it’s been so long since you said ‘well i know what i want and what i want’s right here with you’

♫ Tegan & Sara – The Ocean

It’s been 2 weeks since I dropped “Hell” on you to celebrate the release of Tegan & Sara’s Sainthood. That day I started listening to the album and it’s been on steady rotation since. The sisters have definitely stepped up their game on this one and have brought a faster, tighter, more in-your-face album with over 6o% of the tracks clocking in under 3 minutes. “Northshore” is the most punk, all ripping guitars and punched up vocals, while still retaining a very T&S sound. “Alligator” (below) and it’s sauntering beat might be the most traditional track and “The Ocean” (above) might be my favorite, but that’s a super tough choice. I wish I had some zippy remarks to make here but this is just going to be a boring endorsement of a great album. Every track is a jam and if you have ever appreciated Tegan and Sara you just can’t go wrong with Sainthood.

♫ Tegan & Sara – Alligator

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GET BUSY COMMITTEE make MY LITTLE brain struggle to work in a RAZORBLADE reference

Get Busy Committee

kids idolize us, mothers all despise us

♫ Get Busy Committee – My Little Razorblade

Yeah, we’ve all heard The Knife’s “Heartbeats” a million times but Get Busy Committee have just earned your ears by throwing their fresh hip-hop flavor up in it. “My Little Razorblade” is both cocaine anthem and cautionary tale, mixing stories as effortlessly as that koala handles his weapon. Their LP, Uzi Does It, is out now in various formats, including on an uzi-shaped USB thumb drive. I don’t know what’s doper than that. Buddyhead has a great 13 questions with Ryu here. Ooooh, listening to “I Don’t Care About You” on their MySpace and this a jam. I haven’t heard the whole album yet but I’m feeling them so far.

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Drummer Feel Good

i tried and fell, only time will tell

♫ Drummer – Feel Good Together

Yes, Drummer is a dumb name for a band, but when you learn that the five dudes in Drummer are all in fact drummers, then it is kind of OK. When you hear the music they make, then it is more than OK. Naturally they aren’t all drumming here, but all five were behind the kit in other bands before The Black Keys‘ Patrick Carney brought them together this spring. It wasn’t enough that he was already in a pretty successful band but faced with some free time as the other Black Key toured for his solo effort, Carney decided to call up locally based drummer buddies and have them all (but one) take a stab at other duties for this project. No surprise then that “Feel Good Together,” the LP’s title track, is propulsive in every aspect as it hurtles you along with rolling drums, churning guitars, and and that awesome synth line that pops up in the middle. I haven’t got my hands on the full album yet but if we are taking Pitchfork’s word (we aren’t) then it is a damn fine effort (probably is).

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NINELIVES THE CAT is CRASHing around my speakers like some TESTy little KITTEN

NineLives The Cat

you know that three is a crowd but two is an act

♫ NineLives The Cat – Crash Test Kitten (feat. Kitten)

I kinda dig the album art but it makes it seem like the music is going to be super lo-fi and unlisteable which really couldn’t be farther from the truth. Australian-bred NineLives The Cat covers a whole gamut of vibes on his debut LP Are We Dead Yet? Crash Test Kitten is all super-bleepy synths and a perfect head bobbing rhythm that you can’t hep but grooving with. It was all I needed to track down the rest of the album which is filled a handful of other gems. “Sick” has an infectiously smooth beat, over which NineLives lays his distorted wail, giving the track a fantastic complexity that I can’t stop listening to. “Twirl My Hair” is almost bubbly pop, if it wasn’t for the growly voice and naughty words.

♫ NineLives The Cat – What’s My Name?

“What’s My Name” has a reggae bounce and hip hop flavor that would be perfect for a cruise-up-the-coastline montage. Are We Dead Yet?‘s last third falls off a bit as the tracks loose their pop, but there is plenty else to keep me coming back to this album for sure.

On a side note, NineLives The Cat is also in the Baltimore based The Death Set, who play a much harder brand of rock. They recently lost one of their founding members, Beau Velasco, so I am sure NineLives is going through hard times these days. Our hearts go out to you and yours. Thank you for the great music.

