SIGNALS phil my speakers with SPECTOR

my, how time flies

♫ Signals – Spector

One of last years’ best tracks was the ode to Christian Bale, “R U Professional,” by Los Angeles’ The Mae Shi and if you ever fell for it’s countless charms then you are in for a treat with Signals. Last year The Mae Shi suffered some internal rifts (read: drug abuse) which lead to three of it’s members splintering off to form Signals. They then proceeded to design the best band logo of the year as well as rip out this jam that proves these dudes don’t need celebrity meltdowns to rock socks. They may be a bit to dissonant for most but there is something about the shambolic beat and yelped vocals of “Spector” that gets me pumped. What can you really expect from a song named after this dude. Ayway, if you are on board so far, then head this way for a cover Signals did of Sparks’ “Angst In My Pants.”

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