[PREMIERE] Brett – “Rap Songs”

Brett - Rap Songs

just once in your lifetime

  • Who: Mick, Kevin, Jon, and David
  • What: Summer synth pop, like Viceroy, Poindexter, RAC
  • Where: Washington DC + Facebook
  • When: New EP out n Feb.
  • Why: A couple months back Brett broke onto the scene with the softly summery dance groovers “Confidence” and “Kate Moss”. However, the Viceroy remix of the former got all the blog love. With Brett’s new super-jam “Rap Songs” I don’t think anyone will be overlooking the original track. Just try to get through one listen without singing along to that “just ooooooonce in your lifetime” line! From that opening of that little guitar noodle and perfectly sparse synth beat, “rap Songs” slowly builds to an epic climax that you can only imagine is a wonderfully sweaty mass when seen live. Any band making this kind of sonic progress over justa few months has me
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