Remix Roundup Vol. 18 – 3.8.10 [Gorillaz, Miike Snow, Vampire Weekend, The Temper Trap]

Time is tight and I’m late for a date with with the sandman so I’m gonna forgo my usual ramblings for an edited version. I’ve arranged these in a loose order of great to merely relevant so use that as a guide. Or just cherry pick. Whatevs.  If enough people miss my personal notes then I can bring ’em back but if not then frankly I could use the extra time. Word.

♫ The Hood Internet vs The 2000s – Decalogue / The hood Internet take an epic 6 minute trip through the 2000s. A must listen for anyone who has been alive for the past 10 years and enjoys good times and great memories. For realz. Crank this and bust your moves all up on memory lane.

♫ SAFE – Twenty Years On (Rewards Remix) / The beauty of this song gets slowed down and turned up.

♫ Gorillaz – Stylo (Alex Metric Remix) / Metric makes “Stylo” sound how it should have in the first place: funky and dancey.

♫ Erik Hassle – Hurtful (Penguin Prison remix) / I still can’t tell if Penguin Prison actually changed anything on this remix but what is a guy really supposed to do to a “perfect pop song”?

♫ Florence and The Machine – Drumming Song (Boy 8-Bit Remix)

♫ Miike Snow – Silvia (Sinden Remix)

♫ The Temper Trap – Sweet Disposition (Yes Giantess’ Return Of The King Mix) / Why aren’t there more decent remixes of this jam? Or did I just miss them all?

♫ Wolf Gang – The King and All His Men (Joe Goddard Remix)

♫ Vampire Weekend – Ottoman (Bass Ill Euro Remix)

♫ The Silent League – Yours Truly, 2095 (Memory Tapes Version)

♫ I Blame Coco – Caesar ft. Robyn (Miike Snow Remix) / Miike Snow’s weakest remix to date which is a shame on such a great original.

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  1. candace
    candace says:

    huh. i wish i could say that i dug that because i feel like if me&a were a remix, that's what we'd sound like – folk rock from religious america meets, um, grand puba? i know sufjan's voice doesn't lend itself to badassness but these are less remixes and more just straight-up rap tracks that are sampling sufjan. only the last track is really doing it for me and i think preserves the beauty of the original. then again, apparently i have pretty shi**y taste in rap. thanks for the link!

  2. Elisabeth
    Elisabeth says:

    re: Sweet Disposition – I ASSUME you've already heard the Axwell & Dirty South mix as well? it's pretty bomb.

  3. jonathan_uk
    jonathan_uk says:

    that hood internet 2000's mix is brilliant!!

    oh, and i agree with the more of your comments comments :)

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