TBE Exclusive! /// DJ Bouji and the ‘Just Quit’ Mix

djbouji_logodo you enjoy what you do? if not, don’t stop, don’t say shit

♫ Trackademicks vs. Sammy Bananas – Enjoy What You Do (Bouji Mash N Slash)

Just when you thought you weren’t going to be getting an exclusive mixtape to jam to all weekend, BAM, here it is! Surprises are fun as hell, but not nearly as fun as this buttery smooth funk-fest that L.A.’s own DJ Bouji has served up for us. I have seen this guy spin a few times and he always lights it up with his flow. His Just Quit mix is no different as he mixes genres, decades, and styles into one big party anthem. If you have been listening to his Mash N Slash of Sammy Bananas remix of Trackademicks “Enjoy What You Do” then you know what’s up. If you check out the tracklist after the jump you’ll see Miike Snow rolled into Peter Gabriel and Kings Of Leon paving the way for The Outfield. I love it. Download the whole thing below and have a kick ass weekend.

Download DJ Bouji’s Just Quit mix

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edward-sharpe-up-from-below-covershe got gold doorknobs where her eyes used to be

♫ Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeroes – 40 Day Dream

Edward Sharpe and his Los Angeles collective of (up to 12) instrument janglers have been getting some attention lately, even getting airplay/hype on L.A.’s KCRW. Their debut’s first single, “40 Day Dream,” is the album’s best by far, sounding like Arcade Fire with smiles. “Home” is the other standout from Up From Below, a boy-girl love song that sounds decades late but timelessly fun. I can get down with a few of the other tracks on Up From Below but the hippie-jam-session thing loses my interest, especially in the latter tracks. Anyway, I am down with Edward’s vibe and imagine that seeing these guys live would be a treat. Especially since Edward Sharpe (Alex Ebert) is no stranger to huge live shows, having toured with Duran Duran in 2006 with his other band, Ima Robot. If you remember them then you are probably as shocked as me to learn its the same dude. If you never heard them then just listen.

♫ Ima Robot – I’m A Bitch For You ♫ Ima Robot – Black Jettas

It’s kinda funny because Ima Robot was a band that I never got fully down with either. I loved these two tracks but felt most of their stuff was half-baked. I do remember reading that they were epic live. Anyway, Edward/Alex and Co. are also presenting the album as a 12-part feature film. Part 1, for “Desert Song,” is just as tripped-out as you would imagine and gives me a new appreciation for a previously disliked song. I hope keep their shit together and finish the other 11. I want to see “Home.”

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CLUES APPROACH THE THRONE of rock on this jam

clueswhisper in the air, every second word

♫ Clues – Approach The Throne

“Approach The Throne” is one of the those tunes I have been “na na na na”-ing too by myself for a couple months now and it’s time I share. Limp-limbedly thrashing about my bedrooom is no fun alone. Come over and we’ll fumble-shout the lyrics together and then pound some air-drums. When it’s over we’ll get a six pack of shitty light beer and light this weekend on fire. For those of you not interested in good times you can read this: Clues are a Montreal based crew made up of Alden Penner of now defunct The Unicorns and former Arcade Fire member, Nick Thorburn. But now they are Clues. Quit living in the past, their self titled debut is out now!

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GOOSEFLESH’s music isn’t STILL, it’s rather WILD

StillWild_RectoCoverhaving fun everyday and do it my way

♫ Gooseflesh – Still Wild

It’s Thursdy and time to get down. Good thing we have “Still Wild” from Istanbul’s Gooseflesh. Yes, by Istanbul, I do mean the city in Turkey that used to be Constantinople (thanks They Might Be Giants!). The duo is new on the scene but clearly mean business. As if wrestling leopards didn’t prove their seriousness, they went ahead and made good music too. “Still Wild” is a disco-fueled bumper-car ride through partyland that makes me think that Saturday night in Istanbul might be the illest party ever.

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PORT O’BRIEN know that MY WILL IS GOOD… is great


cross your fingers, did you find somebody to blame?

♫ Port O’ Brien – My Will Is Good

Port O’Brien is one of those bands that just never caught my ear the during the hype for their 2007 debut, All We Could Do Was Sing. Catching them live in NYC last year, however, put their music in a fresh context and peaked my interest. They simply tore up the stage with their raw energy and home-made instruments. A highly recommended live show. Now we have a single off of their sophomore LP Threadbare, which has got me looking forward to hearing the rest. “My Will Is Good” is another slowly stomping haunter that makes you wonder if the lyrics are sincere. Put this back to back with Blitzen Trapper’s “Black River Killer” on your next mixtape for full creepo effect.

