Ryan Lindsey – An Introspective Personality


he fled the scene never to be seen again

Ryan Lindsey – An Introspective Personality

If yesterday’s post got you a bit too riled up then pop this little chill pill. Some fantastic guitar plucking, catchy lyrics, and a whole slew of “dum da da dum”s. This dude has been getting some love from KCRW radio in LA lately (westside!) and its clear why. His laid back tunes fit perfectly with the “California-living, dog-park-frequenting, Obama-voting, Whole-Foods-shopping, organic-granola-eating” set. (Hi moms :)

Ryan Lindsey on MySpace

Oh, and PS, I got this track for FREE off eMusic. I’ve been up in that for 3 years now and highly reccomend it. (You will notice that when possible the album-art purchase links send you there.)

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