[QUICKIE] Youth Lagoon – YOUTH LAGOON (w/ “Cannons”)

♫ Youth Lagoon – Cannons

Because Mondays are perfect for delicate tender emotive music that I completely slept on until recently. Painfully beautiful and timeless.

[Quickies are mini-reviews that can fit into a 140 character tweet. They are of albums that people already know of but perhaps are curious about our take on it. What did you think of the disc?]

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  1. Lisa
    Lisa says:

    Hey TBE, thanks for the great song :) A great tune for the unusually rainy week I’ve been having over here in Australia. Just thought I’d recommend Oliver Tank and his song “Up all Night”. Oliver supported Youth Lagoon, when they were here earlier this year and his music is a bit like Youth Lagoon, James Blake and Arrange all rolled into one. Thanks again for all the great posts!

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