Scissors For Lefty and their Ghetto Ways


if your lips touched my lips

could I call you my baby or what?

Scissors For Lefty – Ghetto Ways

Ok, so you got me. The above album is not Scissors For Lefty’s latest (That would be the Consumption Junction EP) but since I like it better it’s gonna get top billing. Deal with it. If the super-funk synths and semi-orgasmic “Ahhh ahh ahh”s don’t get you pumped then you need to just listen to it again. And again. And maybe watch the throwback pulp-film video here. Ok, so your are feelin’ it, you are vibing, you are on the Scissor train. Good. Now tackle “Ornamental,” the opening track off of their new EP. I can’t understand everything these San Fransiscans are yelling about on this track but it certainly is anthemic and makes me want to yell along!

Scissors For Lefty – Ornamental

Fun Fact! Scissors For Lefty is 5 dudes but 2 of them are brothers while the other 3 are….. also brothers! Woah, only 2 last names! There goes the ironic Mr. So-and-so thing that people do when they are trying to be funny.

Scissors for Lefty on MySpace

Ryan Lindsey – An Introspective Personality


he fled the scene never to be seen again

Ryan Lindsey – An Introspective Personality

If yesterday’s post got you a bit too riled up then pop this little chill pill. Some fantastic guitar plucking, catchy lyrics, and a whole slew of “dum da da dum”s. This dude has been getting some love from KCRW radio in LA lately (westside!) and its clear why. His laid back tunes fit perfectly with the “California-living, dog-park-frequenting, Obama-voting, Whole-Foods-shopping, organic-granola-eating” set. (Hi moms :)

Ryan Lindsey on MySpace

Oh, and PS, I got this track for FREE off eMusic. I’ve been up in that for 3 years now and highly reccomend it. (You will notice that when possible the album-art purchase links send you there.)

Kyle Andrews is fresher than Sushi


i sink so deep in you, you gonna save me or not?

Kyle Andrews – Sushi

Alright, start prepping some fresh panties NOW cause this one made me wet for sure. Who the fuck is Kyle Andrews and how did he make this killer song without it taking over the world and ending racial conflict forever? This morning I almost killed myself dancing in socks on my tile floor. Now don’t let the day-glo ghettoblaster cover art and hyper-hypo dance pop fool you, Real Blasty digs deeper than your average laptop-rock and unearths all kinds of weighty rock. Varying his jams between different tempos, vibes, and energy levels Kyle provides much more to chew on than iceberg lettuce of most one-man-bands or laptop-rock shticks. Go to his MySpace and sample some more jams. I’m curious what you cats think or this dude.

UPDATE: Oooo, now I am digging this nugget as a good counter-point to “Sushi.”

Kyle Andrews – I Wanted To Paint A Rainbow

Kyle Andrews on MySpace

[CvrUpYrRmx] The Fray on Kanye / Miike Snow vs. Vampire Weekend


The Fray – Heartless (Kanye cover)

I guess you could say I enjoy The Fray just as much as the next guy. Never fell in love with ’em but Ted and I definitely belted out a few drunken renditions of “Over My Head (Cable Car)” back in day. Well the good times continue with their cover of Kanye’s “Heartless.” At first it seems like an odd choice but listen to how Isaac Slade’s voice beautifully emotes Kanye’s heartbreak while still maintaining the swagger and the groove. And all that without that damned vocoder. I had no idea how much I hated that vocoder until I heard this song sung without it. Well done dude.


Vampire Weekend – The Kids Dont Stand A Chance (Miike Snow remix)

Miike Snow is 3 dudes who:

1) Are not named Miike or Snow. I dont think.

2) Appear to be from Stockholm and/or NYC.

3) Have been remixed by TBE super-crush Crookers.

4) Have an antlered-rabbit logo that I don’t think they realize looks more like a vibrator-head-rabbit.

5) Remixed Vampire Weekend’s album closer into a quite pleasing blend of beats and bleeps and bloops. (The bloops are my fave.)

For You? Only The Very Best!


I was thinking ’bout you and me and everything we’ve been through

The Very Best – Dinosaur on the Ark

This weekend’s MixTape is not TBE-produced but you will dig it nonetheless. If the name didn’t already give it away, it is not to shabby. Wondering how a dude with a name like Mwamawaya got mixed up (ha!) with a group who goes by the moniker “Radioclit?” Yeah, me too. Their official story tells it best.

