Remix Roundup Vol. 24 – 7.21.10 [Sleigh Bells, Don Diablo, Sia, The Drums, Brahms, The National, Local Natives,…]

Did someone say remixes!?!? Oh, no, that was just the sound of my sweat hitting the laptop, which along with the clackity of the keyboard, sounded like morse code for “roundup.” Shit, I may be losing it in this heat…

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♫ Sleigh Bells – A/B Machines (French Horn Rebellion Remix) / I get a little bummed out every time I hear this but that is only cause French Horn Rebellion will be opening for Cut Copy this Saturday IN WARSAW but I will be on vacation. How’s that for shitty luck? Well, my trip is going to be pretty epic in it’s own right, a lot like this remix, so I can’t really complain. Now get dirty with this glitch-heavy take on the Sleigh Bells shredder!

♫ Focus – Hocus Pocus (Buffetlibre Remix) / Buffetlibre are back and taking no prisoners as they tropically murder it on their remix of this jam! (The original was featured in a Nike World Cup commercial.)

♫ Pete Lawrie – All That We Keep (Don Diablo Remix) / Another original that I’ve never heard but who cares when Don Diablo is behind the remix and utilizing his underrated soulful slow-jam methods.

♫ Don Diablo vs. The White Stripes – Seven Nation Daddy / Don Diablo is shamelessly plugging his new single “Who’s Your Daddy” with this White Stripes mashup and you won’t hear any complaints from me.

♫ Sia – Clap Your Hands (Prince Vince Remix) / I haven’t heard Sia’s new album yet and frankly it’s hard to find the reason to when we’ve got fresh remixes like these trickling in.

♫ The Drums – Let’s Go Surfing (The Raveonettes Remix) / So what if we overplayed this epic jam last summer?! It’s a fresh new summer and a fresh new version, just in time to hit the beach and shout for Obama! (Or your Momma… whatever.)

♫ The Drums – Forever And Ever Amen (Thieves Like Us Remix) / The Drums more recent single gets this bouncy rework from Thieves Like Us and it’s perfect for poolside cocktail mixing or sunset limbo-ing. But really, why not do both?

♫ Erik Hassle – Don’t Bring Flowers (Yes Giantess Remix) / One of the Hassle’s best jams gets remixed by Yes Giantess for some super loopy and synth-laden action.

♫ SAFE – Get Along Good (BRAHMS remix) / Brahms vs Safe? It’s like plugging your dreams into an original Nintendo.

♫ The National – Afraid Of Everyone (We Plants Are Happy Plants Remix) / This is my first National remix, what about you? Are you as nervous as me? Well we shouldn’t be! WPAHP have pumped the original with just the right blend of swirling beats and synths to give it fresh energy but without killing it’s oh-so-tender soul. Well played.

♫ Local Natives – Wide Eyes (Fool’s Gold Remix) (Feat. Aristotle Pop A Bottle) / It’s a Los Angeles party as these three minds meet to put a new spin on the Gorilla Manor highlight. Very summer. Very dreamy. And Aristotle Pop-A-Bottle is very unexpected but somehow works well.

♫ N.E.R.D. – Hot-N-Fun ft. Nelly Furtado (Yeasayer Remix) / Yeasayer have really done a creepy number on this sugary radio candy. Interesting….

♫ The Hundred In The Hands – Ghosts (Sun Airway Remix) / Ahhh, more music for spaced out sunny afternoons with the heat on your face and a drink in your hands. It’s never too hot to bliss out.

♫ The Foals – Spanish Sahara (Deadboy Remix) / Speaking of blissed out… The near-7-minute original not long enough for you? Add extra ice cause Deadboy has worked in over 2 extra minutes along with his lurking synth beats and clackity clack percussion, turning this dreamy wonder into a near-feature-length experiment in slow burning.

ZIP FILE—>>> Mediafire: Remix Roundup Vol. 24 (7.21.10)

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  1. Full Moon Midnight Animal
    Full Moon Midnight Animal says:

    holy hell mate, ive been a fan for about a 8 months to a year, and dude, honestly, ur site is amazing. i come here for my tunes ^^ screw itunes hahaha. u have an amazingly good taste for music, and when i say that i mean it in the sense that i know everybody has their own taste of music but urs is alot like mine XD so yeah man, keep up the amazing work. i have u linked on my facebook like 50 times hahaha. lovin ur site mate. keep it up.

    -Loyal Fan ^^ 'Random Kid'

  2. Brandon @ TBE
    Brandon @ TBE says:

    Thanks FMMA! Glad to have you around and thanks for dropping a comment! Also awesome that you are spreading the love on FB! You stay awesome and I'll keep posting the jams!

  3. J.ryan
    J.ryan says:

    The Remix of Clap your hands by Prince Vince is very chill. I like how even though i got sucked in to Sia by the remix Diplo made, i still find this remix very interesting and def. gives Sia a laid back feeling.

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