RAC scores a film? HOLY hell yeah! He only deals in rockers and ROLLERS!

If you have been reading TBE for longer that 4 minutes than you know I love myself some RAC and now my man Andre has upped his game by scoring a film. A film score? Yeah, apparently not as snooze inducing as you might imagine. The movie is Holy Rollers and features up and comer Jesse Eisenberg (Adventureland, Zombieland, and other films that don’t have land in the title) as a naive young hasidic Jew who finds himself involved in all sorts of stuff that doesn’t fit within his faith. Andre’s job was to make all the music that represents that “outside culture.” I’m gonna refer to it as the “Sex, drugs, and rock n roll” elements and as you listen you’ll hear that he captured it pretty brilliantly. Anyway, RAC’s contributions to the film are now available to purchase and if you have never bought a soundtrack or score before than this is the moment to start. I have been playing these jams non-stop since I shelled out my dollars a few days ago. All of these tracks are more than strong enough to stand on their own. Just hit play on “Dark Side” below and prepare for a journey. This is bright lights big city, baby!

RAC x HOLY ROLLERS by Remix Artist Collective

The whole album only costs $7 but Andre has been nice enough to hook up TBE readers with a little promo of %20 off! Just enter the code “theburningear” at checkout and get the whole album for $5.60! Or get the remix EP of the gorgeously ethereal “If You Forget Me” single for $3.20! Paying for music has rarely been this worth it!

Buy the music HERE, and see the movie HERE.

RAC Website

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  1. Joel
    Joel says:

    When you said that it never seems like they are trying too hard, I dont think it could be put any simpler than that. It just comes completely naturally to Andre and his crew.

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