Remix Roundup Vol. 21 – 5.6.10 – EPIC!!!!

I feel like we know each other well enough that I can be honest with you, right? Well I gotta say that sometimes I put a remix in one of these roundups that I am not totally in love with but is interesting/unique/whatever. I just want you to know that even though this is the longest roundup ever at 17 tracks this is not one of those cases. All these jams are going off and I am soooo stoked to be delivering them to you! Dive in! The water is hott!

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♫ Tegan and Sara – Alligator (RAC Mix) / Awww yeah, Tegan, Sara, and RAC! If funky grooves were a fruit then they this remix is them being dipped in the sweetness of my favorite Canadian twins. Ignore that 17 remix album that is out, this is the only one you neeeeeed!

♫ The Temper Trap – Sweet Disposition (RAC Mix) / This fantastic jam finally gets a remix treatment it deserves by (surprise!) RAC! My boy Andre is on point again as he layers on just enough juicy synth beat on to get the hips moving but not too much to ruin the beauty. just stay theeeerrrrre, cause i’ll be comin oveeeeerrrrrrr!

♫ The Temper Trap – Fader (The Knocks Remix ft. Samuel) / Mike over at The Recommender just dropped a whole collection of Knocks remixes and thank goodness he did! Here the other fantastic jam off The Temper Trap’s debut gets paced down and sexed up here.

♫ Marina and The Diamonds – Mowgli’s Road (The Knocks Remix) / Aaaaaaaand cue the bonfire cause we got some stomp dancing to do! Oh, Marina, if only the rest of your album was as good as this track. I fear that I already posted all the LPs best tracks and you leave me with nothing to do but bemoan your weird posturing vocal delivery.

♫ Two Door Cinema Club – Something Good Can Work (THE TWELVES remix) / Not really sure how to describe this one except that it’s good. A bit slower and a bit of guitar riffing jumping about but basically something that I could definitely imagine a lot of people rocking out to. Its got a bit of a post-midnight feel to it if you know what I mean…

♫ The Joy Formidable – Whirring (BRAHMS remix) / Oooooh yeeeeah, get that slow burn going! Brahms wrap this jam up in a blanket of tension that just drips with energy and feels like it could explode at any time. The fact that it doesn’t just makes me want to listen again!

♫ Bloc Party – Hunting for Witches (Crystal Castles Remix) / It’s like the original track was filtered through a haunted house in an 80s video game about amusement parks. I miss old Bloc Party….

♫ The Hood Internet – Rude Baptism (Rihanna vs Crystal Castles) / Oh shit! Watch your back Alice Glass cause Rihanna is making a run for your spot on vocals! The Hood Internet may have outdone themselves on this one. Pure genius! Rihanna sounds right at home singing over thins grinding glitch-fest and the whole affair makes me wat to paaaaaaaarty!

♫ Zarrylade – Eyes Above Your Head (leo zero remix) / If you are as sweaty as me after that last one then it’s time to fire up the grill and mix up some margaritas… oh, and wait, I’ve got the perfect jams for that! It’s not tropical per-se but it definitely makes me think of sunset at a BBQ party. But then again what doesn’t… thats a pretty magical time. Make sure you get some of that guitar soloing around the 4:30 mark. Groovy…

♫ Shout Out Louds – Fall Hard (Passion Pit’s Summertime Radio Remix) / Any attempt to use the song’s title in a description of how you will react to this remix will just be lame so let me say that I spent the majority of tonight’s shower serenading my bathroom tiles with this one. Speaking of nudity, I can definitely imagine a sexy “first encounter” scene cut to this remix. Let’s just take a moment and imagine that together… Yowzas, that’s hottt.

♫ Au Revoir Simone – Shadows (The Teenagers Remix) / Yeah, I know I never posted the original before but that’s ok cause this remix is like mystical fairy dust that lands on your eyeballs but instead of stinging it just makes you see things all crazy and magical like. Ooooooh I love that break at 2:30! Yes! Yes! I’m spinning!

