Remix Roundup /// Vol. 10 – Good vs. Bad

VS.You know what sucks? Being underwear-bound at your laptop because your face-hair trimmer lost charge midway through it’s duty so you cant shower or go out. You know what is great? Remixes and beer! What happens when you put them all together?

♫ Gotye – Learnalilgivinanlovin’ (Passion Pit Remix) / Passion Pit load you on the express train from Gotye’s magical mind-ville to dancefloor town. Have your tickets ready. [original post]

♫ Dragonette – Pick Up The Phone (Richard X Radio Version) / While the original was perfect for dancing on your couch and singing into an empty beer bottle, Richard X’s Remix is more suited to dancing on the couch at a club and singing into an empty beer bottle. You can just let your other arm flail over your head. That will work. [original post]

♫ Port O’Brien – My Will is Good (Bodega Girls remix) / Bodega Girls suck the folk right out of this one, turning into a nervous, jittery, creeper that rides on a loop of humming/grunting from the original. Weird but good. Kinda. [original post]

♫ La Roux – I’m Not Your Toy (Data Remix) / La Roux is nobody’s toy, yeah yeah, we get it, independent women with impossible hair, etc. Well she are Data’s toy on this track and he played her right into his synth rave-up wonderland. [original post]
♫ French Horn Rebellion – Beaches and Friends (Hey Champ Remix) / Hey Champ put a beach-blanket to beach-bar vibe that is perfect for introducing you to my friend, The Weekend.  [original post]
♫ The Very Best – Warm Heart of Africa (Alan Wilkis Remix) / Finally a decent “Warm Heart” remix. We had to deal with a lot of swill before this glitchy freak out came along. It’s perfect for your next sugar high. [original post]
♫ The Ting Tings – That’s Not My Name (RAC Mix) / Holy crap! It sounds like a completely different song? An awesome one! What did Andre Anjos (RAC) do with all the annoying parts? Cheers to extending the life of a song that didn’t necessarily need extending but got a sick remix so that’s just the way we do things around here! [More RAC]
♫ Passion Pit – Sleepyhead (Bo Flex Giantess Remix) / The last thing this world needs is another “Sleepyhead” remix, however the world definitely needs more Yes Giantess remixes. Flex that funk for only 4 easy payments of nothing! [More Yes Giantess/Passion Pit]

♫ Phoenix –Rome (Neighbors remix feat. Devendra Banhart) / The last thing this world needs is another Phoenix remi… oh wait, its for “Rome.” That’s chill. [original post]
♫ Peter Bjorn and John – Nothing To Worry About (Woodhands Remix) / The only worthwhile song on PB&J’s latest gets it’s feet rubbed by Woodhands, an under appreciated Canadian electro-magic duo (half of which is the drummer for Rural Alberta Advantage. Canada is soooo smalll!).  [More Woodhands]

♫ Big Gipp – Hot (Treasure Fingers Remix) / Apparently nobody has ever heard the original version of this Big Gipp track but that’s OK with me as long as I have this bouncy-castle worthy Treasure Fingers mix. And I assume it’s OK with Big Gipp, as long as he still has all his scrilla from being in Goodie Mob with Cee-Lo. [More Treasure Fingers]
♫ Mika – We Are Golden (Calvin Harris Remix) / My tolerance for Mika is pretty low after he Relaxed the shit out of it last year. I haven’t listened to his new album, but I have listened to this remix ’cause my boy Calvin Harris got his dirty mitts all up in it and you know how he do. He do right. [More Calvin Harris]

That battery better be charged…

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  1. Brandon @ TBE
    Brandon @ TBE says:

    The Javelin Red-Do of “Julia” is on my short list for best remix of the year. I can't get enough!

  2. Brandon @ TBE
    Brandon @ TBE says:

    The Javelin Red-Do of “Julia” is on my short list for best remix of the year. I can't get enough!

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