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Spacehog – In The Meantime /// 1995

So it’s Easter today, the day Christians celebrate the resurrection of Christ. I think it’s only fitting that I do some resurrecting of my own and bring back the songs that formed my sonic mind as a wee lad. Growing up in Los Angeles I had the privilege of being raised by KROQ, a station that literally changed my life upon discovering it. Ricki, Dr. Drew, and Adam taught me about sex and relationships on Loveline; Kevin and Bean taught me about humor; and Jed The Fish, Tami Heidi, and Sluggo taught me about music. I would spend hour after hour at my desk listening to KROQ and soaking in every moment. These songs were my best friends, their grungy hooks gripping my ears, their lyrics etching themselves into capacity for lyric memorization that I have since lost completely. Anyway, I am going to bring you along as I trip down memory lane, reliving the songs that sound-tracked everything from all-nighter essays and board game nights to my first kiss and first love. I might not let you in on every intimate memory these are tied to but that probably has more do do with my poor memory and me as a post-millennial bloomer than anything else. More than anything these songs remind me of youthful innocence. Some might be familiar, many will be new, all should be loved. Alright, enough of that, this is not a whiny tween diary, it’s a damn music blog and you came here for the jams!

If you read all that, thanks, but I hope that you at least let Spacehog keep you company with their epic 1995 track, “In The Meantime.” These guys are from England but formed in NYC. I recognize the album art but couldn’t name any other tracks from Resident Alien or its 1998 follow-up The Chinese Album. I kinda feel like letting the music do the talking on this one so I am not going to do much research on Spacehog. I have a feeling that this will be the case in most of these Pre-Millennial Flashbacks (PMFs) so get used to it.

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