Bishop Allen wins cutest album cover with Grrr…

a hammer hit the nail with great sympathy

Bishop Allen – The Ancient Commonsense of Things

Bishop Allen plays the kind of music that everyone can enjoy: upbeat, poppy, and infectious. They came on the scene with their 2006 EP project in which they released a 4 song EP each month of that year. 2007 saw the release of The Broken String, a near perfect pop gem that clearly benefited from a busy 2006. If 12 EPs is what it takes for a band to hone their jams into a decent album then more peeps need to get on it. Well, Bishop Allen just released Grrr… and it does not disappoint. While not filled with as many clear standouts as The Broken String (see below) it is a solid album filled with plenty of pop fun as TBE favorites, “Oh Oh Oh’s” (see above), and “La La Las” (see “Shanghaied”). I have singing along on repeat for the past few days. Here is some magic from The Broken String.

Bishop Allen – Middle Management

Bishop Allen – Rain

“Middle Management” is the anthemic anti-office jammy that first grabbed my ear. “Rain” is the track that upon getting the full album, grabbed my other ear. Basically these two albums will molest the crap out of your ears. In a good way. As if these cats weren’t cool enough, Bishop Allen is giving away a few more tracks on their website.

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Mason Proper jams from Point A to Point B

i’ll breathe when i am able, for now i’ll hold it in

Mason Proper – Point A to Point B

This one’s a creeper. If you are not feeling this upon first listen then you ain’t alone brother. I cruised right past this track when it was floating around my iTunes library. It wasn’t until I was exploring the fantastically conceived JustWatchTheSky that I heard it again and it sunk its teeth in. Perhaps I was in a different head-space, perhaps the accompanying visuals slowed my usually frenetic pace of musical consumption, or perhaps I had just had a transcendent bowel movement and was feeling at one with the earth. Whatever it was, I have been spinning this track a ton the past week or two and now it’s time for you to get some of this Michigan quintet.

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Wild Light fucks California. “Don’t! Stop!” or “Don’t stop!”?


give me a lake that I can dive into

bury my head in the shit at the bottom

Wild Light – California On My Mind

Too much profanity for your virgin ears? Close up your 18 tabs of RedTube and deal with it.

As a California native my interest is always piqued by songs involving the Golden State. When that song is released by our friends at StarTime International AND is recommended by Silence Killer then I am all up in it’s shit. While I am not sure I can fully endorse Wild Light’s Cali-rage I can definitely get behind the music it inspired.

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*Just Burn It!* The High Speed Chase Mix! (Plus narrative!)


I know, I know, tough economic times, devastating financial collapse, 800000 billion dollar bailout, blah, blah, blah. Are you gonna keep whining like a schoolgirl with a skinned knee or are you gonna do something about your fiscal apocalypse? What should I do, you ask? Well dummy, do what normal people do when they are hard up for dough, rob a damn bank. Its a stick up, baby, and this is your getaway mix! Get a CDR and Just Burn It!

Narrative of your adventure, track-list, and download link after the jump.

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[CvrUpYrRmx] Timid Tiger double-teams your ears!


Who got the power to make a difference?

Who got the power to make a change?

Timid Tiger – Womanizer (Britney Spears cover)

Yup, that’s right, this week’s CvrUpYrRmx is being fully handled by 5 dudes from Cologne, Germany who go by Timid Tiger. Don’t be fooled  theby name, these cats (ha!) are about as timid as Siegfried and Roy’s feline friends. I first heard of them when they won PMA’s “Womanizer” cover challenge. If that wasn’t enough to convince you, then they achieved the impossible and made Lenny Kravitz actually listenable (danceable even!) with their remix of “Are You Gonna Go My Way.”

Lenny Kravitz – Are You Gonna My Way (Ft. Ludacris & Notorious B.I.G.) (Timid Tiger Remix)

As you can see/hear, German music exports have come a long way since Rammstein. If you are feeling their style on these two tracks (which you are) then you will be stoked to hear that they just released an EP! For Free! It includes the above tracks as well as 4 originals that prove these guys have chops beyond reworking other people’s material. I highly recommend you head over to PMA and check out the track-list, read a short interview, and download the full EP. Also get Gadget Girls, my favorite Timid Tiger song and for some reason not included on The PMA.EP.

Timid Tiger – Gadget Girls

Big ups to Pretty Much Amazing for all of this Timid Tiger Action * Timid Tiger on MySpace

Ted & Francis – Erlend


you can make something with your life not waste it away

Ted & Francis – Erlend

In honor of our last post about Erlend Øye’s other band we have a song named after him! Ok, I actually have no idea if Australian duo Ted & Francis are paying homage to the Norwegian on this track but it doesn’t really matter because this track is hot butter. Ted & Francis have yet to relase any tangible EP or full legnth yet but in the meantime you can get a few more tracks over at Ohh Crapp… (Thanks again to Ohh Crapp….)

Ted & Francis on MySpace

Whitest Boy Alive’s new album!


you only need to be more certain what it is you’re living for

Whitest Boy Alive – High On The Heels

Whitest Boy Alive would have been featured on my favorite albums of 2008 list except that their debut Dreams came out in 2006 and I only discovered it last fall. And what a discovery it was! I have a hard time finding music to chill out to because I often find that kind of mellowness to be boring or uninspired. Dreams is the perfect album for chilling without funk-killing. The kind of album you can throw on when you have people over and the music wont overtake the conversation. Oh, and if the vocals sound familiar that’s because it’s Erlend Øye from Kings of Convenience. Anyway, WBA just released their second album Rules and I am digging it. It hasn’t grabbed me like Dreams did but I am giving it time. “High On The Heels” is the first track to jump out at me so far. Also check out my favorite from Dreams, “Fireworks.” But seriously folks, I can’t stress the top-notchedness of Dreams enough, it’s like instant ear-therapy. Get on it.

Whitest Boy Alive – Fireworks

Whitest Boy Alive on MySpace

Say Hi to new Say Hi!


it’s the way that she curses

Say Hi – Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh

Say Hi is Eric Ellbogen whose lo-fi indie act was based in Brooklyn when I discovered him a few years back. He relocated to Seattle for his last 2 albums and oddly enough the change has amped up his sound. Just compare the propulsive head-bobber of “Oh Oh….” (above) to his sophomore album’s “I think I’ll Be a Good Ghost” which is much more mellow, contemplative and dare I say “haunting?” No, no, I’ll spare you. Anyway, this dude has put out 6 albums in 6 and a half years and while the early ones aren’t fully formed I really think he hit his stride with last year’s The Wishes And The Glitch. “Northwestern Girls” (below) is the album’s fantastic opener and is followed by a stable of very solid tracks. Maybe more of those unlistenable art-rock hipster collectives from Brooklyn should head out to Seattle?

Say Hi – Northwestern Girls

Say Hi (To Your Mom) – I Think I’ll Be A Good Ghost

Yeah, Say Hi To Your Mom was the full band name for the first 4 albums. I guess we all grow up someday…

Say Hi on eMusic (check out the album art) / MySpace