Sensi Sye – “Don’t Be Shy” // Art: Raku Inoue

Sensi Sye has a knack for classy soundscapes and exciting sonic landscapes, which feel smooth and rich, yet simple and direct. The artist’s new release, “Don’t Be Shy”, is all about spontaneous textures and touching melodies, which strike at the heart of the artist’s vision with a minimalistic electric piano backdrop and a cool, yet essentialist beat. The song makes me think of artists as diverse as Boards of Canada, Nosaj Thing or Massive Attack, but with a whole different perspective. In addition to the excellence of the lush-sounding arrangement, you will certainly find a lot of value in this fantastic production. The tone is warmth and direct, yet edgy and direct with a lot of focus. Ultimately, this is a nice jam with a cool instrumental arrangement and cool pitch-shifted vocals to groove to!

Sensi Sye - Don't Be Shy