[PREMIERE] Shoffy – “Motions”

Do you ever feel like you are “drowning in the ocean”? TBE Favorite, Shoffy does and we do too. With his Premiere Music Video for “Motions”, Shoffy brings us into the life of a lonely guy just trying to make it through the day. This track is one of many heartfelt tunes off his self-titled EP ‘Shoffy’ out now. Set in suburbia, Shoffy shines light on the monotony of the every day. Scenes revolving around clumsiness, frustration, and being overwhelmed by your day job can sum up this anti- fairytale of a music video. Keeping it real and keeping it relevant are two things that Shoffy does in his sleep. Before you hit the pillow, take a few minutes to watch this more than relatable premiere video of “Motions”.

If you want to hear more of “Motions”, you can also find Shoffy on VINYL MOON Volume 026: Nightshining.