Remix Roundup ∞ Vol. 3 / Now with covers!

stand up and get your extraball

Oh boy, it’s straight raining magic over at TBE headquarters. I’ve thrown in a couple sweet covers to balance out the remix madness. Good luck…

Phoenix – Lisztomania (Yuksek remix) / This is show time! This is show time! This is show time!! Phoenix and Yuksek together is a total TBE fantasy come true.

Yuksek – Extraball ft. Amanda Blank (Burns remix) / It was this remix that originally turned me on to Yuksek. I just love that creeping piano. Gotta learn more about this “Burns” dude.

The Maccabees – Love You Better (Russell Lissack remix) / My favorite song of late gets remixed fantastically by my new favorite dude named “Russell.” Get on this and then get on Wall Of Arms. Like ON it, man.

The Gossip – Heavy Cross (Fred Falke remix) / I warned you. Fred Falke strikes again and its epic. One might even say “heavy” (not me, though).

Dragonette – Fixin’ To Thrill (Don Diablo remix) / Donnie D goes to town on Dragonette’s “comeback single” and its all grimey ass shakin bass for your next disco-freak party.

The Carps – All The Damn Kids (Lets Go To War remix) / With a bowel-challenging bass and a bit of spacey synths thrown in this remix is damn near perfect in my book. Another point for The Carps. Makes me want to cruise windows-down through heavily populated areas just to watch people feeeeel it.

James Yuill – No Surprise (The Operators remix) / James Yuill keeps popping up in one way or another around here and that is just fine with me. While this one is not exactly dance-floor TNT it is a great reason to revisit an under-appreciated song.

Passion Pit – The Reeling (Wallpaper. remix) / Speaking of under-appreciated, that doesn’t apply to our boys in PP but that’s perfectly cool around here. I’ll give them all the love their little hearts desire. Apparently so will Wallpaper. who lather “The Reeling” with all kinds of funktastic instruments, giving the song a whole different vibe.

Passion Pit – The Reeling (Shuttles Super Club Mega Mix ’99) / Passion Pit’s own Nate Donmoyer remixes as Shuttle and has given “The Reeling” a slow build club treatment full of hand-claps and 80s synth awesomeness.

Bloc Party – Talons (Phones R.I.P. mix) / Bloc Party? Again? Yes fool, deal with it.

Britney Spears – If You Seek Amy (Weird Tapes club mix) / Britney Spears gets remixed by the awesome Weird Tapes who turn a song I was never really feeling into a straight spaced-out banger. I’m feeling it now. Ooooh yeah

The Knife – Heartbeats (Rex The Dog remix) / I was watching the Brit thriller Donkey Punch the other day and this remix popped up in the second scene. While the film was pretty much downhill from there, I feel like discovering this remix alone redeems my 99 minutes. Those of you who pay attention to TBE TV will remember Rex The Dog from his awesome “Bubblicious” video.

The Hood Internet – The Reeling Police (Chamillionaire vs. Passion pit) / Yup, “The Reeling” one more time, although this mash-up is more “cool” than” “awesome.”

BONUS REMIX ALBUM: Daft Punk – Remix After All

A crew of music blogs (including TBE fave PMA) got together to curate a remix album of Daft Punk’s latest studio effort with each blog pairing a track and remixer of their choice. It’s a solid collection and its FREE so get up in that, yo.


Peaches – Technologic (Daft Punk cover) / With Peaches all up in our grills recently and Daft Punk having been mentioned like 8 seconds ago this seems relevant. At least she isn’t singing about her super-relevant mullet.

Just Jack – Live Your Life (T.I. & Rihanna cover) /Just Jack goes just acoustic on us with this cover that wont get asses shaking but you might feel the urge for a medium-paced head nod. Go for it man, life is short.

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  1. Haz
    Haz says:

    i’m not very good at this =(

    but are we sposed to be allowed to download them….

    i was for a while till this annoying little Yahoo media player popped up and preventedme from doing so

  2. Haz
    Haz says:

    i’m not very good at this =(

    but are we sposed to be allowed to download them….

    i was for a while till this annoying little Yahoo media player popped up and preventedme from doing so

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