Phoenix are giving me Lisztomania


oh… this is show time

Phoenix – Lisztomania

I, along with the rest of the blogosphere, have been sitting on the new Phoenix album for a while now but considering it’s release date isn’t until May 25th I figured it prudent to wait until May to drop my thoughts on it. Well May is here kids, and I couldn’t be more excited to hype this album! I have been a long time fan of certain phoenix songs (“If I Ever Feel Better,” “Long Distance Call”) but I never really got into any of their albums as a whole. That all changed when I got my paws on Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix. When the single “1901” hit the web back in February (get my favorite remix here) I had a feeling this album would be a real step up for the French quartet and boy was I right. You can tell by glancing at my stats that I haven’t been able to stop listening to this album. Clocking in at 9 tracks (10 if you count the 8 minute ambient filler of “Love Like a Sunset” being split into 2 parts. I don’t.) and 37 minutes it is short, but oh so sweet. The aforementioned “Love Like a Sunset” aside every track here is solid gold. Short, infectious, and tightly wound, Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix is like Phoenix’s version of Danny DeVito on It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia: I never really had much faith in their early work but with this I’m sold. And so should you be. May 25th, people. This one’s worth your cash.

Phoenix – Long Distance Call (From 2006’s It’s Never Been like That)

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