[PREMIERE] Caicos – “Washed Up” Video

When I listen to a new song, I try and pay attention to the things it makes me want to do. And usually my favorite new songs make me want to do a variety of things, some of which might seem contradictory. For instance, “Washed Up” makes me want to lounge lazily in a grassy field, politely boogie on my own, and lose myself on a journey to distant lands. Maybe I’m not alone in this instinct, because the new music video for “Washed Up” features these activities and more, all illustrated and animated with the same whimsical and deliberate tone that infuses Caicos’ music.

This video gets me excited for Caicos’ upcoming Dream Machine EP, which will be released June 28th.

Stream the video above, or check it out here in all its full-resolution glory: https://vimeo.com/340200868

Video created by Rozalina Burkova and produced by The Wild Honey Pie.