Remix Roundup Vol. 14 – 12.10.09

Disco X Mas

It’s the holiday season and we all know that you are behind on your schoolwork/shopping/lovemaking/etc so let’s skip the niceties and get down to business.

Oh, and I cant be bothered to include those “[Original Post]” links that I am sure nobody actually used so for more on an artist just click on their tag link at the bottom of the post. Cool beans?*

♫ The xx – Shelter (Death To The Throne Remix) / I may have joined The xx’s train a bit late but with this remix I’m kickin’ it up in first class. Truth be told, the awesomeness of this remix played a major role in me giving them a second shot. Thanks again to Death To The Throne who keeps giving me gifts of fresh remixes wrapped in hilarious emails.

♫ Penquin Prison – A Funny Thing (Jeffrey Jerusalem Remix) / With a name like Jeffrey Jerusalem you can tell that this dude means business. And business is what you get with this jam. In fact, if sweet dance moves were a business, then this remix would be it’s Bill Gates. Pull shapes!

♫ Marina & The Diamonds – Mowgli’s Road (Mille Remix) / I would use this song as my soundtrack for lurking through the jungle except that I’m pretty sure that when I start singing along I’ll blow my cover. I guess I’ll just have to get a strobe light and spin around a lot.♫ Two Door Cinema Club – I Can Talk (French Horn Rebellion Remix) / This remix should really be re-named “I Can Drop The Top Of The Convertible And Cruise Around Like A Piiiiimp.” At least that’s what I have been calling it.

♫ Hey Champ – Neverest (Raw Man Remix) / When that guitar lick kicks in, you know it’s yer boys in Hey Champ, and you know that are gonna slay shit. How you know so much insightful shit? Damn. But, you know where  I can get the original track? You know who Raw Man is? Didn’t think so. But neither do I, so at least we have eachother. And this jam-o-ram. And Hey Champ’s new mixtape.

♫ Darwin Deez – Radar Detector (Xaphoon Jones [of Chiddy Bang] Remix) / I really wish I had something awesome to say about this one but since the original is still miles above it, I’m having a hard time getting stoked. I hate to say that Xaphoon done fell off but him and his Chiddy Bangers just aren’t cutting it like they used to. Or Maybe I done fell off. I dunno. Somebody done fell someway.

♫ Kings Of Convenience – I’d Rather Dance With You (Redlight Remix) / When the original was big, all “remix” was to most of you was what your mom said when you made lumpy pancake batter, but that don’t mean we can’t get an amped up remix to take us back to the ol’ days. It get’s a bit grating towards the end but by then you will probably be on YouTube watching the awesome video for the original.

♫ Lady Gaga – Bad Romance (Starsmith Remix) / I never said anything for Thanksgiving so I am going to take this opportunity to be thankful. First for Lady Gaga, for having the biggest balls in the game. Second for Starsmith, for being a generally fresh-ass dude, and for producing Ellie Goulding. And lastly, for The Recommender, my man Mike over in Brighton, UK, who has been a huge source of killer tunes lately, including his writeup on Starsmith where I nabbed this business.

♫ Lisa Mitchell – Coin Laundry (Starsmith Remix) / And this one too. This remix doesn’t really do it for me but since my post on the original track is the second most viewed normal post in TBE’s history I figure it’s “of interest” to at least a couple thousand of you.

♫ Kid Cudi – Pursuit of Happiness (feat. MGMT & Ratatat) (Steve Aoki Remix) / Wait, Kudi sounds much less whiny and annoying than usual? And listening to his music is not making me want to punch myself in the ear as hard as it usually does? Oh, it’s a remix. Duh. I should have known.

♫ Drake – Forever (feat. Kanye West, Lil Wayne, and Eminem) (Steve Aoki Remix) / I am not actually sure why I am including this track but since I have already uploaded the zip file it’s too late now. Aoki, you need to know that you make shit mad annoying when you do that skreech-skreeeech thing. Stop it.

ZIP file! –> Remix Roundup Vol. 14 – 12.10.09

*Anyone else’s mom say that all the time when you were a kid?

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