Peter Sonic – “The Cracks” // Art: Yuan Goan-Ming

Peter Sonic recently released a brand new single titled “The Cracks.” This song is a tantalizing combination of pop, electronic music and new wave, echoing the work of artists as diverse as Hercules & Love Affair, Beck or Empire of The Sun, just to mention a few. Peter Sonic has a really special approach to production, with a sound that feels edgy and classy, yet warm and organic. In addition to the astonishing production aesthetics, the artist’s remarkable performer also brings the song to the next level. The song displays a very dynamic vocal style, which really creates more definition between the different sections of the songs. For instance, the verses are definitely more introspective and low-key, while the choruses are more open and wide-ranging, highlighting Peter’s unique style. This song certainly brings energy and vibrancy to the table, seamlessly blurring the lines between different styles and ideas.