENADES have an album called BALCONY CIGARETTES. Get it. Now.


those bedroom eyes don’t come for free

♫ The Sweet Serenades – Mona Lee

Are you paying attention!? Do you need a personal invitation? Even more naked photos of these Swedes? What!? I already told you last month that The Sweet Serenades are the shit and you need to get up in their album like nobody’s business. Did you do it yet? Balcony Cigarettes is one of the tightest collections of jams I have heard all year and will be on my albums of the year list for sure. On their album, much like in their photo, The Sweet Serenades manage to brilliantly blend serious, rustic, and goofy. “Mona Lee” is all hand-claps, ooh-ooh-oooohs, and killer guitar work, while “Die Young” is the bongo-driven breakup song of new lovers destined to fail. When you get the album you will also get “I Can Never Die,” the kazoo-backed bring-it-on anthem that features a risqué masturbation practice. Yup, these dudes basically have it all. You can too. Don’t sleep.

♫ The Sweet Serenades – Die Young

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MEN, BIG, and FUCKER all in the same headline? Oh, boy…


are you down to earth? are you down with us?

♫ Men – Big Fucker

These Men are from the UK and should not be confused with the MEN we featured back in April. With that said, this British three piece are all men and quite frankly, rock like men. No funny business rock jams for drinking and fist pumping, preferably at the office. “Big Fucker” is their standout jam with a solid title and riffs, but others hold their own in both fields. (“RE: YOUR REBRANDING” and “Texting The Internet” would be stops 2 and 3 on my Men tour.) Besides being the sonic equivalent to Office Space, the dudes also seem to be awesome. They are giving away their music for free over at their page. Download ’em on company time/bandwidth!

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«Flashback« Soul Coughing – Rolling / Circles

Soul Coughing

i’m gonna get into the batter so the mix might glow

♫ Soul Coughing – Rolling / 1998

Soul Coughing grabbed attention in 1996 with “Super Bon Bon” but despite the song’s fresh approach, it is a bit grating and annoying. 1998 saw the  band come back with El Oso, an collection of tracks that blended M. Doughty’s sing/rap/talk vocals with everything from drum n’ bass beats to typical indie guitar and percussion. El Oso is one of my favorite albums of that era and listening to it now I can’t help but feel that (unlike a lot of the jams in this column) it would sound just as fresh today. “Rolling” is one of the best songs ever for driving through the city at night, while “Circles” is better suited for a stroll through the park or a summer BBQ. But whatever, do what you want while you listen to these jams. I don’t care. Just get the album if you don’t have it. Solid business.

♫ Soul Coughing – Circles / 1998

I’ve heard that frontman Mike Doughty made a bit of a solo career for himself after Soul Coughing’s 2000 demise but I never heard his jams so I can’t speak on it. Someone wanna holler in the comments?

Oso right at a fansite /// Buy cheap!

THE XX’s track ISLANDS has CRYSTALISED my love for them

the xx

spent my nights and days before searching the world for what’s right here

♫ The xx – Islands

I can’t say it any better than Andrew Gaerig‘s over at Pitchfork, so I wont. Here is the first line of his review, a bit of background on the band.

The xx are four 20-year-olds from South London who make predominantly slow, furtive pop music, mostly about sex.

If you didn’t know, now you know. His brilliance, however, is in his closing line where, alluding to their youth and relative inexperience, he really nails it on the head.

The xx didn’t need a gestation period, though xx is nuanced, quiet, and surprising enough that you might.

Amen, Andy. I might, and I definitely did. The xx is a band I have been resisting for 6 months now, having initially felt their music too boring and uninspired. When after hearing their relative ‘hit’ “Crystalised” (below), my cousin asked me what I thought of them. I quickly dismissed them as another talentless bore-band with an accidental good song.

♫ The xx – Crystalised

After months of being quite self-satisfied with my assumption, it was PMA’s reevaluation of their album reviw that made me think twice as well. Damn was I wrong. I think a lot of us were. The xx definitely know what they are doing here, I had just never slowed down to their pace so I could appreciate it. Now that winter is here and I’m in much more of a mellow-music study mode, xx is the perfect soundtrack. The music is never aggressive but always has a perfect little beat running through it. Intimate and sexy with just a hint of dance in it. “Islands” (above) has become my favorite track but others standout with each listen. “Basic Space” is gaining on it quick and that guitar that closes out the song is just perfect. OK, enough rambling from me, I have a cousin to email an apology to.

BONUS: Because The xx are such mood music it’s best to have quite a few tracks on hand to keep that mood going. Here are 2 songs not featured on xx that I am into. (Anyone know where exactly these came from? B-Sides? EP?)

♫ The xx – Do You Mind

♫ The xx – Blood Red Moon

There, now you have 4 great tracks. If you are still a cheap bastard and don’t want to buy the album yet then go find their Aliyah cover and another one of Womack & Womack (whoever they are). And then just get the album.

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