Remix Roundup Vol. 20 – 4.16.10 [Bloc Party, Tegan & Sara, Neon Indian, Brahms…]

Some real gems up in here. A couple ass-shakers, mood setters, and a trifecta of hip-hop sampling mashups to round things out. Get in!

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♫ Marmaduke Duke – Kid Gloves (Electrically Charged Boy remix) / It’s this remix that inspired me to track down Marmaduke Duke’s jams and if you’re listening then you know why. I can’t stop grooving to this funked out re-do of the mellow original. It’s still haunting and a bit eerie but now I want to dance. And sing along.

♫ Solid Gold – Matter Of Time (Tanlines Remix) / Hell yeah! Tanlines throw their tropical punch all over Solid Gold’s dour-disco for the kind of jam that you’d expect to hear at a goth luau for children. That’s a good thing. (The remix, not the luau. That just sounds creepy.)

♫ Tunng – Hustle (Bloc Party Remix) / If there was any question that Bloc Party had fully gone to the Dance Side then this puts it to rest. Doesn’t get more strobe lights and ass grinding than this. They even went and only used the female vocals to make it super Ibiza-y. The last minute gets kinda hairy in breakbeat territory but otherwise a great 180 flip on the original.

♫ Jamaica – I Think I Like U 2 (Breakbot Remix) / Breakbot has wisely left the sun-kissed feel of the original alone and simply added a few subtle sounds to spice things up.

♫ Neon Indian – Psychic Chasms (BRAHMS remix) / After recently giving Neon Indian’s Psychic Chasms a few full listens I am still not sold on the dude but I am digging all things Brahms, and this is no exception. They give the middle-of-the-road original just enough kick to get my body moving!

♫ Man/Miracle – Back of the Card (James & Evander Remix) / Nice to see relative unknowns Man/Miracle getting some love and even nicer to see it done right. Sometimes a little extra kick drum and a few effects is all you need to turn your jangly indie-rock into a jam for a Saturday night!

♫ Tegan and Sara – Alligator (Toro Y Moi Remix) / “Alligator” is Tegan and Sara’s latest single off of their Best Of ’09’ed Sainthood and they have gone and commissioned SEVENTEEN remixes. That’s more than anyone should ever want to listen to. Here is chillwave flag-bearer Toro Y Moi’s take on things. I’m seeing this work best as the sunset-timed song that takes the party from the BBQ to the Jacuzzi.

♫ Marina and The Diamonds – I Am Not A Robot (Fool’s Gold remix) / I’ve been trying to get into Marina’s family Jewels LP but I think I already posted the best songs. (And her voice is getting to me more and more. Just sing normally, girl!) Anyway, a little Fool’s Gold flavor is perfect for turning last summer’s jam into this summer’s remix.

♫ Bright Light Bright Light – A New Word To Say (James Yuill Remix) / James Yuill brings down the energy levels a bit here but I’m imagining this going well during the post-jacuzzi activities. Whatever they may be…


♫ Dave Wrangler – Roc Boys (Jay-Z vs Javelin) / Ooooeeeee, yeah. Dave Wrangler strikes again with the inspired layering of Hova’s lyrics over some fantastic Javelin jamming. Summertime here we come! (More on Javelin’s great album coming soon…)

♫ Wait What – Juicy-R [the notorious b.i.g. vs. the xx] / In another stroke of genius, Wait What recently remixed The xx’s album with Notorious B.I.G. and the results are pretty fresh. The whole album was free on his website but unfortunately the suits have already ixnayed that. Get your Google on to find it or peep a few other samples here.

♫ Mr. F – Bizzare Dream Roll Out (Skybox vs. OMC vs. Ludacris) / The info between those parentheses says it all. Pure sweetness. Party mix, anyone?

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    Aloha TBE! You know how much do i hate remixes, right? But this one's soo good I'm finally checking all the previous 19 Roundups!
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