[PREMIERE] Young Mister – “Christmas, Come Early This Year” // Cristian Marianciuc

Our dear favorite Young mister just made his own wish come true for all of us by delivering a Christmas gift early this year. “Christmas, Come Early This Year” is a beautiful and tender song about yearning for the holidays and the joys of giving to our loved ones. Don’t stick around reading my words on it, find someone you love and sing along it on repeat with them!

Christmas, Come Early This Year

Up to the attic where the monsters hide, the Christmas lights, the Christmas lights
You hold the ladder, and I’ll make the climb – hand me the line, hand me the line
I wait all year for this day to come, it’s my favorite time, Christmas time
You’re the reason for the season, son – the light of my life, the light of my life

Now it’s only the end of November, 5 weeks and counting until
I get to let you open your presents and watch your heart as it fills
These days are too long, I can’t sleep – sleigh bells are I hear
I can’t wait till December please Christmas come early this year

How’d we so let many years go by, a decade later, the 4th of July
The phone rings, it’s his voice on the line, how’s the weather? I hope you’re alright.

He kept getting so much bigger, steps got louder on the floor
He’s all grown up with his own life now, so he don’t come around much anymore
That little bird has outgrown the nest and it feels a little empty around here
I won’t make it til’ December, please Christmas come early this year

Well, life can get strange as the seasons go by
Everything can change, in the blink of an eye
But when the snow starts to fall, I feel the joy and the cheer

Oh please make it be December, please Christmas come early this year

Christmas, Come Early This Year