[PLAYLIST] The Best SONGS of 2012 – Part 1 (Jan-June)

Lets not talk about the fact this year is already half over. Thats just insane. About as insane as the quality of jams that have been pumping through TBE HQ’s speakers these past 6 months. Here is the best of the best. Did I miss any? Did you miss any?

(Thanks to Vladimir Bobritskiy for the album art.)

25. My Great Ghost – Plain Sight / A pulsating, haunting, and thoroughly beautiful journey.

24. Purity Ring – Obedear / Slightly creepy. Very ominous. Highly infectious.

23. Kitten Berry Crunch – Black and Blue / Hold on for that first minute of build up and the song breaks into such sweetness I have to play it again.

22. Bottled In England – Change / If you haven’t cranked this loud in the car then you are driving wrong.

21. San Cisco – Awkward / Twee grows up and gets feisty. And catchy as hell.

20. Haim – Forever / People that don’t like this song shouldn’t be trusted.

19. Lady Danville – Operating / From the soaring harmonies to razor sharp production this jam is firing on all glorious cylinders. Ride it.

18. Tiny Victories – Lost Weekend / I was singing along to this one by the end of my very first listen. And I haven’t stopped.

17. Caught A Ghost – Time Go / This one stops me in my track every time. I stop talking and turn it a bit louder. And I listen.

16. Johnny Neon – Hearts / Ignoring the grin-inducing video for a moment, I have never listened to this song without smiling. It’s the perfect song for summer that not enough people are blasting.

15. Fast Years – Young Heart / Young love never sounded so good and raw.

14. Foxes – Youth /  The anthem for conquering your fears and/or the weekend ahead. You choose.

13. Black Light Dinner Party – Older Together / Just listen to the piano work.

12. Japandroids – The House That Heaven Built / A guitar and drums shredder like this shouldn’t last more than 3 minutes. This one comes up on 5 and doesn’t miss a beat or let you get close to bored.

11. Midi Matilda – Red Light District / It may have been “Day Dreams” that broke them onto our radar but ever since seeing the live rooftop recording of this jam it’s been stuck in the brain.

10. Acollective – Stolen Goods / Oh man. This song. The first half gets me right in the heart every time.

9. Grimes – Oblivion / I just can’t get enough of that bass line. Throw on Claire’s lispy angel voice and it’s a beautiful ball of weirdness.

8. Icona Pop – I Love It / It’s unfair that the perfect driving song also induces heavy body moving, head banging, and fists in the air. Not that safe.

7. Usher – Climax prod by Diplo / Usher redefines both himself and the breakup song with this one.

6. Capital Cities – Kangaroo Court / This one serves up danceable good times like it was it’s job. Plus a trumpet solo.

5. Cherub – Hold Me (Ft. Dominic Lalli) / This one goes out to all the cars on Lincoln Blvd. I’ve belted this out at top volume next to.

4. Seye – White Noise / Just about the perfect weapon against wallflowers. Move those bodies!

3. Oliver Tank – Up All Night / This one is so tender it makes Bon Iver looks like Metallica. And sometimes we all need that kind of tenderness.

2. Tanlines – Brothers / I could listen to this song on repeat until autumn’s leaves bury me in gold.

1. Rhye – Open / I’m a fool for this song.

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18 replies
  1. Graham
    Graham says:

    right on as usual, Brandon. Gorgeous mix of bangers and melodies, as I’ve come to expect for a few years now. That Seye song was a nice little discovery that seems to combine all of your musical tastes in one tune. Can’t wait for year-end list.

  2. Graham
    Graham says:

    If there’s an omission, and the list is still amazing, I’ve been listening to the Alabama Shakes album for the last 6 months and it’s stood up to the test off all the good tracks that have come out since – including many of the above. I put that with Tanlines as the albums of the year so far. Give it another listen.

  3. J Rich
    J Rich says:

    nice dude – i know you post all these, but seems like at least half of them i wait to click until they make a list like this. climax and forever are in the early running for a year end top 10 with me, and gotta give a shoutout to Purity Ring’s Fineshrine, easily my jam of the year to date.

    well, gotta go dive in and see what i missed the last 6 months. cheers!

  4. Brandon @ TBE
    Brandon @ TBE says:

    Cheers J! You know I roll a little slower than most so Purity Ring had their post in July so they count towards next list. We’ll see if they make the cut…

  5. J Rich
    J Rich says:

    haha. if it doesn’t, then the second half of 2012 must have had some insanely good music. either way – we win.

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