Patrick Wolf pulls us through Hard Times


show me some revolution this battle will be won

Patrick Wolf – Hard Times

Ok, after yesterday’s 17 years late discovery of Comet Gain, I am feeling a little behind the curve admitting I had never heard of Patrick Wolf until recently. The dude has over 12 million listens on and three 8.2+ Pitchfork rated albums. Holy Jeezo. The 25 year Londoner plays like every instrument under the sun and as far as I’ve heard, plays them well. “Hard Times” is the perfect “We can do it!” rallying cry for our era of economic shit-storms and pig disease. Blast it tonight as your pre-game anthem! His new album The Bachelor comes out June 1 and if you like what you her you can even invest in his future releases. Probably a smarter investment than pork futures.

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