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DRINK UP BUTTERCUP don’t EVEN THINK about slowing down

Drink Up

you touch yourself however and you watch what you want anyway

♫ Drink Up Buttercup – Even Think

This song is like a demented carnival ride that is shaking with so much energy it could unhinge at any moment. At first you know it’s a little off but then that become the magic. Its dirty and fun and makes you want to yell along. Drink Up Buttercup are the second band on TBE in as many days and I’m stoked to see Philly stepping up it’s game. These guys have some earlier less-listenable jams, but it’s “Even Think” that sounds like a milestone is evolving awesomeness. My ears are perked!

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BOY CRISIS are a FOUNTAIN OF epic jams for today’s YOUTH (not ‘kids’). They also taste like STRAWBERRIES.

Boy Crisis Fountain

every single part of you is built like a weapon

♫ Boy Crisis – Fountain Of Youth

A part of me feels like Boy Crisis might be my new favorite band. Why reserve hesitation on the subject? Because I can’t find their debut album any-fucking-where! I scoured the interwebs and dug up a few jams but I want more damn it, more! I want to review the album! (you listening guys?) Boy Crisis only made their way through my ears recently when “Dressed To Digress” was hyped as the dancey side project of one half of Das Racist. (I’m sold already.) Upon falling hard for that track, and then even harder for “Fountain Of Youth,” I now feel like a tween girl when I yell “I’m having a Boy Crisis!” on the walk to work in the morning. I guess I should phrase it differently but I am too busy busting fresh dance moves and kissing other people’s grandmas. Yeah, this music is that good. As are both versions of the video.

♫ Boy Crisis – Strawberries

Boy Crisis went to Wesleyan University MGMT and have been drawing unfair comparisons to the art-douche duo. Lest you think Boy Crisis are a similarly educated 3-hit wonder I have included the sex-fest “Strawberries” and can also vouch for the gritty magic of “L’homme.” Oh, and “Strawberries”  includes the lyric “don’t you know I wanna smack that like it owes me money.” Epic. MGMT’s crowning lyric was “Shock me like an electric eel.” Ouch. I think “PWNED!” is what the kids are saying these days? Anyway, MGMT-boners can get bent because I don’t care about your tears, these guys make everyday a party and that’s where I want to be.

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«Flashback« Five Iron Frenzy – ’79 Blue Comb

FIF Upbeats

something that was thrown out that window was the last great symbol of my youth

♫ Five Iron Frenzy – ’79 Blue Comb / 1998

This one might be kind of obscure for those of you not into the Christian Ska/Punk scene in the 90s, a category that would not normally include me but I got into this one off the Ska compilation, Cheap Ska. Five Iron Frenzy’s debut, Upbeats and Beatdowns, doesn’t have “’79 Blue Comb” on it, nor did anything else on the LP stick with me. If you are really interested in the band there here is their Wikipedia. I’ll be chilling here, content with this fantastic ska jam and the tale of a boy and his comb. Lost innocence has ever been so fun. I never had siblings close enough in age to fuck with my stuff so I can only imagine, but I’m sure some of you have similar memories.

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FREE ENERGY, oh FREE ENERGY, you are a DREAM to me in this gloomy CITY


i wanna believe but i’m out of control

♫ Free Energy – Free Energy

When Free Energy’s “Dream City” (below) hit the scene back in May I was intrigued but not sold. “Something In Common” followed in September and quickly became a steering-wheel-drumming favorite, but somehow I felt I had missed the boat on writing about the Philadelphia quintet. Then I saw and heard their video for “Free Energy” (above) and was sold/on board/in/stoked. The three tracks together are an aural ménage à trois that gets me super pumped for their 2010 LP slated through James Murphy’s DFA (he produced “Dream City”). The horns, the lyrics, the energy, the cowbell; it’s impossible to not get happy. Sam over at Balloon Of The Mind likens them to Girls, but I’m feeling way more fun and good times coming from these guys, and with none of the mopey grumblings.

♫  Free Energy – Dream City

Of the five members, Scott Wells and Paul Sprangers used to be in the band Hockey Night. A search through my iTunes dug up a few overlooked jams and since then I have been listening to “Rebel Fever” on repeat. There are so many great things happening here. The dual guitars just rip it up over the bouncy vocals and propulsive rhythm section. Throw this whole post on your next driving mix-tape and you wont regret it.

BONUS:  ♫ Hockey Night – Rebel Fever (Who We Are)

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