Rattlerette – “Time to Weigh In” // Art: Stefari

Rattlerette are back with their signature concoction of retro aesthetics and timeless alternative rock sounds with modern pop, electronic music and experimental ideas. They take cues from groups such as Glass Animals or Arctic Monkeys, but they do not disdain a catchy pop hook, echoing the work of famed performers such as Maroon 5 or The Kooks. “Time To Weigh In” is a very direct song, with a simple, yet phenomenal arrangement. I love the tremolo guitar chords, adding a sense of suspended space to the mix. The piano parts are clean and direct, seamlessly adding texture, while enriching the melodic concept of the song. The drums are solid and steady, offering the perfect settings for everything else. The lead vocals are loaded with charisma, and the fact that the lyrics are actually intriguing and interesting certainly helps, keeping the song engaging, not only for its musicality, but also for its content.