♫ Sia – Clap Your Hands (Diplo Mix) / We all like Sia and we all like Diplo (kinda) so  just hop on this jam and ride it to funky-town. There are no air horns, I promise.

♫ Kid Sister – Daydreaming (Telephoned Dreams Version) / So Telephoned are a Brooklyn boy/girl duo who remix/cover big pop hits and make them fresher than ever. Here they have taken Kid Sister’s jam and thrown in a bit of The Cranberries “Dream” (again!?) and then rubbed their own super sexy elbow grease on it and now we get to enjoy! Just try not to like this one.

♫ LCD Soundsystem – Drunk Girls (Holy Ghost! Remix) / If you have always wished that “Drunk Girls” went on forever like the rest of This Is Happening then here you go! Holy Ghost have more that doubled the original’s legnth to over 7.5 minutes but I’m actually not hating. It’s twangy and tangy and I think I could mix it in my drink and feel ok the next morning. Just in case, why don’t you try first…

♫ B.o.B. – Nothin’ On You (feat. Bruno Mars & Bei Maejor) (Villains Remix) / Wait, what is that smell? I know, it’s the smell of the SEXY JAM OF THE SUMMER! Yes, dedicated to all the sexy ladies out there, this jam makes me think about about High School dances and awkward first kisses… and, ok yeah, some bumpin’ n’ grindin’ too. Sing it to your lady and if she doesn’t laugh at you then you are good to go!

♫ Audio Bullys – Only Man (Reset! Remix) / Woah, strap on that neckbrace cause this is some angular shit that is sure to get your limbs moving in ways that 9 out of 10 chiropractors will agree is bad for you. Turn it up!

♫ Romy – Sleep (The Juan MacLean Remix) / Ok, now that we’ve got a slipped disc and may or may not have slipped in the shower there is only one thing to do, go to…. the dancefloor again! The Juan MacLean spins this jam into a bouncy dance party that is almost imposible not to sing along to! the original is OK too but it’s this remix that I’ve been privately karaokeing to for a while now.

ZIP FILE—>>> Mediafire: Remix Roundup Vol. 21 5.7.10

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  1. Jaa128
    Jaa128 says:

    Can you say Remix Artist Collection baby. RAC are just maybe the best remixers out there…. and Im obsessed with remixes. Andre leaves fire on his remixes like the “Back to the Future” car leaves fire on the pavement. I once favored DISCOTECH and Van She Tech, but im wavering at this point.

  2. Brandon @ TBE
    Brandon @ TBE says:

    Hahaha, well said! Discotech and Van She Tech are both great but there is something really endearing about both Andre and his remixes. I never feel like they are trying too hard.

  3. jduque01
    jduque01 says:

    I have just found this page and for a dj looking for new gems for the Dancefloor, is like i have won the lottery!!
    Keep up the great work. Will let many people know about ur blog or maybe i won't.hahaha
    All the best fron Tenerife, Spain

  4. Brandon @ TBE
    Brandon @ TBE says:

    Haha, nice! I'm glad you are digging it! You sure have quite an archive to go through if you want. And make sure you check out The Best Remixes of 2009 post, I'd be curious to hear your thoughts on those.

    It's so weird that you mention you are from Tenerife because it was just 2 days ago that I heard about the famous 1977 plane disaster and spent a couple hours reading about it, etc.

  5. Yeti Bonanza!
    Yeti Bonanza! says:

    I love how your remix round-ups often make me re-discover the original track, after hearing a bangin remix. There has been many examples where this has happened. This week I am loving the BRAHM's of Joy Formidable's Whirring. I went back to the original track and rediscovered how amazing it is, after having glazed over the original track some time in the past. Thanks for the excellent music and for constantly expanding my musical horizons.

    Cheers Mate

  6. Patrick
    Patrick says:

    Can you tell me what song was sampled at the beginning of that sia mix? It's really bothering me and I haven't been able to find this particular version of the song yet on youtube or anything…

    This is a great collection too =D

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