Plastic Little get all up in La La Land


and if it’s hot, i’m gon wet it down

Plastic Little – La La Land

Did somebody say it was Friday? Yeah, I thought so. Plastic Little are a Philadelphia 5-piece who rip it up on this Herve produced track. According to their MySpace they have been making music for nearly a decade but this is the first I have heard. Don’t think too hard on what “dig out the onion” means, just hit the dancefloor and shake that “Ooh la la la.” I’m definitely feeling the down and dirty bassline and ridiculous lyrics. Perfect for forgetting about your work week and easing into the weekend. While you wait until September 29th for their album Welcome To The Jang House to drop I suggest you head over to their MySpace for some more jams and some crazy awesome music videos (Especially “Rap O’Clock” and “Dopeness“)

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