Remix Roundup Vol. 42 – 4.15.2011 [MADONNA, GUCCI MANE, MNDR , FOSTER THE PEOPLE, BON IVER and more…]

Remix Roundup Vol. 42 is just about as smooth as a baby’s butt.

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♫ Madonna – Miles Away (Morgan Page Remix) / This Morgan Page mix of The Material Girl’s Miles Away is the T.  I.  T.  S. Titties.

♫ The Naked And Famous – Young Blood (White Sea Remix) / M83’s Morgan Kibby shows us that Dave Sitek isnt the only one who can properly mix this near perfect tune.  World!

♫ The_Sound_of_Arrows_-_Nova_(II_Figures_Remix) / After three minutes and thirty-seven seconds of melodious build, your subconscious soars through the clouds.  We just wish the track was longer.

♫ Beatsteaks_-_Milk_&_Honey_(Great_Paulukka_Remix) / German producer Great Paulukka gets all funky with this noisy glitchy remix of Milk & Honey.

♫ Solar_Bears_-_Cub_(Keep_Shelly_in_Athens_remix) / Look, we’re trying all we can on TBE to keep Shelly from leaving Athens.  And this track…….Soooooo dreamy.  Shelly, what the hell were you thinking.

♫ Bon_Iver_-_Blood_Bank_(Duosseudo_remix) / Duosseudo pull off the near impossible in world class fashion.  While we think its nearly impossible to improve on the original song, this remix equals the original in its own kinda fashion.  Listen, charish, make babies,  and repeat to the sounds of Bon Iver.

♫ Ra_Ra_Riot_-_Too_Dramatic_(The_Kids_Are_Radioactive_Remix) / We definitly dig some Ra Ra every once in  a while.  Same goes for a great remix.  Vocals drop around the 2:00 minute mark.

♫ Boy_and_Bear_-_Mexican_Mavis_(Snapdragons_Retro_Remix) / This jam is Smoother than Don Johnson, in his prime!

♫ Polarsets_-_Sunshine_Eyes_(Channel_Swimmer_Mix) / Woo to the motha F’n bee bop boo.  This is the summer jam right here.  Shit, well its been summer here in Austin since like mid Feburary, but to our friends in the Pac North West…. Yeah, your weather sucks.  So, listen to this tune and just pretend you’re here with us.  Oh, and we’re bopping around on vespas.  Not really, but it would be cooler if we were.

♫ Britney_Spears_-_Till_The_World_Ends_(DJ_Kue_Remix) / DJ Kue just continuing to do his thing and turn the top 40 elite into electro love machines! Taking Till The World Ends on a journey of bangin’ proportions!

♫ MNDR_-_Cut_Me_Out_(Hervé_Remix) / London’s Herve creates a midnight bumpin’ monster here folks! Do like us, turn your speakers up as loud as possible and get nurdy with this jam!

♫ Chapel_Club_-_Surfacing_(Ewan_Pearson_Remix) / Makes us almost want to find some nice girls and fall in love.  But, then not so much.  Until that day comes, we’ve got this gem.

♫ Metronomy_-_The_Look_(Fred_Falke_Remix) / The Frenchman strikes again! Delivering a stellar rendition of The Look. We get a laser beam vibe from this tuneage!

♫ Childish_Gambino_-_Let_Me_Dope_You_(Travis_Wide_Remix) /  Travis sent us this track a couple days ago.  Did we know who he was???  No, but we do now…  Dude has three fans on Facebook, fan him up peeps.  Enjoy.

♫ Lord_Huron_-_When_Will_I_See_You_Again_(White_Sea_Remix) / White Sea’s second installment on Remix Roundup 42 is a real piece of beauty. Hit play and ride the synth waves!

♫ Chromeo_-_Hot_Mess_(The_Lost_Boys_Remix) / We’re getting a little tired of the million remixes of Hot Mess, but The Lost Boys always seem to come through with something fresh.  And if you download, you will notice we even kept their rad art work attached to the mp3!  We know how important that is to them.  Keep them coming you Lost Boys, and we’ll keep posting.

♫ Katy_Perry_-_Girl_Yeah_Girl_(Nukemosh_remix) / Iowa native Nukemosh makes his mark on TBE with this saucy electro/pop/trance/tech/etc. rendition of a Perry classic.

♫ DELS_-_GOB_(David_Andrew_Sitek_Remix)_(Clean) / David Sitek is coming through with fire these days.

♫ Holy_Ghost_-_Wait_&_See_(Flight_Facilities_Remix) / Ohh we’re totally be-boppy our silly asses around to this sweet jam.  Try not to, serious..  Try.

♫ Foster_The_People_-_Pumped_Up_Kicks_(The_Knocks_Remix) / Clearly we love us some Pumped Up Kicks here at TBE, so whenever a new mix drops we always make it a point to gander. The Knocks do tremendous things by turning one of our faves into a scenic washed-out sunset gazing down over funky town!

♫ Gucci_Mane_-_Lemonade_(Heroes_&_Villains_Remix) / Get chur party started with this bassy TUNE.  We can only imagine an old school pimped out caddy rolling down the street in  slow motion to this.  Heroes & Villains show us how to get the fuck down.

♫ Fancy – All Night Long (Gordondoza Remix) / Dance floor killer right here.  Party on Garth.


ZIP FILE—>>> Mediafire: Remix Roundup Vol. 42 (Download the Fancy- (Gordondoza Remix) individually)

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  1. Selorm Denu
    Selorm Denu says:

    That Brittany Spears is hot too, the Gucci joint is crazy too. Its better than the original .

  2. Will
    Will says:

    It looks like the Mediafire link has expired, could you repost the ZIP file elsewhere to download? Thank you for rounding up all these remixes, appreciate the time and effort you put into posting these!

  3. K. West
    K. West says:

    Damn, lovin the Hot Mess (The Lost Boys Remix)!! Naked and Famous too! Thanks for the songs :D

  4. Joel @ TBE
    Joel @ TBE says:

    Fuck, some moron reported the zip file for illegal use saying “These web pages are offering direct links to files for other users to download containing sound recordings by the artists RICKY MARTIN, NACH, PITBULL, DEFTONES, HOLLYWOOD UNDEAD”.

    WTF. Try again mediafire team…

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