STARS FIXED are a band WE DON’T WANT to underrate, lest YOUR BODY miss out on some jams

you’re tuned in to my frequency but that don’t mean a thing to me

♫ Stars – We Don’t Want Your Body

Stars have never done it for me but then I heard a few tracks off their latest album and I was like whoah! These are some jams! “We Don’t Want Your Body” has great punchy lyrical delivery and an almost hip-hop beat bubbling under all the beautiful fuzz. And that crazy high pitched piano thing? Yeah! “Fixed” is a racing rock jam that takes it’s dramatic female vocals and runs with them. The first half of the album is solid business. The back half peters out into a bit of the dreamy/snoozy stuff for me but Stars fans might be all over it. My version of The Five Ghosts is just the first five tracks.

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