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Jer Coons knows that we just have to Speak


how can i recharge without the means to turn around?

♫ Jer Coons – Speak

Listening to Jer Coons I can’t help but feel that he fills the overlap in the Venn diagram between my musical interests and that of tween girls. As awkward as that is to explain/feel, it is quite OK. Barely out of tween-dom himself – those pinch-able cheeks are only 20 – Jer has chops far beyond his years. He reminds me a lot of Jason Mraz before he got a major record deal and decided to shitify his music. Jer’s debut album, Speak, is out next week and after giving it a few listens I can definitely recommend it. There are no synths or cynicism so it might not be “kewl” enough for some, but for jangly catchy singer songwriter jams it does the trick for me.

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Third Eye Blind’s new stuff is pretty solid, Don’t Believe A Word otherwise


i can’t find myself, i can’t change the station

♫ Third Eye Blind – Don’t Believe A Word

As I have been sitting here, on this uncomfortable futon couch, making website tweaks for the past few hours, I have let Third Eye Blind’s discography keep my company. This has reminded me of 2 things: 1) Troubleshooting website problems is the word kind of hell, and 2) Third Eye blind is a damn solid band. For those who agree with the latter then you can be stoked that their new album, Ursa Major, is no different. Lead single “Don’t Believe A Word” kicks down the door with plucky guitars and popping drums that propel Stephen Jenkins vocals in signature Third Eye Blind style. The band hasn’t broke their own mold, flipped the script, or done anything that drastic on the album, instead opting for a collection of 12 solid rock songs. Naturally there are a few slower jams in the mix, but they too are solid.

♫ Third Eye Blind – Water Landing

“Water Landing” starts out in that vein but evolves into something much fuller. After a minute of acoustic strumming we get the band full-on, and are even treated to some of Stephen Jenkins good ol’ beat rapping, or whatever you call it. I don’t know how he pulls it off without making me want to punch him, but he does. In the end, the album does not disappoint. It took a few listen to fully grab me but I think that is natural for anyone listening to a new album by one of their favorite bands. And after 6 years of waiting, who knew what we were getting?

BONUS ♫: Third Eye Blind – Non Dairy Creamer

Speaking of waiting 6 years, I guess the band released a small EP last year, Red Star EP. I think it was pretty much an excuse to get the fantastic “Non Dairy Creamer” out there. I totally missed the boat on it and, having just got a copy, am loving this track.

Band website

«Flashback« Third Eye Blind


i’ve never been so alone and i’ve never been so alive

♫ Third Eye Blind – Motorcycle Drive By / 1997

♫ Third Eye Blind – Graduate / 1997

It’s really kind of weird how divided people are over Third Eye Blind. I feel like it can be pretty easily traced back to their 1997 debut album which spawned so many radio singles that it was hard not to feel like the whole album was being jammed down your throat. I can totally get how people were turned off. It’s really too bad though. Those of us that managed to fall in love with that album were not only able to enjoy it’s brilliance (and the hugely underrated “Motorcycle Drive By,” above), but also get down with it’s fantastic 1999 follow up, Blue. While Third Eye Blind was packed with charging guitars and anthemic hooks that got it so much radio attention, Blue flexed it’s offbeat muscle a bit more, venturing into a bit more radio-unfriendly territory. The result was nonetheless fantastic.

ThirdEyeBlind_Blue♫ Third Eye Blind – Anything / 1999

♫ Third Eye Blind – Darwin / 1999

Post-Blue, the band tooe 4 years off and Stephen Jenkins wen’t through a much scrutinized relationship with Charlize Theron. Out of that came 2003’s under-appreciated Out of The Vein. I’ll leave that album alone for now because either 1) You already have it and love it, 2) you hate Third Eye Blind and won’t listen to it any tracks I post anyway, or 3) These four tracks will rekindle an interest in them and you will realize that you may have wrote them off too soon. Either way, this band has been one of the mainstays of my musical upbringing. Third Eye Blind’s debut was the album of my first relationship and it’s troubled themes sound-tracked her insanity perfectly. Blue came along during my first real love and it’s more explicit sex-related tracks were well timed. Anyway, that’s enough from me on the issue. For those of you stoked on Third Eye Blind then stay tuned for my coverage of their latest album, Ursa Major, coming later today…

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