Esau Mwamwaya was born in Mzuzu in Malawi, East Africa. He grew up in the capital, Lilongwe, and played drums in various bands, including Masaka Band.  In 1999 he moved to London, and ran a second-hand furniture store near Radioclit’s old studio.  After the Radioclit boys bought a bike from Esau they invited him to one of their house warming parties, made friends, and started making music together. Two years later the project has gotten it’s name, The Very Best.

Good thing Radioclit found him because I hear they are wicked hard to find. I mean,  of course I know where it is they are. Duh.

The track you have been no doubt feelin’ has guest vocals by Ben Brewer, the dude responsible for the newly minted MIA Jr. Yeah I know, what is it with all these shlubs boning the hottest talent of ’08 and then getting love on my blog.?

The Very Best on MySpace and Track list after the jump…

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Hey Champ churns a buttery smooth groove


I’m so clever, it takes no effort to turn you on

Hey Champ – Cold Dust Girl

My little brother turned me on to this jam the other day and ever since I have been congratulating myself for raising him right. Ivy Educated and recently signed to Lupe Fiasco’s label, these guys bear a surface resemblance to TBE Dudes to Watch in ’09, Chester French. However, Hey Champ bring a different breed of fun to the table. Gold Dust Girl is pulsing groove set to relatively laid back lyrics that make for a splendid aural sensation. And lets not even get started on that hook! Gotta stop writing, gotta back to dancing.

– Hey Champ on MySpace –

Ghostland Observatory: What GMPD Could Have Become


love is a potion to give your life a soul

Ghostland Observatory – Freeheart Lover

I hadn’t made the connection until I sat down to write this post but Ghostland Observatory really do remind me of what GMPD could have evolved into: Part Daft Punk, part Prince, part Queen. Freeheart Lover has the exact rock edge I am missing from GMPD’s now album. But enough lamenting, on with the music! Ghostland Observatory are from Austin, Texas and I definitely get a bit of social-misfit vibe from their photos. (I once lived with a dude that rocked the pigtail-braids and he was both socially and hygienically challenged) But fear not, you dont have to invite them in for dinner, just invite them into your heart. Oh, and let this track in too.

Ghostland Observatory – The Band Marches On

If you enjoy their company then pick up their latest, 2008’s Robotique Majestique.

–  Click album art above to buy • Ghostland Observatory on MySpace –

Gil Mantera’s Dreamscape Discussed


don’t run away, come back

Gil Mantera’s Party Dream – Waking Vision

If you know me then you know my undying love for Gil Mantera’s Party Dream, the super-duo from Youngstown, Ohio who have been rocking my world ever since I stumbled into one of their legendary live shows 3 years ago. Gil (keyboards/beats/vocals/hyper-sexual dancing) along with step-brother Ultimate Donny (guitar/over-emotive vocals) play a brand of in-your-face and up-your-ass dance-rock that can only be seen to be believed/understood/fathomed. They are by far my most recommended live band, however it was when I saw them last August that I began to worry about their long-awaited follow-up to 2005’s epic Bloodsongs. The awesome dancing and minimal clothing was still there but the new songs just didn’t bring the heat. The usual frenetic jumping seemed to be replaced by (gasp!) swaying! My suspicions were further confirmed with the December release of The Ballerina EP. The title track didn’t hold a candle to Bloodsongs standouts like “Alligator Missions” (below) or “Elmo’s Song.” Hopefully you have been listening to “Waking Vision” (above) from their new LP Dreamscape so now tell me what you think. (For even more new stuff check out the weirdo cyber-sutra video for “Dreamlovers” at the GMPD website.) How does this compare to Bloodsongs favorite “Alligator Missions?”

Gil Mantera’s Party Dream – Alligator Missions

Am I flipping my wig over nothing? Is this just GMPD “maturing”? Should bands like GMPD ever mature? If you are an ol’ school GMPD fan then I want to hear what you think of this new direction. If you are new to Gil & Co then listen to “Alligator Missions” (above) and watch the fantastic Elmo’s Wish video and then let me know which makes your tits tingle.

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